Fun At Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Session

May 26, 2011 at 3:49 pm

I attended the Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Session held in Full House, Sunway Giza Mall on Saturday (21st).

Banner at the Entrance

Participants were selected based on the registration at their website :, and the session that I attended was held for the Chinese community and had about 20 couples attending (well, it wasn’t all couples, there was a pair who’s a mother and son team).

After registration, we were ushered in to have breakfast.


And when it was time, everyone proceeded to the Event Hall in Full House for the start of the event.

Event Hall

Melvin Wong, Head of Marketing Communication from Proton Edar, made the opening speech.

This is a session to let the couples selected to experience Proton Exora as never before. It’s not just a test drive session; various speakers were invited to cover topics of interest, and then games will be played which actually allow you to get to know the car better.

Kenneth Chiew, Driving Instructor for Proton Exora covered the Product Safety of Proton Exora, i.e. airbags available, advance seat belts for all passengers, protective frame of the car etc.; and we were shown how the car was designed to handle various accidents (front collision, roll over) as well.

For those couples who have children, Ms Loh Sit Fong, Clinical Psychologist from UKM Medical Center, talked about child development, and how to keep children safe in a car ride.

Ms Loh Sit Fong

She definitely caught the attention of this little girl, who came with her parents for the event.
Little girl listening in

It was then the start of the test drive session. First we were all brought outside for a group photo (I didn’t get in, because I prefer to be the photographer than to be photographed).
Photo session for all participants

Or maybe I should have joined in, because see the number of photographers available?
Photographers at work

We were then assigned our cars. 2 couples to a car and I got this red one, the last car of the lot and my partners were Mr Ong from Sin Chiew Jit Poh, Izaton from Proton Edaran, and Sam from the media company.

Red Hot Proton Exora

Mr Ong, since he’s going to be our drive, got briefed.

Look at the number of Proton Exoras assigned to the Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Session.
Proton Exoras

Couples started boarding their cars, ready for the take off.
Proton Exoras

Each car were given a walkie-talkie, and the organiser had the walkie-talkies tested out. He gave the last of the instructions, and then of we went.
Last check before take off

The convoy of cars driving towards Desa Park City.
Convoy of cars

Somewhere in Sri Damansara, we stopped to swap drivers, so that everyone get a chance to test drive the car.
Swapping drivers

The parking lot next to Waterfront in Desa Park City has been set up for the outdoor event, with driving circuits and all.

3 different games were held concurrently. All were eligible for points collection, which will qualify couples for various placing, and gifts were then given later based on this placing.

Game number 1 was the blind fold challenge. Each couple decided on the driver, which was blind folded, and the navigator, which was to give instructions to the driver. The challenge is to have the blind folded driver do a parallel park with instructions given to him/her by the partner.

This is to see how a couple trusted one another, for if there was no trust, it’s difficult to give the instructions as well as well as to receive it. Of course having a car that’s easy to maneuver with power steering, like the Proton Exora, helped a lot as well.

Blind fold challenge
Some navigators really did a terrific job, getting the driver to park the car in slightly more than a minute.

Game number 2 was piling challenge. Each couple was timed, they had to get some suitcases, a golf bag and a pram into the car boot, usher in their 3 passengers, get themselves into the car and buckled up as quickly as possible.
Piling challenge From this challenge, you can see how much luggage the Proton Exora can take, and how easy it is to turn the seats on the last row to provide bigger boot space.

On the driving circuit, game number 3 was held, to test out the ride handling of the Proton Exora. Kenneth, the Proton Exora driving instructor were giving instructions to cars via the walkie-talkie on when to accelerate, when to step on the brakes on the circuit, or when to do a steep turn.

This is the sort of things you won’t get to try out in a normal test-drive session. Here, you get to actually try out the ABS & EBD brake, and the Proton Lotus Ride and Handling on a circuit.

Kenneth 'guiding' the car

Lots of brakes screeching were heard. This must be fun for those who get adrenalin rush from speeding. I get dizzy just seeing the cars zoomed by.
Ride Handling

Kenneth took the excitement 1 step further, he took the wheels and drove a couple of people in the Proton Exora, and of course being the driving instructor, he was driving faster, and tested the ABS and EBD brake, and Proton Lotus Ride and Handling to its fullest. I didn’t want to be his passenger (or anybody doing the ride handling) in case I threw up.
Daring anyone to go into his car

That was the end of the outdoor fun, and we then went back to Full House in our respective car. The convoy again stopped in Sri Damansara for another driver swapped.

