Homeschooling Zaria?

July 30, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Conversation in the car yesterday when we talked about confirming Zaria’s placing in Zara’s school.

Me : So mei, next year you are going to jiejie’s school, ok?
Zaria : No. I don’t want to go to jiejie’s school. Because there’s bees and rotan (Malay : Cane) in her school. I want to go to English school (Zara spotted bees in her school and told Zaria about it)
Me : We cannot afford English school. So you either go Chinese school or Malay school. So which one do you want? Chinese or Malay?
Zaria : English
Me : You can only choose Malay or Chinese?
Zaria : English
Me : But we don’t have money to send you to English school. So how? You want to stop going to school?
Zaria : No. Then I want to be in home school.
Me : Who’s going to teach you?
Zaria : You.
Me : But I’m so fierce. You want me to teach you?
Zaria : Daddy.. Daddy then.
Dad : But daddy sometimes not around.
Zaria : Daddy teach(es) me when Daddy is home. When he’s not home, mummy teach(es) me.
(she has it all planned out).

Later I asked her.
Me : Do you know what is home school?
Zaria : A house that gives you homework.

Not sure if this one will reject Chinese school next year. Sigh.

The Love Of Blonde

July 11, 2012 at 12:36 pm

To train the girls to clean up their plates during meal times, like all Chinese, I tell them that leaving rice grains or pieces of meat behind will make their husbands/boyfriends have scars, pimples, pork mark on their faces.

Every time when I say this to Zaria, she’ll reply, “But I’m not getting married.”
And I’ll ask, “What if your boy friend got it then?”
She’ll reply, “I’m not going to have a boy friend too. Remember, I told you I don’t want to get married and I don’t want to have boy friend?”

So this becomes our standard meal time conversation.


Then one day, Zara watched Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend on Youtube, and Zaria joined in.

That night, the dinner conversation changed. It started with the same thing with me telling her to clean her plate or her husband or boy friend will be porky face. Then the below conversation took place :
Zaria : But I’m not getting married, and I’m not having a boy friend, remember?
But she still cleaned her plate, and added : What if my boy friend or husband is Justin Bieber?”
Me : o.O”
Zaria : (giggled) Yah… hee hee hee.. He’s blonde and he’s so handsome.
Me : o.O” So, actually you want to have boy friend and you want to get married. But you want your husband or boy friend to be a handsome blonde?
Zaria : (giggled) Yah… hee hee hee.. And you know.. even in Harry Potter show, I like Malfoy.
Me : (just to tease her) Oh, What about Dumbledore?
Zaria : Dumbledore is not blonde, he’s grey! (so smart this one)
Me : Ohh….
Zaria : Actually I like blonde. And I also like Australian. You know like the men in High5 shows? They have light brown hair, and handsome.
Me : Ohh….

o.O” So she likes kwai-lou or kwai-zai larrrrr…

(and she just told me, “Justin Bieber sounds like somebody is pinching his hand when he sings Boyfriend right, mummy?”) o.O”

My Age and When She Becomes A Mom

June 27, 2012 at 9:04 pm

We had this conversation the other day when Zaria asked me how old I was.
Zaria : How old are you mummy?
Me : Me? 15.
Zaria : (suspicious) The number is so little.
Me : Ya. Because I’m not that old really.
Zaria : (a little convinced) Oh…
….. then she thought for a while.
Zaria : (a bit worried) So when you are 18, you are going to leave us and go to college?
Zara : Mommy is just pulling your legs. How can she be so young!
Awww.. when they are older, they become less gullible.

Over dinner on Sunday.
Zaria : I don’t like fried bee hoon. BUEK.. so horrible… BUEK.(always exaggerating)
Me : If you don’t like fried bee hoon, you can have a dumpling. Your choice.
Zaria : I don’t like dumpling too! I don’t want to eat dinner. I want to drink milo.
Me : (not giving in) If you don’t finish your beehoon, nobody is allowed to make you milo or give you milk, and you cannot have any snacks after that. Anybody give you snacks or make you a drink, I’m going to cane that person! And if you got so hungry in the night and start shivering, I won’t give you anything to eat as well, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow breakfast! So your choice. Eat your dinner or go hungry for the rest of the day.
Zaria : (started eating reluctantly) Next time if I was (were) a mummy, I’m going to let my children eat anything they want. I won’t say (change her voice to higher pitch) YOU MUST EAT THIS… YOU MUST EAT THAT…..
So lets see what she will do next time when she becomes a mom.
And she did ‘force’ herself to finish her dinner and then went on and had all the other snacks she wanted.

