Pros And Cons of Working From Home

August 10, 2013 at 5:18 pm

I started working from home partially when Zara was born, and when Zaria came along, I requested my then Australian manager if I could work from home fully, and he agreed. Although it’s now quite common for people to work from home, it was quite uncommon 8 years ago, and that’s how long I’d been doing it.

(Actually I don’t have a choice as I don’t have family or in-laws who can help me with child care, my option was to leave the girls with a helper at home or send them to a child care.)

So what are the pros and cons of working from home? It was one of the discussion topic brought up in a Facebook Group that I joined, and here are my thoughts.

1. The kids are fully under my care, my supervision, their upbringing is done my way. (If they turned up rotten or outstanding, we will take the blame or the credit).
2. I get to experience their witty moment, mediate their fights, and not have to depend on someone to relay the information to me.
3. I can supervise the girls with their homework, what & when they watch (on) TV, what they eat, how they spend their time at home.
4. I get to witness their milestones.
5. The time spent getting stuck in the jam going to office and coming back, can be spent on the children, going for a run or sleeping longer.
6. I get to attend all their events in school, bring them to doctors/dentists without having to take leave.
7. I don’t need to spend much on clothes. (I sometimes wear PJs to work until noon time and then get showered and changed before picking up the kids)
8. I don’t have to rely on a transporter, and can send them to as many extra classes as long as I can afford the fee, and the time to chauffer them.
9. Have time to cook if I decided to, and can supervise the helper on what/how to cook.

1. Get taken for granted at times. (Once, I asked the hubs to pick up the kids when he’s working from home, he replied, “It’s a working day for me you know?” WTF! It’s NOT a working day for me EVERYDAY when I pick the kids up.)
2. Socially, I don’t get much adult’s conversation, or mix around with adults except via FB, chat. This is the one of the things that affect me most. I sometimes feel I’m deprived of adults’ interactions.
3. The helper at home depends on me to decide what to cook for every damn meal!
4. The girls’ bickering or coming to you to ask for assistant in stringing a bead, solving a sum, cutting a shape can be very annoying when you are trying to focus on work.
5. Career advancement is more limited. I had to give up jobs opportunity which required travelling or working from the office. This also means salary wise, it hasn’t increased much since I started working from home (the company’s increment % is also partially to be blamed).
6. While lunch time for other working moms are a time to socialise, catch up, my lunch time is spent going to the school to fetch the children.
7. The girls are with me 24hrs every day (except when they are at school or attending classes), it can be stifling at times.
8. I don’t really have off days. Unlike moms who work in the office, when they take leave, it’s likely they can do their own things, because the child care/chauffering bit is taken care off per their daily arrangement. If I took leave, I still have to carry out my chauffer duty, unless I have the hubs take off to handle the kids while I have time for myself.

If I were to choose again, I’ll probably still choose working from home, just because at this point in time, the girls come first.

How To Prevent Jet Lag

April 18, 2013 at 7:30 am

It used to take me a day or two to overcome jet lag when I frequently traveled to USA (that was ages ago, now the frequency has gone down, my last trip was 5 years ago).

Then I learnt from my colleague the way he effectively prevents Jet Lag, so here is what I did in my recent trip to Houston for work, where the flight time was ~22hrs one way (KL->Dubai->Houston) excluding wait time during transit, and the time difference is 13hrs.

I went to the clinic to get sleeping pills.

I took one one pill from Dubai to Houston, and slept about 6hrs. Being a light sleeper, it would have been very difficult for me to sleep for such a long stretch without a sleeping pill.

Then upon arrival, on that night itself, I took another, so that I get full 8hrs sleep. The following day, was just another day to me. No Jet Lag.

I did the some coming back. From Houston to Dubai, I took one pill, to have a few hours sleep. Then on the night I reached home and the night after, I took a sleeping pill each to adjust back my sleeping time/hours.

It was more difficult to adjust when I came back, but with 1 or 2 naps later, I’m back to normal on Day 3.

