Zaria’s Drawing

January 19, 2010 at 10:03 pm

Zaria kind of pick up the interest in arts from Zara. During the school holidays, when Zara spent time drawing, Zaria too would request for paper, and joined in. Sometimes she would ask us for help with drawing certain things, most of the time, she’s on her own.

While Zara made me a handbag, Zaria did this with scraps of colour papers.
Zaria's arts and craft

Here are some of her pictures, drawn during the school holidays.

She said this is a family.
Zaria's drawing Baloon Family

And here is another family drawing.
Zaria's drawing Baloon Family 1

Here is one she asked, “You know what is this or not?”
Zaria's drawing - guess what it is?
I could only say, “It’s very beautiful. Can you tell me what this is?”
Do you know what this is?
Zaria said, “It’s a mermaid on a rock. See the long hair or not.”
Oh.. ok.

Here is another one she asked me to guess.
Zaria's drawing - Guess what it is?
I was very confident, “A bird flying towards a mountain.”
She said, “Nooo..”
What do you think it was?
According to her, it is “A bird flying to a diamond castle.” o.O”

And then one day, she was drawing a birthday cake for herself. She asked me to help with the knives, and then she did more doodling, and came over to surprise me with this.
Zaria's 1st attempt in writing her name.Her first attempt in writing her name.

All these before she turned 3.

Arguing with a 3 year old

January 15, 2010 at 5:54 pm

Zaria is getting good with arguments these days.

Can’t remember why, but she was angry with Jelly.
Zaria : “Auntie I don’t want you any more”
Me : “Ok, then we pack auntie’s bags, tonight she’ll take airasia flight, and go back. Tomorrow you won’t see her any more.”
Zaria : “No I don’t want.”
Me : “Then why you said you don’t want her.”
Zaria : (innocently) “I didn’t say anything.”

And then another, she got angry with me.
Zaria : (towards me) “I don’t want you any more”
Me : “Ok then, later, I go stay in hotel”
Zara : “If Zaria said that again, then you and I will go somewhere together.”
Zaria : “Stop it! I say stop it.”
Me : “What’s wrong?”
Zaria : “You said you are going somewhere without me, so I’m very angry with you (pointed to me), and you (pointed to Zara)! You cannot go anywhere without me. Hmmmph!” (folded her arms)
Daddy : “I won’t go anywhere without you. Don’t worry.”
Zaria : “Hmph! I don’t believe you.”
Daddy : “I cross my heart.”
Zaria : (pointed to me and Zara) “You and jiejie also must cross your heart(s).”

During dinner 1 day, she was drinking water by holding a cup with single hand.
Daddy : “Zaria, you are still a small girl, use two hands to hold your cup.”
She didn’t listen and midway through dinner, she spilled her whole cup of water.
Me : “See?”
She started defending herself (and blaming everybody but herself).
Zaria : “Auntie! Why you put the cup so near to me!”
Jelly : “Aiya mei, I didn’t touch your cup at all.”
Zaria : “Daddy! It’s your fault then!”
Daddy : “Huh? I didn’t do anything, why is it my fault?”
Zaria : “I’m still a small girl, and you never help me hold my cup! That’s why it’s your fault!”

(seriously, I have to discount everything she said)

Fifi – The Latest Addition

March 27, 2008 at 11:46 pm

We were in Ikea last Sunday, and I just grabbed one of the soft toy, a dog, available from the kids section and placed it in the pram for Zaria to play with. When Zaria fell asleep, Zara took over the dog and started cuddling it, talking to it, stroking it.

At the check out counter, I said we’ll return the dog back to Ikea. Zara went, “Maah-meeEEEE. I really like it.” So I got it for her. RM39, not to expensive, ok la.

She immediately named the dog Fifi, claiming Fifi to be her ‘child’.


Now, she watches TV with Fifi, sleeps cuddling Fifi, she reminds me to bring Fifi along when I go pick her up from school. Zaria tails Zara calling after Fifi, “Fee Feet” but only gets to cuddle Fifi when Zara is at school and not watching when Zara is feeling generous.

The other day, Zara said in the car cuddling Fifi, “You know, mummy, I’m the luckiest person. Only I have Fifi. Nobody else have.”

Remember Mr Blue? He has been cast aside to make way for Fifi. “Mr Blue’s skin is so rough now.” That’s her excuse. She still lets Mr Blue sleeps with her on the bed, but only Fifi is in her arms.

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