Kids Say The Darndest Things – Zaria May’s Chitter Chatter

May 31, 2012 at 11:26 pm

These are the things she said in May that raised my eye brow, or put a smile to my face (although I have to pretend I’m not amused).

Zaria made a mother’s day card for me but she can’t recall where she’s placed it.
Asked her to search.
She said can’t find (without moving her butt).
Me : Go help mommy find please.
Zaria : *moved her butt reluctantly* Find until I become an old lady is it?

About cars and money.
Zaria : I like your car more than Ah-Gu’s car (BMW)
Me : Why?
Zaria : B’cos your car is a bit more simple than Ah Gu, and you can save money.
Me : Save money for what?
Zaria : For your wedding dress.
Me : *laughed* But I’m already married.
Zaria : Then maybe save money for Zaria’s shop then. (she’s always very jealous of Zara having so many shops named after her, and found in all big shopping malls).

Zaria : Why is Ah Gu so rich?
Me : You ask him next time you see him
Zaria : Maybe he studied very hard when he was young
Me : Maybe
Zaria : And he work very hard when he’s older
Me : What about mummy? Mummy doesn’t work hard? How come I’m not rich?
Zaria : You.. you spend time playing with Bug Village (iPad game which I checked 4 times daily) only.

Zaria : Next time when I’m older.. I’ll buy a BMW.
Me : Oh.. will you give me a ride in your BMW?
Zaria : By then, you are dead already. o.O”
Me : I won’t be dead so early.
Zaria :Then you’ll be an old nenek (granny)? Yah.. I can drive you.. o.O”

On a day where her Yamaha class was cancelled.
Zaria : Why is my class cancelled.
Me : Ms Tan has to take a day of holiday
Zaria : Why does she want to take a holiday?
Me : (simply pick a reason) Maybe her daughter is having exams, so she needs to do revision with her?
Zaria : Oh.. you mean now she’s at home shouting at her daughter?
(revision == mom shouting at daughter… now you know how it’s like during Zara’s revision) o.O”

Zaria : I love you mum
Me : I love you too Zaria
Zaria : If you love me, why you scold me, pinch me, smack me and give me chili to eat then? Huh?

On the way home from school.
Me : Zaria, what songs did you sing in Parent’s Day last year?
Zaria : I cannot remember.
Me : I cannot remember too.
Zaria : I know, you can go to google, and then type Zaria, and then you’ll get the answer…. Wait, not Zaria. Because if you type Zaria, then all the things about other Zaria will come out. You have to type Zaria Low, then you’ll find the answer about me.

Zaria before playing the iPad (she likes watching those MTV with skimpily dressed dancers/singers)
Zaria : No sexy shows right?
Me : Yes.
Zaria : Then why did God create Lady Gaga? o.O”

The diarrhea bout I had early this month has made me lost some weight, so I could squeeze into the dress that I wore as my friend’s bride’s maid.
Me : Do I look nice? I wore this as Auntie Ping Ping’s bride’s maid.
Zara : You looked puffed up now. o.O”
Zaria : You mean you were Auntie Ping Ping’s maid? Her kakak? Cleaning all the mess after her wedding? (maid to her is domestic helper) o.O”

Kids Say The Darndest Things – Zara’s and Zaria’s Chitter Chatter

May 11, 2012 at 9:18 pm

I love re-reading some of my old posts about the things the girls, recently however, instead of putting in a blog post, I put it on Facebook instead.

Just so I don’t miss some of their witty conversation, I’d better jot them down here too. These were some of their witty remarks earlier this year (I remember because I either put it on paper or update Facebook), some taken from Facebook status.

In Jan
She gave me the paper doll she created in her art class.
Zaria : Since I give you my dolly, you have to give me something.
Me : I give you my love.
Zaria : I don’t want any part of your body.
Me : I’m giving you my love. Not my body.
Zaria : Your love is from your body right? I don’t want any part of your body. o.O”

Caught Zaria watching Xmen2.
Me : I thought I told you no more Xmen show?
Zaria : But I remember in this show they didn’t say “kiss that, bitch” so I can watch right? o.O

If you’d been to the busy shops in SS15, you’ll notice near Mc Donald’s, there’s a dodgy place called Momo Hime Japanese Lounge. We passed by one night, and Zara said she wanted to check out the place.
Me : No, you can’t go there, because it’s a place for people and do hanky panky things
Zara : What’s hanky panky?
Me : When a man wants to go and date another woman who’s not his wife
Zara : You mean they go there to mate? o.O”
Possibly.. but I don’t know.