Try it on your next long haul flight.

Insensitive Parents Spreading Germs

March 12, 2013 at 8:41 am

One insensitive and uncivilized parent, sent his/her very sick son (feverish + watery eye) to Chinese enrichment class for 7 years old, the same class that my 6 year old (I still call her six year old because she’s just turned 6 in Dec 28th 2012) goes to.

Maybe the parent didn’t want the son to loose out in that 1 lesson.
Maybe the parent didn’t want to ‘waste money’ paying for that 1 lesson that the son would miss.
Maybe the parent didn’t even know the son was sick to begin with.

Anyway, she/he sent the son to class, and at least infected 2 children in the class with the boy’s virus. One of them was Zaria, the other Zaria’s classmate who also goes to the same enrichment class.

Zaria had fever and conjunctivitis.

And because I looked after her the time when she was ill, I caught it too.

And because Zara slept in the same room as us, she too caught the germs!

Amount of medication

8 freaking trips to the clinic, 1 trip to the hospital, 2 blood tests done, 5 types of liver poison antibiotic prescribed (only 4 reluctantly consumed), numerous eye drops and cream, 1 IV antibiotic, anti-inflamation syrup/pill, and etc etc (which we didn’t bother to take);

Why? All because some stupid and insensitive parent decided his/her son could go for class and infect other children with his sickness!

It took Zara 6 days to stop the fever, me 5 days, and Zara 4 days.

I’d never been this ill for a long long time. The last time it was this bad, it was when I got a very bad case of UTI, and had to be hospitalised, and this happened before the girls were born!

Even Zara told me, “Going to school and doing homework is better than being so weak!”


May the parent get cursed with the evil eyes too! At least he/she should have it for 2 weeks! That’s how long the germs his/her son passed to us stay with us!

If not, let him/her get some chili padi juice into his/her eyes accidentally for many times! (And if he/she didn’t eat chili, onion juice then!)

Book Review And Giveaway : Ben Coes The Last Refuge

July 3, 2012 at 2:28 pm

I agreed to review this book when I was approached just because I like books; not knowing if a political thriller like this will be something I will enjoy (I normally read non-fiction from Chinese writers).

I’m so happy I did!

Ben Coes The Last Refuge

The plot.

Dewey Andreas, a former SEAL and Delta, who owes his life to Kohl Meir, Israeli Special Forces commander has to face his biggest challenge.

Kohl has been tipped off that Iran had developed a nuclear bomb and was planning to use it on Israel. Kohl was in New York to recruit Dewey for a secret operation.

When Kohl was kidnapped by the Iranian Secret service, who then smuggled him back to Iran where he’s jailed, tortured and then prepared for a show trial; Dewey now has to attempt the impossible – to rescue Kohl from one of the world’s most secure prison before he’s executed and to find and remove Iran’s nuclear bomb before it’s deployed. All without the help of Israel nor America.

Ben Coes’ articulate writing enables me to be transported into the various scene, quickly easing into the plot.

An absorbing story, full of action and suspense with vivid details, I find myself not able to put it down. An absolutely good read. Normally a slow reader, I finished the book in less than 4 days.

The only thing is I cannot read this out loud like I do with other books, as most of the details are not suitable for the ears of Zara, who loves listening to me reading my books aloud.

This book will be released in US this week, and probably will take a while before it reaches our book shop.

The good news is :

Ben Coes has generously offered a SIGNED FIRST EDITION COPY of THE LAST REFUGE to giveaway to one My Two Girls Reader!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with your email address (Please note: Entries without an e-mail address will NOT be considered) and tell me you are interested.

Giveaway is open to Malaysia and Overseas readers. This will start on July 3rd and will run until July 15th 2012.

At the end of 15th July 2012, I will choose the winner, completely at random, and then announce here. The book will then be sent to the lucky winner directly from

(PS : I’m so going to shop for his 2 earlier books, also political thrillers, Power Down and Coup d’Etat. Will be checking if they are available in our bookshops.)

