My Promise – By Zaria

March 24, 2015 at 12:22 pm

Zaria has been extremely difficult the last week, using foul language, spiting in her sister’s tea just because her sister made tea without telling her (they always brew tea together), using her sharp tongue to talk back, sometimes even telling us she wished we weren’t her family, she wished she was an orphan etc etc.

This little sweetie pie has a sweet sweet sugary filling, but sometimes her temper gets the better of her. After a few ‘counselling’ sessions we had with her, she decided to write us her promise or her ode to her family.

(She even signed it in red to indicate she’s serious).

Sweet Sweet Zaria, we all love you very much, and hope you will be able to control your temper, and outgrown this episode in life, and we hope you will keep all these promises you made to your family.

Zaria’s Writing – Easy Way Out

October 29, 2012 at 11:10 pm

As a rule in the house, the girls have to either do a page of writing (on any topic) or do some worksheet to earn themselves time on the iPad.

Most of the time, Zaria chooses to write, and after a while, she knows how to take the easy way out. Check out her writing below.

Listing her family members’ names.
My Family's Name

Listing our birthdays.
My Family's Birthday

Listing our birthstones.
My Family's birthstone

And improved further on the same topic.
My Family's birthstone

And the latest, writing about our characters.
My Family's Character

When I told her, “How can you always write about my family this, my family that?”
Her reply, “What do you want me to write? Five hundred lines is it?”


Bali 2009 – Part 1

December 10, 2009 at 10:39 pm

This has been a trip planned long time ago, my dad sponsoring a 4 days 3 nights trip to Bali (flight + accomodation) for my extended family (all 15 of us), and our family of 4 extending another 3 nights.

♥Nov 27th♥
On our way to Bali

We took an early AirAsia Flight and arrived at Bali in the afternoon. The villa has sent 2 cars over to pick us up.

Cold towel and fresh juice awaited us at the villa.
Zara enjoying her cold towel

Our 6-room villa, The Longhouse, is located at the hills at Jimbaran (which meant we get magnificent view of Jimbaran Bay and Tanjung Benoa). It is 4 stories high, comes with a lift and 6 beautifully furnished rooms; it has a small pool, a plunge pool (in one of the rooms), a jacuzzi, a gym, a big dining room, a huge TV room, a massage room, and many day beds scattered around the villa. 3 dedicated staff, a chef, and a manager were at our service.

Everywhere is beautifully decorated.
Facilities at the Longhouse

Everybody was busy checking out all the floors, the rooms and the facilities upon arrival. The ooohs and the aaahs were coming from every one.

We took a room with a big comfy day bed (which became Daddy’s bed), and what I like most about the room is the big granite bathtub which the girls loved.

Granite bathtub

Girls immediately changed to their swimming costumes and hit the pool, while we adults attacked the lunch prepared by the villa.
Zaria with Sam


Sam and Norm

Sam and Zara

We had a relaxing day, just lazing around at the villa, swimming, lunching and dining at the villa, chatting, etc.

♥Nov 28th♥
After a long and lazy breakfast, we went on an obligated sightseeing trip to keep the sponsor my dad happy (“No sightseeing in Bali? How can?”). Since nobody wanted to be on the road whole day, and my dad had to attend mass at 5:30pm, we chose to visit Uluwatu nearby.

Monkeys were every where, we wonder if they were trained to grab people’s things. One grabbed my SIL’s glasses when she walked passed, and only when an old man (probably its handler?) gave it corn, then peanuts, then only the monkey tossed the glasses to the ground. Our driver told us to give a couple of thousand rupiahs (few ringgit) to the man as a token sum.

Look at the monkey comfortably seated with my SIL’s glasses.The monkey with my SIL's glasses

Another monkey grabbed Sam’s, my niece’s, small monkey dangling from her Kipling bag, chewed the head off, ate the stuffing, then tossed it away.The monkey chewing Sam's Kipling monkey

All these monkey business and being baked under the sun (36degrees daily in Bali) to get these views. Uluwatu Cliff

Uluwatu Temple

As we didn’t bring a stroller along (Bali’s roads are not meant for strollers), and Zaria didn’t want to walk much (the heat maybe?), plus she complained everytime when Daddy carried her, his sweat stung her skin, I ended up being her personal porter.

Shopping, sightseeing, walking to look for restaurants, I had to piggy back the little princess.Uluwatu Temple

After Uluwatu, we went to Kuta area to shop (and tried to stay in airconditioned places), then sent my Dad and brother to church. After their evening mass, we had dinner around Kuta area, and then headed back to the Villa all sticky with sweat.

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