Lombok Part 6 – Beautiful Jeeva Klui

January 28, 2013 at 12:59 am

Continues from here.

♥November 30th♥

The last day of our holiday in Lombok, and both Zara and I woke up 6am+ when it was already bright outside. She wanted to go to the pool, while I wanted to walk around the beach.

So we compromised. Beach first, pool later.

It was a lovely day to explore the beautiful grounds of Jeeva Klui and Klui Beach.

A lost crab found in the gardenCrab in Jeeva Klui garden

When I tried to bring it out to the beach, it started frothing. Wonder if it’s a reaction of anger, or fearCrab frothing

A lone fishermanKlui Beach

Water at Klui Beach is very clear, and corals can be found near the shoreClear Water at Klui Beach

Mossy rock at the tide poolTide Pool at Klui Beach

Girls searching for clams at the tide poolsTide Pools at Klui Beach

Local warongs at Klui Beach which were abandoned on that dayWarong at Klui Beach

Abandoned Warong at Klui Beach

Around Klui Beach

Cows gracing near Klui BeachCows around Klui Beach

Very soft and fine black volcanic sand.Volcanic Black Sand At Klui Beach

Beautiful and serene Klui BeachPantai Klui

Footprints of a Bird or Chicken?Bird foot prints on Klui Beach

Jeeva Klui has a couple of these pavilions for sunbathers in the day, and romantic dinners in the night.Jeeva Klui

Jeeva Klui

House keeper in Jeeva KluiJeeva Klui

Outdoor seating at the Restaurant. Not many early risers, hence it was totally empty.Restaurant at Jeeva Klui

Zaria and Daddy joined us an hour later for breakfast, and of course, Zaria wanted to spend time at the pool too. So the girls had pool side breakfast.

My breakfast, Nasi GorengBreakfast at Jeeva Klui - Nasi Gorent

Daddy’s breakfast, soft boiled eggsBreakfast at Jeeva Klui - Soft boiled eggs

Zara’s breakfast, omeletteBreakfast at Jeeva Klui - omelette

Zara having breakfast at Jeeva Klui

Zaria’s breakfast, french toastsBreakfast at Jeeva Klui - French Toasts

Zaria having breakfast at Jeeva Klui

The girls spent some time at the pool and then we had to return to the room to pack.

Our souvenir from Lombok – some seashells and dead corals swept to the beach. The red corals are from Pink Beach, which gave the beach there a pink hue.Souvenir from Lombok

We are so going to miss Lombok, Jeeva Beloam, and beautiful Jeeva Klui.

The spacious verendah of our roomJeeva Klui Verendah

Jeeva Klui Verendah

The spacious toilet areaJeeva Klui toilet

The shower area in the roomJeeva Klui shower cubicle

Everything here is so beautiful, even the Do Not Disturb and Make Up Room Sign.
Jeeva Klui - Do Not Disturb Sign

Jeeva Klui - Make Up Room Sign

This was one of the best holidays we’d been on. Lombok is such a gem, we’d definitely return, maybe next year.

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