The Best Macaron In The World

May 23, 2012 at 11:32 pm

Daddy was in Japan recently for a work trip. I asked him to buy a couple of things for me from Japan:
1) Fancl, my skin care which unfortunately not available in Malaysia
2) Royce Chocolate, my favourite chocolate (I haven’t found anything that could beat the Royce Almond Milk Chocolate).
3) Macarons

So on the day he has some time to shop, we exchanged smses, in gist..
8 for USD30 how? The confectioner is Ladurée.
(never heard of it) buy 8 then. expensive but hope it’s nice.
(after dividing USD30/8) maybe just buy 4.
The sales lady gave me a small pack of dried ice to keep macarons cool, can last 2 hours, I don’t know if they will keep well to last the journey back home.
oh. hope it will. it’s macaron you bought, not ice cream right? (getting a bit worried, as sometimes he can ‘misunderstand’)
They look like macaron to me. o.O”

So I hope for the best, and quickly went to google Ladurée, and realised it’s a bakery founded in 1862, 150yrs ago!

According to Wikipedia,
Ladurée (French pronunciation: [la.dy.ʁe]) is a luxury cakes and pastries brand based in Paris, France. It is known as the inventor of the double-decker macaron, fifteen thousand of which are sold every day. They are still one of the best known makers of macarons in the world.

Macaron is one of the dessert I like a lot, but I don’t know much about which bakery in the world makes the best, except the ones we can find in Malaysia. I’m so happy he hit jackpot this time, unknowingly, getting me macarons from the bakery that created the macaron as we know today!

I was as excited as the girls when I heard the gate opened the day he arrived home.

These were what he brought home from Ladurée.

Ladurée Macarons

Ladurée cake

Ladurée’s macarons are the best I’d ever tasted. The meringues are lightly flavoured, making the taste of the ganache stand out. I don’t know what flavour Daddy has bought, so I slowly savoured each one (2 ~ 3 a day), sharing and nibbling with the girls.

I tasted
~ pistachio meringues, with ultra light texture of whipped cream and another with pistachio marzipan
~ light chocolate meringues, with rich and dense chocolate ganache
~ coffee meringues with creamy coffee gananche
~ vanilla meringues, with chewy marshmallow ganache
~ brown sugar meringues with thick buttery caramel filling

It’s not as sweet as the ones we find here, and some almond chunks could be tasted. For me, every bite is orgasmic. It has to be the world’s best macaron (actually based on google search results, it is the best; although some said Pierre Hermé is the best).

I was actually quite sad (so was Zara, who’s a connausier in the family) when we were left with the last piece yesterday…. all good things must come to an end.

Ladurée Macarons

Daddy took 2 shots of the Ladurée Shop (before he was asked to put his camera away).

Hmm, how come there were only women queuing up? Is macaron more of a female dessert?
Ladurée Shop

Ladurée Shop

Oh, what about the slice of cake? It’s a pistachio mousse cake which is so light (not too sweet) and full of nutty flavour and little crunch. I’d never tasted anything like this before.

Worth the money? Some would pay RM200 for a beef steak. Me, Ladurée, again, anytime.

Note : The nearest Ladurée to us would the the ones in Japan.

Fun At Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Session

May 26, 2011 at 3:49 pm

I attended the Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Session held in Full House, Sunway Giza Mall on Saturday (21st).

Banner at the Entrance

Participants were selected based on the registration at their website :, and the session that I attended was held for the Chinese community and had about 20 couples attending (well, it wasn’t all couples, there was a pair who’s a mother and son team).

After registration, we were ushered in to have breakfast.


And when it was time, everyone proceeded to the Event Hall in Full House for the start of the event.

Event Hall

Melvin Wong, Head of Marketing Communication from Proton Edar, made the opening speech.

This is a session to let the couples selected to experience Proton Exora as never before. It’s not just a test drive session; various speakers were invited to cover topics of interest, and then games will be played which actually allow you to get to know the car better.