Back in Full House, the cool aircon and lunch welcomed us.

We were famished!

While lunch was going on, some couples were brought to a corner to be interviewed about their Proton Exora test drive experience.
Couples being Interviewed

After lunch, we all got ushered back to the event hall.

Ms Loh Sit Fong went back on stage to talk about relationships. Couples were asked to rank things important to them in a relationship, and then checked if the female and the male have similar priorities.
Couples ranking things important to them

Couples listening in

Cherrise Tan, an image consultant from Adamaya Image Consultancy, came on next, and did a make over of one of the participants.
Before makeover

After makeover

Kenneth came on again to answer any questions we had after test driving the car. I guess people were really impressed with the Proton Exora, its ride handling after they have driven the car on the circuit, its ease of maneuvering, and its space available.

We then got a talk on managing investment as well from Eric Wong, from A.D. Financial Sdh Bhd.

A little boy named Ethan (Merryn’s son), patiently sat through the talk after talk (I salute him, not easy for a kid his age), but he did say, “Why this one always not yet finished one.”

Ethan kept occupied

(Zaria wanted to follow me, and good thing I didn’t bring her along. Getting a child sit through the whole thing can be really testing their patience).

What was the end message delivered by Melvin Wong? Proton Exora is a practical and economical family car(fuel consumption : RM0.13/km), now if any of us is considering a family car, this is a good option, however, “Do not buy a product if you have not tried it.” We should have at least done a thorough test drive before committing. And in deed, this session allowed the participant to thoroughly test out the car.

At the end of the session, there was prize giving (it was Cash prize, ok?); it was done in such a way that every couple got a prize, but of course the couples in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, got bigger envelopes.

Lucky Winner

Every couple got a goodie bag with spa vouchers as well.

Haisay, I sat at this table throughout.
Media TableSo no spa vouchers nor cash prize for me.

I’m going to register myself for the next Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Session, I want to go as a participant this time.

So what was the knowledge that I gained from this session? For me, with a family of four, to choose an MPV, I’ll choose one :
1) that gives me space (I sure love the space in Proton Exora),
2) that’s economical (RM0.13/KM for Proton Exora, half of my current car’s fuel consumption),
3) with all the necessary safety features included (2 airbags, ABS & EBS brake system, advance seat belt, protective frame).

Now, don’t believe what others say about the car, don’t even believe what I say here, test drive the Proton Exora and experience it for your own.

What are you waiting for?

Take Note Of The Sugar Level In Your Kids’ Growing Up Milk

April 28, 2011 at 12:23 pm

Have you tried your children’s growing up milk? Are you like me who find growing up milk excessively sweet?

Recently, I saw in a message at the supermarket that we could be feeding our children up 13tsp of added sugar with their current growing up milk. So I picked up a sugar calculator, follow the instructions on it to cross check if is true.

The girls so far have taken 2 brands of growing up milk. First brand indicated I might be feeding 8~12tsp of additional sugar to my children, and another indicated I might be feeding 13~17tsp of additional sugar to my children! Shocking?

And here I am trying to control the girls’ excessive sugar intake (which I wrote about in an earlier post)

I have tasted the girls’ growing up milk before, and I thought it is too sweet. I thought it must have been intentionally sweetened so that it’ll be tasty enough to appeal to young children. However my girls like fresh milk too. Without the added sugar, they still love the creamy and milky taste (per how they describe it). I’m still letting them drink growing up milk though, because I want them to get all the added vitamins they’d included in growing up milk.

However, with this new information, I will try to find children growing up milk with no added sugars, or with less added sugar.

Read the label next time you pick up a tin or pack of growing up milk. Even though you can’t see all these common names of added sugar (i.e. corn syrup solid, sucrose & glucose syrup solid), check the Carbohydrate level with the sugar calculator. Use the sugar calculator to find out how much sugar you’ll be feeding your children additionally with the growing up milk you are about to purchase. I’m definitely going to do that.

The girls' growing up milk 1

The girls' growing up milk 2

My Exora Experience

April 21, 2011 at 5:45 pm

As I was talking about how our family has outgrown our car. I am very honored to have been offered a Proton Exora for the weekend, a VIP test drive. I used it to run my daily errand (marketting, shopping, 1 trip to the kindergarten and 1 trip to the primary school), and here is my experience with the car.

Proton Exora(The car that I had for the weekend)

I’m not a technical person when it comes to car. If you talk to me about engines, torque, performance of a car, don’t blame me if you see me looking bored. What is important to me is what the car can do for me, as a mother, as a woman.

