Confinement Lady – Liability to the home

January 24, 2007 at 11:21 am

I don’t like to bitch in my blog, but I can’t help it.

In the house, my reign is in the kitchen. The utencils we used, the kitchen cabinets are mainly my choices, and I’m most proud of it. Now when you have a Madam-Know-It-All or Madam-Absent-Minded at home, what happened?

First incident : Madam-Know-It-All
We heard grinding sound in the wet kitchen and I thought the CL must be preparing some soup. I took a peek. To my horror, she was actually sharpening our Zwilling Ja Henckels knife on our stone mortar.
“What are you doing??”
“Sharpening your knife, it’s blunt.”
“What?? Do you know this is an expensive knife and should only use the proper sharperner to sharpen it?”
“My other clients also use this brand of knife ma, and they just use the stone mortar to sharpen it.”
“That’s their problem!! Please, the next time when you want to do such things, ask us if it’s ok first!”
There goes my RMXXX knife.

Incident Two : Madam-Forgetful
After her bath, Zara came down and mentioned, “Mmmm, I smelled toast.” I sniffed the air and smelled something sweet, asking if Tuyam was making toast, but she said nope.
Got her to check the wet kitchen and she said the CL is double boiling something and the water has dried up.
Called for the CL (who was somewhere reading her papers) and she went to have a check.
“Aiya.. I thought still got lots of water, didn’t know dried up liao.”
After some scrub scrub, wash wash, the wok could not be saved. The CL was double boiling DOM ginger chicken soup for me, and the sweetish DOM has spilled out and got burnt, leaving a blackish crust on the wok.
There goes my well seasoned wok.

Incident Three : Madam-Know-It-All AND Madam-Absent-Minded
I was reading a book to Zara and preparing for bed, and suddenly the CL came up and said, “Aiya, I was pouring out your soup and the pot burnt me, so I quickly placed the pot on your kitchen top. Now there’s a mark there. I’ll go ask your husband to have a look.” and she went out to the study to get Daddy.
I thought it was a small matter but I heard a loud scream from Daddy.
Oh boy, must be bad, I quickly went down to have a look.
Sure thing, our two year old Ikea kitchen top has a big burnt mark on it just next to the sink. (Ouch!)
“Aiya, not serious lar. Can use paint to paint it, then you won’t see the mark any more. I forgot ma. All my clients have tiles kitchen top. Didn’t know yours is wood, can burn.”
I was so furious I just said, “Few days ago, the wok, now this!”
This is by far the worst damage, because you can’t just change the top, it’s too troublesome, we’ll have to live with this ugly mark for as long as we still have this kitchen cabinets!
Kitchen top

Scarred for Life!

Daddy told me to cool it just in case she may do some thing to Zaria. He mentioned he’ll settle with her this Sat, her last day! The worst thing we could do is not to give her ang pow, what else can we do?

And I haven’t even included the shower head that she broke on Day 3 she arrived in our house! Niah Mah! KNN! @#%!@#%

Hickory Dickory Dock

July 27, 2006 at 1:30 pm

A mouse went into our laundry room, and caused some excitement in the house. We closed up all the windows and the doors, and put Rusty our cat in the room so that he could catch the mouse, and then we watched from the window what Rusty and the mouse were doing.

Here’s what Zara said while watching.
“Kory, Kory, Dock, Mouse went up the clock.”
“Mouse climbed up hang clothes there!” (refering to the coat hanger)
“Mouse climbed up the sky!” (referring to the mouse up on the curtain railing)
Then when she saw Rusty chasing after the mouse, she said, “Wow, Rusty so angry. Catch the mouse like a monkey.”
(In the end, Rusty being fat and lazy, quit after a while. It was Daddy who smacked the mouse with a broom when he got back from work. Zara didn’t see how ferocious Daddy was though, as she was asleep when Daddy murdered the mouse.)

The following day, I asked her, “Where is the mouse now?”
Zara : “Go up to the sky oh-ready (already).” (she last saw the mouse in the curtain railing)
Me : “You want to go and catch the muose?”
Zara : “Don’t want.”
Me : “Why don’t want?”
Zara : “Becauzzzzzzzz (dragging the word while thinking what to say)… Zara scared.”

Weekend knick knacks

June 5, 2006 at 11:10 pm

We brought Zara to the football field in our residential area on Sunday morning. Nobody was playing foot ball, so we got the whole field to ourselves. It was wonderful, Zara was so happy to be running in such a big flat grass field.

She was happy chasing after her ball, throwing or kicking the ball.

Daddy kicked the ball into the goal post and Zara shouted hooray (trust her be the goal keeper huh?)

Happy, Sweaty Zara.

For lunch, I made Pumpkin soup using the recipe from River Cafe Cook Book. However, because I didn’t have any chicken stock, I used the Maggie chicken granules (the one without MSG); gosh, it was so yucky (maybe because it’s change of taste bud for me as well), all I could taste is the chicken stock taste, blech. Daddy walloped his bowl without complaint though. The avocado, zucchini and turkey breast sandwich was oh, so good.

As for Zara, she has been crazy about cheese. On both Sat and Sun, all she wanted for breakfast and lunch was, “bread and cheese”. Offered her anything and she turned her face and said, “Don’t want”. So it was bread and cheese for her.

