Buka Puasa Stalls

October 9, 2005 at 6:32 pm

Yesterday, I sms-ed one of my Malay colleague who happened to live in the same residential area as me to see if he knew of the nearest buka puasa (break fast) stall. He told me to head on to the Stadium.

After Zara woke from her nap at about 5pm+, we drove there to check out the place. This is the first time I’m glad to be living in Shah Alam (that’s the greedy me speaking). The whole Stadium Shah Alam car park has been converted to a wai-sek-guy (greedy street). 3 long rows of stalls, selling all kinds of Malay goodies.

The whole place was packed with vendors and customers. You can smell the aroma of satay, percik and grill fish in the air, I could feel the gastric juice in my stomach churning, mouth salivating, seeing the different kinds of food, kueh/cakes, colourful drinks (a turn-off for me). This is Gastronomic heaven! I just don’t know how our Muslim friends could walk in here, and not feel tortured, able to buy these goodies but could only eat this in an hour or so when they break fast.

We bought some raw dates, they were lovely, plum and sweet. We were eating the dates while walking and shopping for more goodies. Zara loved it too, she was taking big bites from my hand. Daddy then reminded that we should respect our Muslim friends, and should not eat here while they have not broken fast yet. I quickly fed Zara the last chunk of the date, and kept the rest for later.

We smelled a very strong whisp of santan (coconut milk) in the air, following the scent, it led us to this stall, with stack of steamer steaming nasi lemak (coconut milk rice). There were lots of people packing their nasi (rice) from the stall, we thought it must be pretty good, so we bought 3 packs as well for dinner.

After that, I had to queue at an ayam percik (barbequeu spiced chicken) stall to get some ayam percik. There were so many people waiting for their order to be fulfilled. Workers fanning away at the many charcoal stoves at the back of the stall, the whole place was smokey but smelled yummy. I asked Daddy to go ahead and bring Zara out of here first since it was too smokey for her, while I waited. I ordered 3 wings, and since many people ordered drumsticks, the first skewer of roasted wings went to me.

That night, we feasted on the nasi lemak and ayam percik (there were really good), while poor Zara had poridge cooked with watercrest soup. We all liked what we had, including Zara.

2nd Tag

October 6, 2005 at 6:46 pm

This Tag is easier, it’s from YL :

List 10 things that bring you a moment of joy. Tag 5 friends to do the same.

Simple things bring me joy, and I count my blessing everyday, especially when I see Zara lie next to me. Still (to complete this tag) here they are :

1. Waking up with Zara next to me
2. Knowing I’d given birth to a healthy Zara, when I see her
3. Sniffing Zara (some how, she smells like a candy)
4. Getting a hug or kiss from Zara, or having her head lean on me
5. Seeing Zara enjoy herself
6. Being close to nature (waterfalls, beach, mountains, woods)
7. Driving along a scenic route in US with a Never Lost GPS
8. Visiting a wet or street market in a foreign country
9. Enjoying a good meal at my own pace (now it has become a rare luxury, as Daddy & I always have to eat fast, so that we can take turns to look after Zara)
10. Cooking a good meal, and seeing friends or Zara enjoying it

And I’m going to tag :
1) Seng Kor (what brings you joy besides …..)
2) Dinah
3) Mei
4) Jasmine
5) Jefferene

Sue, I’ll give you a pass on this. I know being pregnant, you need the rest. 😛
Egghead, you are busy preparing for the bloggers’ meet, I also give you a pass. *curtsy*

1st Tag

October 6, 2005 at 1:54 pm

(it says 1st here because there’s another one coming)

Sue tagged me on 23rd September, I have promised to do my ‘homework’, but found it difficult to come out with 7 of everything. But anyway, here it is:

7 things I plan to do before I die :
1) Visit Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Sahara Dessert, Ayers Rock with Zara & Daddy
2) Read all the books I bought (during those warehouse sales)
3) Watch all the VCDs/DVDs I bought from pasar malam/night market
4) Go Tracking in East Malaysia, track to the Pinacles, and climb Mount Kinabalu again.
5) Spend a month in a beautiful island
6) Take 1 year off work to spend time doing things I want to do
7) Take up an international cooking and baking class (Switzerland if got the $)
**wow (*hand slap forehead*), out of the 7 items 5 of them also need a lot of $$$$. 🙁

7 things I could do :
1) Learn to be a better mummy
2) Learn to be a patient wife
3) Help some poor and needy (via donation or volunteer work)
4) Not to swear in the presence of Zara
5) Move to a property within a gated community ($ again)
6) Work part time so that I can spend more time with Zara (looks like hard to achieve liao)
7) Find time to work out

7 celebrity crushes:
1) Brad Pitt
2) James Caviezel
3) Jackie Cheung
4) David Tao
5) Lihom
6) Hideki Saijo ???? (when I was a teenager)
7) Hiroyuki Sanada ???? (when I was a teenager. He looks so old already in Last Samurai)
**3, 4, 5 are not really ‘crush’ but I admire their talent

7 often repeated words/phrase:
1) Shit
2) nia seng
3) celaka
4) I love you (to Zara)
5) bloody
6) aiyoh
7) stupid

7 physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1) penetrating eyes
2) tall
3) nice luscious hair
4) good skin
5) big hands
6) nice smile
7) big frame (to protect me)
**wa, fits Daddy’s description

7 tags go to :
1) YL (you scratch my back, I scratch your back la, 2nd tag will be yours)
2) Ethylyn’s mama
3) Damien’s mama (sorry hor, need you to do another tag)

I’ll spare the rest with the easier tag.

If you don’t do also never mind la.. but it’s nice to know these *SEVENs* from you.

Just Photos

October 3, 2005 at 10:08 pm

A colleague who took beautiful photographs for her sons gave me this tip on photography

Simple tips of taking good shot of children with any camera is to “GET CLOSER”. Moving closer eliminates all the distracting elements in the background and show a more intimate picture of your subject.

I took her advice and over the weekend tried to shoot some close up photos of Zara, and yes, the result is amazing.

Zara’s hand in mine.

Our feet. I like the shot Dinah took with Ashley. Here’s my version.

Zara sucking on her thumb in her cot early Sunday morning.

Zara staring at the TV, watching her favourite VCD, Wheels On the Bus

Still staring at the TV.

Here she is, playing with the toys on her walker.

Tempatation – Sales

September 30, 2005 at 1:45 pm

Already told myself many times Zara has enough clothes (mostly from Reject Shop and FOS), and toys, and I should not buy any more things for her.

Was in Bangsar Shopping Centre during lunch just now. Walked passed Mother Care, and saw some racks with 50% discount sign.

Hmmm.. hands itchy.

After lunch, quickly went there to have a look. In the 15mins, ended up buying her
1) a set of pants and t-shirt
2) a t-shirt
3) a pack of socks (5 pairs)

All these for ~RM80. Too pretty and good bargain, can’t resist.

I have to remind myself again, no more buying compulsively.

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