Kenneth Chiew, Driving Instructor for Proton Exora covered the Product Safety of Proton Exora, i.e. airbags available, advance seat belts for all passengers, protective frame of the car etc.; and we were shown how the car was designed to handle various accidents (front collision, roll over) as well.

For those couples who have children, Ms Loh Sit Fong, Clinical Psychologist from UKM Medical Center, talked about child development, and how to keep children safe in a car ride.

Ms Loh Sit Fong

She definitely caught the attention of this little girl, who came with her parents for the event.
Little girl listening in

It was then the start of the test drive session. First we were all brought outside for a group photo (I didn’t get in, because I prefer to be the photographer than to be photographed).
Photo session for all participants

Or maybe I should have joined in, because see the number of photographers available?
Photographers at work

We were then assigned our cars. 2 couples to a car and I got this red one, the last car of the lot and my partners were Mr Ong from Sin Chiew Jit Poh, Izaton from Proton Edaran, and Sam from the media company.

Red Hot Proton Exora

Mr Ong, since he’s going to be our drive, got briefed.

Look at the number of Proton Exoras assigned to the Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Session.
Proton Exoras

Couples started boarding their cars, ready for the take off.
Proton Exoras

Each car were given a walkie-talkie, and the organiser had the walkie-talkies tested out. He gave the last of the instructions, and then of we went.
Last check before take off

The convoy of cars driving towards Desa Park City.
Convoy of cars

Somewhere in Sri Damansara, we stopped to swap drivers, so that everyone get a chance to test drive the car.
Swapping drivers

The parking lot next to Waterfront in Desa Park City has been set up for the outdoor event, with driving circuits and all.

3 different games were held concurrently. All were eligible for points collection, which will qualify couples for various placing, and gifts were then given later based on this placing.

Game number 1 was the blind fold challenge. Each couple decided on the driver, which was blind folded, and the navigator, which was to give instructions to the driver. The challenge is to have the blind folded driver do a parallel park with instructions given to him/her by the partner.

This is to see how a couple trusted one another, for if there was no trust, it’s difficult to give the instructions as well as well as to receive it. Of course having a car that’s easy to maneuver with power steering, like the Proton Exora, helped a lot as well.

Blind fold challenge
Some navigators really did a terrific job, getting the driver to park the car in slightly more than a minute.

Game number 2 was piling challenge. Each couple was timed, they had to get some suitcases, a golf bag and a pram into the car boot, usher in their 3 passengers, get themselves into the car and buckled up as quickly as possible.
Piling challenge From this challenge, you can see how much luggage the Proton Exora can take, and how easy it is to turn the seats on the last row to provide bigger boot space.

On the driving circuit, game number 3 was held, to test out the ride handling of the Proton Exora. Kenneth, the Proton Exora driving instructor were giving instructions to cars via the walkie-talkie on when to accelerate, when to step on the brakes on the circuit, or when to do a steep turn.

This is the sort of things you won’t get to try out in a normal test-drive session. Here, you get to actually try out the ABS & EBD brake, and the Proton Lotus Ride and Handling on a circuit.

Kenneth 'guiding' the car

Lots of brakes screeching were heard. This must be fun for those who get adrenalin rush from speeding. I get dizzy just seeing the cars zoomed by.
Ride Handling

Kenneth took the excitement 1 step further, he took the wheels and drove a couple of people in the Proton Exora, and of course being the driving instructor, he was driving faster, and tested the ABS and EBD brake, and Proton Lotus Ride and Handling to its fullest. I didn’t want to be his passenger (or anybody doing the ride handling) in case I threw up.
Daring anyone to go into his car

That was the end of the outdoor fun, and we then went back to Full House in our respective car. The convoy again stopped in Sri Damansara for another driver swapped.

Back in Full House, the cool aircon and lunch welcomed us.

We were famished!

While lunch was going on, some couples were brought to a corner to be interviewed about their Proton Exora test drive experience.
Couples being Interviewed

After lunch, we all got ushered back to the event hall.