Zaria is very good with giving threats earlier this year. i.e.
If you don’t buy me the crown, I won’t let you take photo of me.
If you don’t XYZ, I won’t talk to you for 13yrs. o.O”
If you don’t …., I won’t ….. etc etc etc

Zaria asked over dinner one day. “How come in adult shows, they don’t just kiss one time, they go muak muak muak muak muak (pouting her lips she tilted her head left, then right, then left)”…. o.O”

In Mar during our holidays in Singapore;
Zaria saw so many Zara shops there, so she complained, “So not fair, every where there’s jiejie’s shop!”
Then she thought of an idea, “I want to change my name. I want my name to be Unique. So I’ll have lots of shops as well.”
(Their sirname is Low…. so Unique+Low = Uniqlo.) o.O

In Mar when I was maidless for a month.
Asked Zaria to peel garlic and onion for me.
Me : Zaria, can you please help me to peeeeeeel…………. (3s and the word is still not out)
Zaria : Onion is it?
Me : Yes. Make sure you peel them on top of tttthhhhe ………… (3s passed)
Zaria : Newspaper. Mummy, why are you loosing your words? Are you going crazy
Yes.. almost. Luckily it was only for a month.

One day, Zara kept interrupting me at work to help her with her homework. On the way to school..
Me : Next time you have to do whatever you know how to do first, then whatever you don’t, ask me at one go. I need to work you know. I cannot be interrupted so many times.
Zara : You have the whole day to do your work.
Me : It’s not a matter of whole day or not. If my boss wants something in the morning, I have to give it to him in the morning.
Zara : At least your boss don’t cane you. o.O”

Nov Chitter Chatter – Zaria

December 11, 2011 at 5:51 pm


At the egg stall in the market, she touched the stacked up eggs and the vendor told her don’t touch, after the eggs will break in Cantonese.
I told her, “Auntie asked you not to touch, after the eggs break.”
She frowned, put her hand down and said, “When people hold eggs, do they just break?” o.O”
(true, eggs don’t break just because we touch or hold them)

In a bad mood, we moved to the fish monger. A few people were crowded around a pail. I went over and took a peek. It was a big live Ikan Haruan (Sang Yue/生鱼) still swimming in the pail.
I exclaimed, “Wow!”
Zaria took a look at the pail then rolled her eyes, “It’s only a fish, why you WOW for.” o.O”


I picked up a small soft toy someone dropped at a busy train station. I asked the girls to do ‘paper, scissor, stone’ and see who can get the soft toy.
Zaria lost. So I gave the soft toy to Zara.
Zaria was angry, she snatched the soft toy from Zara and tossed it to the ground.
I picked it up, smacked her hand, and then passed the toy back to Zara.
Not even after a minute, Zaria asked Zara, “Can I put make up for your doll or not?”
(Good that she recovers very quickly. That’s her, quick to get angry, quick to cool down)

When we were buying Zara her birthday present in ToysRus, Zaria too wanted us to get her a toy dog grooming set as her advance birthday present. We issued warnings to her, i.e. once we got her that, she won’t be able to ask for another present when it’s her birthday. Of course she agreed to it.
A couple of weeks later, she saw another toy she wanted to get.
Me : “You already got the grooming set for your birthday. So no more present for you.
Zaria : “Actually, I didn’t want to get THAT, but my body wants me to get it. But this is what I really want.” o.O”

Zaria playing with the toy her ‘body’ asked her to buy

Zaria playing with the toy her 'body' asked her to buy

7 Year Olds’ Friendship

November 25, 2011 at 2:58 pm

7 year olds’ friendship is sooooo fragile.

One day it’s like this :
Friends Forever(from Chloe to Zara)

Another day it’s this :
Breaking Up letter(they have a disagreement in the car today and talked about breaking up)

Mind her spelling, she just started reading and writing independantly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Another incident unrelated to the above.

I met my secondary school mate in Midvalley one day, and I told the girls she’s my BFF.
Zaria said, “Huh? I’d never seen her before. How can she be your BFF? BFF is supposed to see each other everyday.”