On Sat morning, she even woke up and I think she was trying to tell me what she dreamt about (but of course she’s too young to know what a dream is). She told me first thing in the morning when she opened her eyes, “Got big big cheese.” before she smiled and stretched.

Anybody knows any good but not too salty cheese to go with bread or cracker for the little one? I’d been giving her Kraft, Baby Bell and the smiling cow cheese spread. We give her some of our gourmet chedder as well, but it’s too salty and I always feel guilty after giving her some.

Little Miss Engineer

February 24, 2006 at 9:23 am

Both Daddy and I were engineers before, it is not a surprise that our little girl turned out to be Little Miss Engineer as well.We planned to join Zara’s cot to our bed, so that we can have our bed back she can have her own space and yet she can reach out for me or roll over to curl beside me if she wanted to. Daddy was trying to remove the side bar from Zara’s cot, and Little Miss Engineer got so excited and wanted to help.

“Daddy, Daddy, what are you doing?”

“Daddy, Daddy, come! Let me help you!”

“Daddy, see, this screw needs tightening too!”


Roasting a Chic and blabbering

December 11, 2005 at 11:36 pm

I love to cook and bake, but am doing less of it since Zara was born.

When I was 8, 9months pregnant with Zara, for my 1 hr lunch break, since I was such a greedy pig I used to bake pies or sausage rolls at home (since I was getting very heavy and lugging the notebook to and fro the office was hurting my back, I was spending most of the later months working from home). I also used to bake new years cookies for both my mil and our home but didn’t do it this year because I was busy with Zara.

After Zara was born, I was spending less time in the kitchen. When I did, it usually was because I wanted to make something for Zara. When she started solids, I prepared her food on weekends like stewed fruits; steamed or, when I was adventurous, Mediterranean style vege; pureed them, and then froze them in ice cube trays and the following day just popped them out and store them in zip locks bags.

It was only when she turned 9mths old that we introduced meat and hence porridge to her (before it was all pureed vege or fruits mixed with organic rice cereal). No more need to do bulk cooking for her on weekends. Her porridge is mainly done by Tuyam, our maid.

When we moved to our new place this March, I wanted a good oven, because our old cheap one was not cooking cakes or cookies evenly. We bought one with full feature (not the Teka or Pacific self-cleaning-catalytic-oh-so-expensive type). The only piece of equipment in the house which I had full say on since this is my forte (the rest of the gadgets I left it to Daddy).

I had probably just baked a cake, roasted some sweet potato and potato and that’s about it for this whole year.

MIL and SIL were coming over for dinner yesterday, and it was also our marketing day. So I thought maybe I can get a fresh chicken and roast it for dinner, and try out the rotisserie.

The chic was a medium sized chic, I seasoned it the minute we got back from the market. I used light soya sauce, a bit of dark soya sauce, brown sugar, ginger juice, minced garlic, a pinch of cinnamon powder and salt.

At 6pm, I got Daddy to bring Zara to the park because I had to cook. I stuffed the chicken with garlic cloves and ginger slices, and skewed it through the rotisserie rod. Once it’s in the oven, I just set the timer, and left the kitchen to do some blog surfing (hubby of course didn’t know it was that easy to roast a chicken).

I went to the kitchen to check a few times, just to make sure things were ok. In the process, I got burnt by being careless while moving the tray and the rotisserie rod about.

The chicken was ready in an hours time and turned out to be quite nice; evenly cooked, juicy in the inside, and best of all, all the fat has dripped to the tray. For the ultimate test, we gave some to Zara. Alas, she being a fish person, preferred the steamed garoupa to the chicken. I kept the left over breast for her though, we’ll use it to make sandwich for her for lunch.

I’ll start to spend more time with the oven now that I know how the rotisserie work, and if Daddy didn’t mind looking after Zara, I can bake cookies again for the coming new year.

We got broadband!

November 12, 2005 at 3:44 pm

We finally got streamyx for the house! They finally got ports here (the new housing area).

How this will change me :
1) I will work from home more, probably twice a week at least
2) I don’t have to stay up in the office to read blogs or to blog, I can do it at home now!
3) There’ll probably more ‘rows’ with daddy, on who get to use the line more….. errr, maybe we should look at getting a router or a hub.

It won’t be good news to Zara, as mummy will try to sneak to the study to log on more often….

Rusty The Cat

September 22, 2005 at 9:01 pm

Zara loves our cat, Rusty. In fact, 2nd comprehencible word she spoke was Aao, which is the sound that Rusty makes. Cat is Aao (we actually found that she also calls a dog Aao, I think to her, anything furry is an “Aao”).

As she’s still a baby, she doesn’t quite know how to stroke a cat. When she’s stroking Rusty, she gets very ‘geram’ and will actually press on Rusty too hard, or she’ll pull some of his hair out in her excitement.

Rusty is a very timid and shy cat. Even after being with us for 2 years, he’s still very shy with daddy, and only let Tuyam and myself handle him. Because of the way Zara handles him, Rusty is very fearful of Zara Every time the little girl goes near him and goes “Aao!” “Aao!” calling him, he’ll try to run into hiding.
This is one of the rare moments where I got Rusty to stay put so that Zara can pat him, and I try to teach her to be as gentle as possible. Rusty too have to learn how to accept Zara as one of the family members.

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