Effect of Working From Home & Self Defence

November 7, 2008 at 12:01 pm

This only happens if you work from home full time.

I have a week’s training to conduct in a KL hotel so on last Sunday, I told Zara I wasn’t going to be at home for the week, and will only see her in the night.
Zara : “Mummy I want to go with you.”
Me : “No, you can’t. Mummy is working and you cannot be in the (function) room with mummy.”
Zara : “I can wait for you downstairs.” (recalling the security guard didn’t allow her to go into our office previously)
Me : “Mummy is not going there for a short while, mummy has to be there for the whole day. Anyway, uncle Chintan (my colleague from Sydney whom we met 2 weeks ago) is also going to be there.”
Zara : “Uncle Chintan is just your small boss (which I told her when we met him during his earlier visit), you don’t have to listen to him right?”
Me : “But mummy’s big boss also asked mummy to go to the hotel to work.”
Zara : (knowing she’s not winning) “You know mummy, if you are not at home, I cannot sleep properly.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

As for Zaria, she’s getting quite good with self defence.
When she tried to touch a forbidden object, I told her I’ll ‘flick’ her hand if she tried to.
Zaria : “Don’t shoot.”
Me : “If you are yai-yai (Cantonese : naughty), and you touch it, mummy will shoot you. How will mummy shoot you?”
Zaria : “With arrows!”

Once when she let go of my hand and ran to the middle of the road, I picked her up and smack her buttock, telling her what she did was dangerous.
Zaria : “Don’t! Don’t smack my buttocks!”

And every time when she gets hold of a toy, and Zara starts reaching for it too, Zaria shouted, “Don’t snatch. Che-che, Don’t snatch!”.

Zara says – Be Happy, Positive Thinking

October 9, 2008 at 11:41 pm

When we were at St Anne’s, I’m not sure what happened but Zara suddenly started to sulk and no matter how I tried to coax her, it didn’t help. So I let her be and walked away.

She followed me closely, but I let her be and didn’t try to say things to make her happy any more. She suddenly stopped me and said, “Mummy, be happy.”
I replied, “How to be happy? Bring you for holidays then you want to sulk for no reason.”
She answered back, “Mummy, this is a church. You come to church you must be happy. Come, be happy.” o.O”
(I think this is her way of ‘recovering’ from the situation without explaining why she sulked earlier on).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was just saying out loud to myself, “Aigh, I’m old already.”
Zara heard and then quickly came over to tell me, “Mummy, don’t say you are old ok? If you say you are old, then you’ll be old. You must say you are young, then you’ll be young. Next time you better say you are young. Don’t say you are old ok?” o.U
(This is her advice on ‘positive thinking’)

Man, she’s turning into a ‘sin-ka’ (仙家, Cantonese sarcasm for a ‘sage’)

The Things Zara Said – Wise advice

August 25, 2008 at 9:33 am

Sometimes, we have to take it from her.

♥Language Police♥

Daddy is trying to get rid of all the LAs, MAs, WUTs, MEHs in Zara’s English. And eventually after enough drilling, she promised Daddy she’ll drop them.

When she accidentally used them, she’ll say, “Rubbish. Ptui Ptui *pretending to spit*” Before rephrasing it to remove the LAs, MAs, WUTs, MEHs.

And when I use them, she’ll be correcting me, “Mummy, in English there’s no MEHs ok? If you use that, nobody will understand you in England” (sounding exactly like Daddy).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


We were stuck in a jam in a parking lot of a mall, caused by a group of people trying to change the tyre of a car. They didn’t have a jack, and guess what they did? About 6 of them lifted the car up for the 7th person to install the spare tyre.

Daddy got real grouchy because of the jam : “Idiots!”
Zara : “Idiot is a really bad word, you shouldn’t say it.”
Daddy : “But they are idiots. I cannot BELIEVE what they are doing.”
Zara *sage-like* : “If you think about it long enough, you’ll believe it.”
Daddy’s mood change with her remark : “Zara, I like what you’d just said. If I think long enough, yeah, maybe I’ll believe them. Can I use what you’d said at work?”
Zara *still sage-like* : “No. These are my words, you cannot use them.”
Any traces of foul mood has been removed from Daddy while he laughed away at the wise daughter’s remark.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

♥Our Marriage Counsellor♥

Now, we don’t mean to quarrel in front of the kids, but Daddy and I both have very strong temper, and when we’re unhappy about each other, we’ll raise our voice at each other.

Once, Zara was in the car with us, she said wisely in the middle of our argument trying to make herself heard, “You know or not? Family are supposed to love one another!”

Another occasion, I was angry with Daddy, and told Zara Daddy made me angry. Zara went to Daddy and said, “Dad, you must love mummy like last time. Make mummy love you back”

The Things Zara Said – Low Quality Food, Magic Marker, Breasts and Haze

August 7, 2008 at 9:33 pm

At 3 years 8 months, Zara weigh 13Kg, and she’s 105cm tall.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

My weeks seem shorter these days because of the amount of things to do at work. I’m glad to have the girls entertain me and help me to destress.

These 2 weeks, these are some of the things Zara said that tickled me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

On school snack.
Zara never eats the snacks in school, she always eats the Baby Bites or Jacob biscuit that we packed for her. On the way home I asked her what she ate in school, and she told me the food from home.
“What did your school served today for snack?”
“Chicken rice.”
“Chicken rice? How come you didn’t eat the chicken rice? I thought you like chicken rice.”
“Because the chicken they used is low quality chicken; and you know, it’s so boring, they only used salt and pepper to cook the chicken.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

On her being naughty.
“If you don’t behave, I’ll put a black mark on the calender. When there are 20 black marks on the calender, I’m going to buy a cane.”
“I’ll buy a magic eraser from Teacher Pauline (her class teacher), and I’ll rub away the black mark. Then no more black marks on the calender.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

On breasts
“Now I only have nipples, so small.”
“When you are a big girl, then your breasts will grow”
“Yah, my breasts will pooooooffffttttttt puff up like puffer fish” And she cupped her breasts, then extended her arm.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

On haze
While driving her home from school, pointed to her the hazy surrounding.
“Look Zara, the whole place is so hazy.”
“I think God is wearing glasses, so every thing is blur.”

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