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May 24, 2010 at 2:08 pm

Girls Playing Dollhouse Together

The girls get along so well sometimes, we smile just observing them play together, enjoying each other’s company.

Girls Playing with My Phone

However, they spend a lot of time squabbling too. Zara the annoying one, Zaria the easily annoyed. On days like that, I am the screamer mediator, the referee who tries to tone down their screaming and teasing.

On Sunday, Daddy however decided to step in, when the squabbling started just after we left the house for an outing.

Daddy said, “Since the two of you cannot get along, I think we’ll have to send you to different families. One to Karen yi-yi’s house, another to Teresa yi-yi’s house. OK?”
Zaria was the first to react, “If you say (said) that again, I’ll kick your teeth off.” (there was once, she even told Daddy, she’ll kick his penis if he scolded her again)
Zara responded slowly and calmly, “I think you are an alien. You should just take a spaceship and go to another planet.”
Zaria chipped in, “Ya, go to another planet.”
Daddy said, “Are you sure you want me to go to another planet? Daddy is a wise old man. Without Daddy, nobody will give you wise advice.”
Zara replied, “Mum is even more wiser than you.”

Now you may think we should not let our kids talk back to us. However, Daddy said he prefers his daughters to respond to him intelligently, than to be so afraid of him they are quiet around him. I on the other hand, will not allow them to say use any derogatory words/phrases like, stupid, useless, you are nothing; but I don’t discourage them from expressing themselves even if they were showing dissatisfaction towards us. That’s our parenting style anyway. You may beg to defer.

On another unrelated incident, we were reading a book about dinosaurs, and after the book, I told Zaria, “I think I know what dinosaur you are. You are a cryasaurous.” Zara replied to me, “And you are a scoldasaurous.”
I added, “What about you?”
Zara replied, “I’m the annoyedasauraus. I always annoy meimei!”
At least she admits.

Typical Car Rides

April 19, 2010 at 4:29 pm

Most weekends, we bring the girls out for meals, or to visit their cousins. Kai-kai (Chinese : Outing) is a must or they’ll complain.

A typical ‘kai-kai’ trip will take us around 15-20mins to arrive at destination, and the girls sitting at the back in their respective car seat will either entertain us or annoy us.

Here is a typical peaceful and entertaining car ride, which makes Daddy and I very happy, and glad to have 2 girls who can get along.

Girls singing nursery rhymes or some sound track from their DVDs.
Girls talking to each other about certain things, and laughing at each other’s silly jokes.
Zara : What do you call a witch at the beach?… Sandwitch!!
Both girls : Ah Hahahaha
(Repeating dialogue from Backyardigans)

Girls taking turns to be baby, and the one who’s not baby teaching the baby how to speak. Normally, Zaria will be the baby, and repeating what Zara asked her to say.
Zara : Baby, says carot
Zaria : *purposely mispronuncing*Keh-yot
Zara : Baby, says mummy
Zaria : Mah-mah.

When they do the above, it allows Daddy and I to have a conversation without being interupted, and sometimes we join in their merry making too.

Most of the times, however, the journey is a tiring one with 2 of them bickering away, a typical one will be something like this.
Zaria : Mummy jiejie teasing me.
Zara : I didn’t do anything, you baby.
Zaria : Mummy jiejie call(ed) me a baby.
Me : Zara..
Zara : I didn’t do anything wut. BUEK.
Zaria : Mummy jiejie stick out her tongue at me.
Me : Zara..
Zara : You are such a baby!
Zaria : Mummy jiejie call(ed) me a baby.
Me : *pretends not to hear*
Zaria : “Stop annoying me jie. Mummy! Look at jiejie
Me : *pretends not to hear*
Zaria : *louder* MumMY! MuMMY! MUMMY! Look at jiejie!!! JIE JIE STOPS ANNOYING ME. You are so irritating. *and starts kicking the back seat*
Me : What is it now?
Zaria : Mummy jiejie is irritating me.
Me : What did jiejie do?
Zara : I didn’t do anything, she’s just a baby.
Zaria : See, jiejie is irritating me. You are so annoying, jie.
Zara : You are the one who’s annoying.
Zaria : You!
Zara : It’s you!
Zaria : It’s YOU!
Zara : NO! It’s YOU!
Zaria : NO IT’S YOU! Mummy, jiejie said I’m annoying.
Me : Stop it Zara
Zara : BABY!
Zaria : Jie, mummy said stop it. Mummy, Jiejie still calling me baby.
Zara : *immitates me*ZARAAAA
Zaria : Mummy, Jiejie still not stopping.

And it goes on…….


July 8, 2009 at 4:36 pm

Having 2 daugthers who are of similar sizes do have its advangtage. They can share clothes.

If a dress is too short, just add a pair of pants.