Ms Loh Sit Fong went back on stage to talk about relationships. Couples were asked to rank things important to them in a relationship, and then checked if the female and the male have similar priorities.
Couples ranking things important to them

Couples listening in

Cherrise Tan, an image consultant from Adamaya Image Consultancy, came on next, and did a make over of one of the participants.
Before makeover

After makeover

Kenneth came on again to answer any questions we had after test driving the car. I guess people were really impressed with the Proton Exora, its ride handling after they have driven the car on the circuit, its ease of maneuvering, and its space available.

We then got a talk on managing investment as well from Eric Wong, from A.D. Financial Sdh Bhd.

A little boy named Ethan (Merryn’s son), patiently sat through the talk after talk (I salute him, not easy for a kid his age), but he did say, “Why this one always not yet finished one.”

Ethan kept occupied

(Zaria wanted to follow me, and good thing I didn’t bring her along. Getting a child sit through the whole thing can be really testing their patience).

What was the end message delivered by Melvin Wong? Proton Exora is a practical and economical family car(fuel consumption : RM0.13/km), now if any of us is considering a family car, this is a good option, however, “Do not buy a product if you have not tried it.” We should have at least done a thorough test drive before committing. And in deed, this session allowed the participant to thoroughly test out the car.

At the end of the session, there was prize giving (it was Cash prize, ok?); it was done in such a way that every couple got a prize, but of course the couples in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, got bigger envelopes.

Lucky Winner

Every couple got a goodie bag with spa vouchers as well.

Haisay, I sat at this table throughout.
Media TableSo no spa vouchers nor cash prize for me.

I’m going to register myself for the next Proton Exora VIP Test-Drive Session, I want to go as a participant this time.

So what was the knowledge that I gained from this session? For me, with a family of four, to choose an MPV, I’ll choose one :
1) that gives me space (I sure love the space in Proton Exora),
2) that’s economical (RM0.13/KM for Proton Exora, half of my current car’s fuel consumption),
3) with all the necessary safety features included (2 airbags, ABS & EBS brake system, advance seat belt, protective frame).

Now, don’t believe what others say about the car, don’t even believe what I say here, test drive the Proton Exora and experience it for your own.

What are you waiting for?

Hong Kong Trip 2011

April 26, 2011 at 11:59 am

More than a month ago, Daddy has given me the most romantic present ever, a trip to Hong Kong, without him, without the kids, just me, alone. He took a couple of days off to be home with the children (since it was school holidays), while I have this personal time, that is, a ♥romantic♥ gesture to me.

I spent 5D/4N in Hong Kong, staying with my best friend. We managed to spend time together, and besides this, I got to catch up with a couple of my ex colleagues as well. It was a relaxing trip of shopping, eating, spending time with friends.

Just photos (taken by point & shoot, which explains the quality) and a brief trip summary.

♥16th March♥
Arrived Hong Kong in the afternoon. My friend Ping lives in an extremely nice appartment on Old Peak Road. After unpacking and playing with Maya, Ping’s 2.5yrs old daughter, a bit, Ping and I left for Causeway Bay.

We had wanton noodle at Mak’s Noodle (麥奀雲吞麵世家) for tea, something Daddy and I won’t miss when we are in Hong Kong; bought my Fancl stuff; and then packed some roast goose and char siew home from Keung Kee Meat Shop (強記飯店), another place I try not to miss.

After dinner of roast meat and rice at home, we went to the spa (a very nice one) at Ping’s appartment.

Night View From Ping's Appartment

♥17th March♥
This was the only day that were packed with activities!