Me and BFFs definitely need to meet up more frequently.

Holiday Chitter Chatter Part 2

September 9, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Angry Birds in Penang

(continue from here)

When we stopped over in Ipoh for breakfast, we told the girls Ipoh is famous for beautiful girls.
Zaria asked, “Where can we see them? Can you bring us to see them?” (like they are some zoo animals)
We ate in this coffee shop, and it was mainly operated by elderly people.
I overheard Zara told Zaria, “Ipoh girls all old ladies only wut.”

When in Penang, there are 2 eateries that we’ll never miss. Nonya Breeze, and Jalan Siam Char Kuey Teow.
After an extremely satisfying dinner at the Jalan Siam Char Kuey Teow stall, seeing that the stall owners (father and son team) were less busy as it was the end of business day, both Daddy and myself went up to them and chatted a bit as well as praised them.
“Your char kuey teow is the best!” We told them.
When we went back the following day for another plate of char kuey teow, it wasn’t as satisfying, as I think the uncle put too much chilli in ours. And the girls too thought their plate of chilli-free kuey teow wasn’t as good as the night before.

We went to Nonya Breeze twice as well this round. Once for dinner, and once for lunch. It was good both times. We had this conversation in the car.
Daddy : We should have just eaten the char kuey teow once. Too much of a good thing is not good
Me : No not true, we ate Nonya Breeze twice and both were equally good.
Daddy : Hmm, yeah, why huh?
Zara : That’s because the char kuey teow man is a show off
Me : Huh?
Zara : Ya. You went and said his char kuey teow was good right the 1st time? So he became arrogant. That’s why 2nd time not so good already. Nonya Breeze you didn’t tell them their food was good, so they just continue to do what they do.
(She believes that I shouldn’t praise her too, or she’ll be too proud. So everytime when I say played a piano piece well, or her drawing is nice, she’ll put her index finger on her lips and said, “sssssh..”)

On our way back from Penang, I told the girls, “So girls, we’d spent all our money in Penang. I guess we don’t have money for other holidays anymore.”
Zara replied, “You don’t lie to me. You only spend your Penang money. You still have Hong Kong money, Singapore money and other money you haven’t spent yet.”
I went, “Huh?”
Zara said, “Ya, you only spent your Penang dollar. Your Singapore dollar and Hong Kong dollar you didn’t use wutt. You don’t try to lie to me, ok.”
Have to work on her money concept, this one.

Holiday Chitter Chatter Part 1

September 5, 2011 at 5:13 pm

I took off a couple of days last week, so that we can spend the girls’ school holidays together, and also go on our yearly trip to Penang.

Here are some conversations worthy to mention on our trip.

It was a wet day when we travelled to Penang. When we passed by the limestone hills in Ipoh, the girls saw the fluff of clouds floating around the hills. Zaria said, “Look, God’s spirit is everywhere.” o.O”

We talked about sleeping arrangement in the car. As Zaria has been really naughty the past few days, I told her, “I think I’ll sleep with jiejie, and Zaria can sleep with Daddy.”
She replied, “If I sleep with daddy, I’ll kungfu his kukujiao (Chinese : penis)” o.O”

Girls in Penang

We stayed in Traders Hotel in Penang. Every time when we turned on the TV, the Shangrila Hotel channel will come out first, showing the various Shangrila Hotels and Resorts world wide.
I commented one day, “These places are soooo nice, I wish I could go to these hotels to stay. Too bad your Daddy is not rich.”
Zara replied, “It’s not that he’s not rich. He’s cheap.” o.O”
Oh my, wonder what gave her that idea, but we had a good laugh hearing her reply.

Zaria told me later that when she’s older, she’ll bring me for holidays, and stay in those hotels. She said “I’ll bring you to Paris, and Italy.”
While swimming at the hotel pool, I asked Zaria to remove her float and tried to swim without (since she’s been attending swimming class for a month now).
She refused even after lots of persuation.
So I told her, “Next time when mummy is old, and you bring me for holidays, what if I fall into the sea, and you don’t know how to swim, then who’s going to save me?”
Zaria replied, “We are going to Paris. There’s no sea right?”
I told her in Paris there’s River Seine, a big river.
She then asked, “What about Italy? Is there river?”
I told her Italy is surrounded by the sea.
She thought for a while longer. “I think you go to Italy and Paris with jiejie (because Zara knows how to swim) then. I bring you to Ipoh.” o.O”

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