She saw how her jiejie wore the dress with a pair of pants, she wanted the same (although the dress is long enough for her).

Click Clock Shoes

October 21, 2008 at 1:38 pm

I’m sure those parents who have daughters (and probably some sons), will experience the same thing; their girls going for heels, or shoes that sparkle. For my girls, it’s the same, even better if the shoes make the clickety clack sound when walking around with them on.

The ones that the girls have is this pair a neighbour gave us, and they call it click clock shoes (in Zaria’s case it’s tick-tock shoes, since she can’t pronounce the ‘cl’ sound).

Zaria wearing the Click Clock Shoes

Both of them like this pair of shoes. And when one of them (remembers to) wear them, the other will (be reminded and) also says she wants it, sometimes ending in a fight or tug of war with the loser crying (most of the time Zaria looses because she’s not as strong as Zara yet). So we taught them to share, and sometimes they agree to.

One wears the left side
Zaria wearing the left side of the Click Clock Shoes

The other wears the right side
Zara wearing the right side of the Click Clock Shoes

That’s how far they will go sharing this pair of click clock shoes.


Shit Happens

August 11, 2008 at 11:59 pm

Saturday morning, Daddy and I wanted to plan for an outing, so we went to the study to surf for info. I left Zara in the room with a diaperless Zaria, telling them we’ll be quick, and asking Zara to keep an eye on Zaria.

A few moments later, Zara came tugging at my t-shirt, “Mummy I locked meimei in the room.”
I went to confirm and sure enough, the room door was locked.
Zaria was knocking on the other side of the door saying, “Want come out.”

While Daddy went to search for the spare key, I told Zaria to wait and at the same time, I gave Zara a good scolding.

Daddy found the bunch of keys and started trying them one by one. ~20 keys and none fit! I start getting worried. My scolding started getting worse,
“How can you do that to meimei?”
“What if something happened to meimei? The police will come and ask who lock meimei inside.”
“Are you a wicked step-sister?”

Daddy tried the 20 keys again; and then my turn to try, while he went to search for other keys he’d kept. Zara was sobbing quietly (because I threatened if she were to cry, I was going to smack her), while I scolded her. Zaria still calling out calmly, “Mummy, open door.”
“Mummy come hug you(me)”
“Want go out.”
and finally
“Poo-poo oh-di (already).”

SHIT! She’s diaperless, remember?

Daddy was digging this box, and that box, while I kept trying the 20keys again and again, Zaria calling us, Zara sobbing, this went on for like 30mins. All these while, Zaria was just calling out to us, not crying, not panicked. The only time she cried, was when she heard the gate opened and Daddy unlocking the car (to search the car for any keys). She cried and said, “Want go kaikai (Chinese : go out). Want go kaikai!” When I reassured her we’re still all here, she then stopped crying and continue to call out calmly, “Mummy, open door. Want go out”
“Poo-poo oh-di.”

I told Daddy I’d drive out to look for a locksmith. I left, and found a hardware shop with a big KEY sign board. I went in and very quickly told my story. The owner of the shop said he didn’t have a locksmith, but gave me a contact. Just before I left, he told me I could try giving the door knob a few hard knocks with the side of the hammer.

I called the locksmith, he’s 30mins away from our house. He asked me to sms our address to him. I didn’t know how to operate Daddy’s phone (my mobile locked in the room with Zaria), so I went home and told Daddy to sms the locksmith. I also told Daddy what the hardware shop owner mentioned. He quickly dug out his hammer, placed a piece of cloth over the door knob, and knocked the door knob. One, Two, Three times, and the door knob fell off (such quality!), the door opened.

The smell of shit!! FoooooooooYOH.

Zaria was sitting on the bed, hands and tigh all covered in shit, happy to see me and declared again, “Poo-poo oh-di.”

Zara stuck her head in, I was still angry with her, so I told her to go out, and stay in the guest room, I didn’t want to see her.

Got Jelly to change the bed shit sheet and mop the floor with dettol, while I gave Zaria a bath. Daddy went out to purchase another lock.

While I was changing Zaria, Zara stuck her head into the room again. I told her, “I’m still angry with you. Go out! Don’t come in. I don’t want to see you.” She said gingerly, “I just want to say sorry.” I was still angry, so I told her, “Say your sorry and go!” She walked into the centre of the room, faced Zaria, “Sorry Zaria”, then me, “Sorry mummy.” and then went out again.

*heart melted*.. I forgave her immediately.

In the night when I tugged Zara in, she said, “Luckily you have a good idea to bang the door opened. If not, police will come and catch me, and lock me up in a dungeon right?” I had to tell her only if something happened to meimei, and police don’t lock people up in dungeons.

We can still smell shit in the room as of today if we took a deep breath. Buek!
And guess where we found the spare key to the room? Daddy kept it in the room! How clever.