Around Central

Around Central

In the morning, we went to Central and had a typical Hong Kong breakfast.
Breakfast with Maya

And then took a stroll around the Central market. (I just love markets!)
Central Market - the street

Central Market - with Maya

Narrow lanes but so many things to offer!
Central Market - Live Fish

Central Market - Fish

Central Market - Local Vegetable

Central Market - Herbs and Imported Vege

Central Market - Maya checking out vegetables

Central Market - Noodle Shop

Central Market - All Sorts Of Noodle

By late morning, I took the MTR to get to Tung Chung station to meet with my ex colleagues. They brought me to Tai-O (大澳), a fishing town in Lantau Island, about 45mins bus ride from Tung Chung. The bus was zooming through narrow and winding road up hill and down hill, so I was feeling rather sick when we arrived. Luckily the air in Tai-O is fresh, which made recovery quick.

Arriving Tai-O

Tai-O being a fishing village has lots of shops selling dried seafood.
Tai-O seafood shop

Tai-O seafood drying

Tai-O seafood for sale

Tai-O seafood display

Tai-O dried seafood stall

The locals drying their own seafood.
Tai-O seafood being dried

Tai-O seafood being dried

Some leaves (紫贝天葵) being sold. My colleague told me it can be boiled and turned into a herbal drink.
Tai-O seafood being dried

Most houses were built on stilts.
Tai-O houses

Tai-O Houses

Tai-O Houses

Tai-O Church

Houses are small and low, and streets are narrow.
Tai-O House

Tai-O Street

Tai-O alter

The whole town is mainly occupied by older people. The younger ones probably all have gone to work in the city.

As we were there on a weekday, the place was really quiet, most shops such as this one, was closed.
Tai-O arty shop front

We had late lunch at one of the seafood restaurants. Mixed seafood, kailan with salted fish, and their famous octopus cake. Tai-O Lunch

Tai-O Restaurant menu

We then took the bus back to Tung Chung and then headed home. It was a good trip, and it was nice catching up with my colleagues.

In the night, Ping brought me to a super fancy restaurant Zuma.
Hong Kong - Zuma

We ordered 2 sampler sets, and there was so much food! The food was delicious, but oh my, it was so expensive. Thanks Ping, for the treat!
Hong Kong - Zuma dinner

♥18th March♥
A relaxing day. Had early lunch with Ping, and then I went out looking for books on my own. In the night, we went to Espirt outlet in Mongkok.

♥19th March♥
We went to Stanley to shop (lots of small shops selling out of season branded stuff at a fraction of the price). It was raining, so besides shopping, there was not much we could do.


Maya At Stanley

Stanley - lunch at Lucy's
We had lunch there, and then headed home.

I met with another ex colleague in the night. We went out for dinner together at a quiet Yunan restaurant in Tin Hao.
Dinner at Yunan ResturantAnother good catch up with old friends over a good meal.

♥20th March♥
We went out for dimsum breakfast. I checked in my baggage at Hong Kong station and then Ping and I went to a supermarket to do some last minute shopping as well as to grab some pastries (嫁女饼) from Kee Wah Bakery (奇华).

See, the whole trip is really to spend time with my best friend and also to meet up with my ex colleagues whom I used to work with closely.

Thanks Daddy! Second half of the year another trip yeah?

School And Others

January 19, 2011 at 10:14 pm

It’s the 3rd week of school, so far, everybody is doing fine.

Lucky for me, there is another child, who lives nearby attending the same kindergarten as Zaria, so we have arranged to carpool, taking turns to either send or pick up the children.

And there are 2 other children across the street attending the same primary school as Zara, so again, we arranged to carpool.

I only have to make a trip to the kindergarten daily, and 3 trips a week to the primary school.

I’d also signed Zara up for extra curicular activities in school. Her Saturdays will be full. Starting the day at 8:30am to 4pm, Arts & Craft, Han Yu Pin Yin, Gymrama and Maths one after another. I only insisted she took Han Yu Pin Yin, the rest, it was her choice. And because the fee is cheap, I told her she can just join in, and if any time she found it stressing, she can drop off.

Last Saturday was the first time she went through a jam packed day, and when I asked her if things were ok at the end of the day, she said it was, and all the classes were fun. Which is a good sign. I think the mommy couldn’t take the stress from driving as much as she did. I was going to the school 3 times that day, to bring her to the next class and pay fee for that class etc. TIRED!