I find Exora to be one of the best MPV around, its design is very practical, it takes into consideration the various needs of Malaysian women or mothers.

There’s the key that can trigger the honk remotely! For a forgetful person like me, it’s very useful for me when I’d forgotten where I parked. Oh, and it can also be used to sound out an alarm if we’re in trouble/danger.
Proton Exora Key

I love the car boot. So spacious! It means it has plenty of room to carry my shopping when I go to the market. And when the family goes on a holiday, there’s more than enough room for our bags!

Proton Exora Spacious Boot

The car has the flexibility to turn into 7, 6, 5, 4, 2 passenger mode with a few easy pulls or clicks. Even a car-dummy like me could adjust the seats myself.

Click. The boot in 6-seater mode. With 1 of the seats on the last row collapsed.
Proton Exora 6 passenger mode - the boot

Click, and it turned into 5 passenger mode
Proton Exora 5 passenger mode

Another click, and 1 of the 2nd row seats is lifted, easy for the person on the 3rd row to disembark, and also provide a longer boot space.
Proton Exora 5 passenger modeI’m even thinking, we can bring our bicycles to parks like Lake Gardens, Bukit Cherakah with all these extra space created by these easily collapsable seats!

Unlike some MPV where the 3rd row is super narrow, there’s still leg room at the Exora 3rd row! Girls were delighted to be seated there to allow the in-laws to be on the 2nd row.
Proton Exora 5 the 3rd row

I love the front seat, spacious, and with each seat has its own arm rest!
Proton Exora front seat

Seats on the 2nd row can be reclined! The girls love it, becasue now, they can recline their seats when they are tired and needed a rest.
Proton Exora 2nd row

I have no problem installing 2 car seats in the car, and still leave room for other passengers. And if the girls are not getting along, we can always separate them to reduce friction.
Proton Exora

Wonderful isn’t it?

There are other little things which also delight me.

There 2 glove compartments! Alright! 1 can be for the manual (Daddy’s section), and another for my things (my section)! CDs, Sunglasses? And included is also a little hook for me to hang my packed lunch or breakfast.
Proton Exora compartments

And the best is the adjustable speed built-in aircon ventilation at the 2nd and the 3rd row. For the girls who always have different demands, one complains “I’m cold ma.” another complains “But, I’m hot!”; I can tell them to adjust their own ventilation themselves! They can solve their own problem and have controls over their own ‘aircon’.
Proton Exora 2nd and 3rd row aircon vent

What the kids like most about the car?
Zara the sociable one said, “I like the 3 sections (3 rows). It’s very nice because, now we can invite a lot of people into the car.
Zaria the wise one said, “The TV! I like it. And it’s very big (the car). So many seats. And there’s arm rest in the front!”

See them in action.

The Primary school gang, so engrossed with the TV.
Proton Exora Experience

The bags. Lots of room even in 6 passenger mode.
Proton Exora Experience

The kindergarten gang, who chose to sit on separate rows.
Proton Exora Experience

Now, if you are considering an MPV, do register yourself for the VIP Test Drive Session, it’s just a few clicks away.

Go to

Go to Get Exclusive Treats with Proton Exora and click Enroll here!
All About Exora

Then click Register here.
All About Exora

Fill up your details then click Next (remember to fill up all your details or you won’t be able to go to Next)
All About Exora

Once you’d filled up your details on Page 2, click submit.
All About Exora

Easy peasy. Hope you’ll enjoy the car as much as I do.

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

By the way, if you are not my regular reader and do not know my girls are 4 and 6, which explains the way the car seats (front facing) are installed in my car, take note of the below :

According to Dr Ng Lai Oon, Clinical Psychologist from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), for children below the age of 18 months, they should ride in a rear-facing car safety seat.

Rear facing car seat

Photo credit :

Make sure you install your car seat the right way for proper safety measure.

A Need For A Bigger Car

April 13, 2011 at 6:05 pm

Those of you with 2 children or more, if you don’t already own an MPV, like us, do you find your car a little too small for the family?

I’m finding our family of four outgrowing our cars.

Currently, we still have both girls on their car seat when we go out. With 2 car seats installed on the back seat, there’s hardly any room left for another person. Our current cars, can accommodate 4 people (including the driver) comfortably, but when the helper or other family members or friends who want to come along, we’ll either have to drive 2 cars, or have to remove the car seats to allow more room (which I hate to do, because I prefer my girls on their car seats all the time).