I could have shown you the real thing, but I’ll be kind, this is close to it.
Zaria's dirty bum

Getting Along Wonderfully

March 7, 2008 at 1:11 am

Every morning when both girls wake up, they will look towards each others’ beds to check the present of the other.
If Zara found Zaria not in bed, she would ask, “Where’s Zaria?”
If Zaria found Zara not in bed, she would call, “Che-che! Che-che!” or “Zah-wah! Zah-wah!”

When Zaria roamed too far away from me in the park, and Zara saw it, she will come over and tell me, “Mummy, you follow meimei, after bad people catch her.”

Zara entertains Zaria with her songs, funny jigs or action, making Zaria giggle and laugh.
Zara watches TV over Zaria while watching TV, when the adults are busy, shouting, “Mummy, Zara climbing upstairs!” or “Mummy, Zaria got stuck in the potty chair.” etc whenever Zaria does some dangerous stunts or gets into trouble.

I saw Zara pushing Zaria in the toy shopping cart the other day, one happy to be pushed, the other happy to be pushing.

Zara and Zaria At Play

I saw Zaria combing through Zara’s hair with her fingers very gently when Zara was asleep.

Zaria combing Zara's Hair

Once, Zara woke up from her nap from a nightmare and she was wailing. Zaria went to the tissue box, tore out a tissue, and started dabbing Zara’s face.

Although they sometimes fight (snatching things from one another), Zara and Zaria are getting along wonderfully and it’s definitely making both Daddy and I happy.


Merry Christmas from My Two Girls

December 24, 2007 at 8:38 am

Christmas is about ….



It’s about…

♥Giving Help♥

Zara helping Zaria to wash her hands

Zara helping to 'wash' Zaria

It’s about…




It’s about…


The 'girls' sleeping together

Zaria and Zara holding hands when they slept

It’s about…


Zaria Kissing Daddy

Zaria loves bears

♥Merry Christmas Everybody♥

~ From My Two Girls, Zara and Zaria, ZMM and Daddy


August 31, 2007 at 1:05 am

Zaria adores Zara, she likes to chase after her jiejie (Chinese : elder sister), she likes to shout and scream like her jiejie, and the best part is, the jiejie can make her laugh easily while it takes us more effort to find her funny bone.

Caught this the other day :

It brought a smile to me.

Hope they will still laugh with each other when they are my age.

Sisterly Love 2

June 22, 2007 at 9:44 am

Sisterly Love

Sisterly Love

Zaria will be turning 6months next week, and is more responsive to her surrounding. She adores Zara, especially when Zara is dancing or singing, she’ll be watching Zara intently smiling. On the other hand, because Zaria is tougher now, Zara is able to hug and hold her and not crush her, Zara is enjoying the company of Zaria more.

Zara is also starting to show her love for her sister. She is willing to share her toys with Zaria, and when Zaria takes one of her favourite item, she will swap it with another less favourite and tell Zaria, “This one jiejie play. You take other one.”

At Zara’s bed time, if Zaria cried in the midst of me cuddling and talking to Zara, Zara will tell me, “Mummy, you go feed Zaria.” She no longer clinged on to me leaving her sister to cry.

2 days ago, when I was having a teleconference, Zaria cried because it was time for her feed. Since the meeting was about to end, I told Jelly (my other maid) to pacify Zaria while waiting for me. I heard some commotions downstairs caused by Zara. After the meeting, I checked what happened. Jelly told me Zara was very anxious when she heard Zaria crying so pitifully, so she kept saying, “Aunty Jelly, mummy meeting, you feed meimei the milk in the fridge! Meimei hungry.” “My mummy meeting cannot feed meimei, you feed meimei with this one (shoving a pack of frozen milk into Jelly’s hand).” “You don’t feed meimei after I smack you huh!”

When my aunt came visiting a week back, she pretended she wanted to bring Zaria home, and carried Zaria to the door. Zara cried, looking desperately for me for help, “Don’t take meimei! Cannot! Cannot take! It’s my meimei.” She only stopped when Zaria was back into my arms.

Sometimes, when she thinks I’m not looking, I can see her leaning over to kiss Zaria and mutter, “I love you meimei”.

I’m rather pleased to see this progress. 🙂 But being her normal self, she still say things like, “I’m pretty. Mei mei is ugly” “Meimei ugly because meimei’s eyes look like ganster (I wonder if she really knows the meaning of this).” or “Meimei so ugly because meimei’s eyes so small like daddy. Meimei’s hair botak like Ah Ku (my bro). My eyes big like mummy and my hair so long and soft.” “o.O

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On another note : My sister came over with Tasha 2 weeks back, I attempted to take photos of the 3 girls together. Boy, it’s tough. It’s hard to make them look at the camera the same time. Here are some ‘nicer’ shots.

3 cousins

3 cousins

3 cousins

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