Just more than 2 weeks in school, she seems to have improved in Chinese. At least now, I can give her full instructinos in Chinese, and she can ‘translate’ the instruction back to me in English (I made her do it just to gauge her understanding). But she herself admitted she couldn’t do it the other way (translate English instructions to Chinese), not yet anyway.

As for Zaria, she’s doing fine in kindergarten without her jiejie, and she’s rather proud to be in 5 year old class now, holding her big homework pouch to school, and then back home. She’s started having homework, and so far, she only threw tantrum once, preferring to spend time on iPad instead of getting her homework done. One threat that I will send her back to 4yr old class, and she quickly picked up the pen, and did her homework (albeit sobbing).

I’d also started her on Yamaha JMC. She’s enjoying her class very much, she thinks her teacher is better than Zara’s (she follows me to Zara’s class sometimes), and always boasts about it. If you have children attending JMC, you’ll realise the first song they teach the children is the Happy Fingers song, and the children are supposed to stick each of their fingers out, thumb, pointer, middle, index and pinky. Here is what Zaria said about finger number 4 (ring man), “Finger number 4 is so stupid and stubborn, don’t know how to stand up.”

Zaria helping Finger number 4 'stand'

These girls, they keep me busy, they keep me entertained.

This Is What I’d been Up To

November 30, 2010 at 5:47 pm

Gee, more than 10 days I’d not posted anything?

There is so much happening at home.
1) We celebrated Zara’s 6th birthday (yes she’s SIX now, I started this site when she was 8months plus, what does this mean? I’d been blogging for more than 5 years now!)
2) We had a joined birthday celebration for both the girls in school although Zaria’s birthday is not until another month’s time
3) Girls had their school concert
4) Girls went to a couple of birthday parties, which of course means they have a swell time.

And me, what I’d been up to?

Lots of this
Me working

Baking, simple cup cake decorating, cookies decorating, for the girls as well as a couple of orders I’d taken. Hop on to my cooking site for more pix, but then again, I’d not been very up to date there as well. o.O”

And playing lots for Farm Story, Restaurant Story.

Farm Story, Restaurant Story is sooo addicting. Even Zaria is asking me daily, “Mum, have you checked your restaurant yet?”
“Mum, can I help you to water other people’s farm?”
(Daddy is so going to nag me)
Ok, Ok, I do limit myself to check on the farm and the restaurant like 3, 4 times a day.
Anyway, the girls are always crowding around and asking, “Are you done yet? It’s my turn.”

I have to work on these soon :

1) Write about Zara’s birthday
2) Write about Girls’ concert
3) Get Zara’s school uniform, bag, shoes, sorted out
4) Get the Christmas tree up

And it’s already December. *sweat*

October Photos

October 26, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Girls went to Zara’s classmate’s birthday party. Parents now are so willing to spend on children’s birthday party except us.
Clown in Birthday Party

After a month of juicing and peeling apples almost daily, see what I can do now….
Peeling An Apple

Within a month, our residential area has a big Mid-Autumn Festival pot luck, and then another Hari Raya celebration cum Family Day within our clusters of homes. I’m so loving our housing area.
Family day makan makan

At times when we have things to do in the night, the girls will entertain themselves. Here, Zara was reading a book to Zaria, and then sharing a joke.
Girls sharing a joke

I was wondering why it took Jelly more than 30mins to hang up the clothes to dry, and then I saw this.. she was on her phone smsing non-stop!! That’s why.
Maybe we should start imposing no cell phones policy during working hours.
We allow them a cell phone just in case they need to stay in touch with their families, and they abuse it. Sigh.
Jelly and SMS

I so like this little French boy.. Sethy.

Girls had their sports day, and boy, they can run! (Daddy has to improve on the panning skill.)
Zara running

She’s so focussed on the race.
Zaria racing

One day, Zara decided to write some Chinese sentences. Alright, there’s some mistakes, but I think quite a good attempt.
Zara's Chinese

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