When the girls were younger, we had to buy a compact pram to fit into our car boot. I’m glad they’d outgrown their pram now, and we have 1 item removed from the boot to give us more space. Still, I find our boot rather small for a family of 4.

Every time when we go on a holiday locally, we find the boot too small to hold our 2 suitcases, and the numerous little bags to hold the snacks or things the girls have packed to bring along for our trip. For a shopper like me, there’ll be not much room to hold shopping from our trip. I always have to be careful with what I buy during these holidays, and with every purchase, I have estimate space required for the things, and if our boot can take in that extra bag.

Looks like it’s time to explore getting an MPV. A 7-seater maybe? Due the constant increase in petrol prices, we have to look into an MPV with lower fuel consumption as well, one which is lower than 2.0 liter.

I’ll let you know how our hunt go.

Sugar Control

March 23, 2011 at 4:44 pm

My two girls love sweets, especially Zara. She can be popping sweets in her mouth like pop corns while watching TV, and before you know it, she’s finished a bowl of sweets. Does your child love sweets like Zara?
At times when I see them eating sweets like that, and all the rest of sweet drinks they are taking, I’m worried about their sugar intake.

The girls are already eating lots of other things which contain sugar, e.g. the daily carbohydrate that they are taking, fruits, biscuits, cultured milks and not to mention the various sweets (the ones we bought or the ones they got from party packs).

I don’t want them to grow up to be obese, and have a string of other health issues (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, which I’m high risk for both) because of their excessive sugar intake.

Just like our MOH’s Less Sugar campaign launched last year (url: ), in our own household we’re trying to do something similar.

When we buy something which will be consumed by the girls, e.g. juice, milk, even sweets, we always check the label for the sugar content. Do you know besides checking the label for the sugar content for added sugar (e.g. sucrose, corn syrups solids, glucose syrups solids), you should also check the carbohydrate content, if you are not aware, the higher the carbohydrate means the higher the added sugar level.

For sweets, we always try to buy those that are sweetened by fruit juice. (Girls called them ‘high quality sweets’.) If possible we go for non added sugar product, or a product that has lower sugar level (in the form of added sugar or carbohydrates).

When I bake at home, I too tend to reduce about 1/3 sugar in the bake goods.

Do you do sugar watch like this in your household too?

Connected Tots

February 18, 2011 at 10:00 am

In this post, I mentioned about how brain cells need to connect for learning to happen.

Here is a video that shows you a connected tot in action. It is an interactive video, watch it, and you can choose the different ‘answers’ at the end to see what the little girl did to help her mom.

The girl in the video has learnt about magnet, and she had made a connection between magnet and metal, and apply that learning to help her mom. This is a connected moment.

If you want to read more about connected tots, and brain connection, do go here to understand more.

My girls, are extremely good in applying what they have learnt or heard from us in our daily conversation.
Here is one example. Zara (6yrs 2 months) has seen me frying frankfurters for her. I’d always asked her to stand far away, because the oil may splatter while the frankfurters are sizzling. See what connects me with the frankfurters?

Zara's drawing

What a connection.

Winner of Alliance You:nique Picture Card’s Sweet Family Moments Contest

September 17, 2009 at 1:45 pm

Have you heard that the winners for Alliance You:nique Picture Card’s Sweet Family Moments contest are out?

It was difficult to decide on the Grand Prize winner, so they decided to have two winners. And these are their card designs :
Hooi Siek Yi's You:nique Winning entryfrom HOOI SIEK YI (761019-XX-XXXX) and

Liew Wei Yin's You:nique Winning entryfrom LIEW WEI YIN (781004-XX-XXXX).

The list doesn’t end there. Find out from their website to find out who the 2nd (10 winners) and 3rd place (20 winners) winners are with their winning designs, and the same time, you may want to book mark that site or join You:nique’s Facebook Fan page to get informed of their next upcoming contest.

You:nique : Great Rebates; Great Rates; Great Rewards; your card, your choice; your design.

Alliance Bank You:nique Picture Card

May 26, 2009 at 3:40 pm

Just got to know about Alliance Bank latest You:nique picture card, it’s a credit card where you can personalize the design, and also customize your own credit card feature. For example, do you want better rebates? Better financial rates? Or better rewards?

Wonderful isn’t it?

I wonder if I can apply more than one card since I would like to have each of the girls appearing on one card. Here is what mine will look like:

Zara on card

Zaria on card

Now hop on to this website and check out their Sweet Family Moments contest, and stand a chance to win yourself some great prizes when you apply for the card.

And check out the You:nique Picture Card fan page at Facebook.

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