Zaria’s Chitter Chatter April

May 6, 2011 at 8:49 pm

Little Chilli Padi

Some of these I’d had put up on Facebook, but here is to put everything on 1 page.

Now although I’m a born Catholic, I rarely go to church, which means the girls too don’t go to church except the 2 times we went to attend my grandfather’s funeral service, and his memorial service.
One Sunday, I just felt like going to church, and I brought the girls along.
After a few minutes in the church, Zaria asked, “Nobody’s dead. So why are we here?” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Most churches nowadays do have some sort of band, so the one that we went to is no exception. After attending that mass, we drove passed the mosque on a Friday and Zaria asked why there were so many cars parked along the road.
I explained to her that people are going to the mosque to play.
She asked, “Do they have a band in the mosque?” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The was a particular week that she was extremely naughty.
I said to her, “these few days you very naughty huh?”
Zaria was quiet for a moment, then added, “Yeah yeah yeah, if you want to go to another country (remembering my Hong Kong trip), just go then. I still need you but if you don’t need me, you just go ahead and do it.” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Over dinner, Zaria licked pieces of food fr the common dish, so I threatened to smack her if she did it again. She frowned and said You have a beautiful child and you want smack her?” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zaria kept asking for a chick as a pet after her visit to the Bird’s Park.
I told her, “Do you know chicks will grow up to be chickens? And what will you do when they are no longer cute and become chickens?”
She replied, “Then I fry it and eat it.” o.O” Talk about loyalty.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We had a casual talk about growing old.
Zaria : “I don’t want you to grow old mom.”
Me : “But I’m going to grow old…. So what will you do when I grow old?”
Zaria : “I’ll push you into the river.” o.O”
Zara who over heard this chipped in : “You cannot push mommy into the river. You have to take care of her when she’s old.”
Zaria : “Ok then, I won’t push you into the river, I’ll bring you to jiejie’s house and she can take care of you.” o.O”
A couple of days later, I asked her if she really meant to put me in jiejie’s house, and she won’t look after me when I was old.
Zaria replied “I can always go and visit you, ok?” o.O”
Talk about filial peity.

Sisterly Love

February 9, 2011 at 4:07 pm

At times the girls get along beautifully, at times, they fight like they are the worst enemies. I guess this is the same in most housewhole.

Girls Sharing an ice cream

We notice that Zara sometimes can be a big bully. When she wants something Zaria is holding, she’ll snatch from her, without asking. She doesn’t do that to her friends, this ‘rudeness’ is only reserved for her sister.

Zaria on the other hand, blames Zara for everything!
When she fell once in the living room, immediately she said, “Jiejie make me fall.”
I went o.O” because I saw the whole thing. I asked her how could have Zara caused her to fall as Zara was siting on the sofa far from her.
She replied, “Just because jiejie moved the sofa, so I don’t know where to step.” (Zara repositioned the sofa earlier on, but the sofa was far from where Zaria tripped and fell on her own). o.O

Another time, Zara accidentally stepped on Zaria’s feet. Immediately, the accusation began, “Jiejie stepped on me.” Then she checked her toes. “Jiejie stepped on me now my toes cannot straighten already.” o.O”
(actually, she’s born with a toe slightly crooked, but she now blamed Zara for that)

~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~

When one of the girls are naughty, and we want to punish them, the other would quickly search for the cane, bring it right to us.

When Zaria is the naughty one, Zara happily fetch the cane for us to punish Zaria. However, she won’t allow us to carry out certain punishment on Zaria.
Once Zaria was really naughty, i.e. she smacked Daddy when Daddy scolded her, when Daddy smacked her, she kicked Daddy repeatedly, and then she wailed loudly non-stop.
I wanted to put her outside the house (within the compound), and Zara blocked my way, claiming, “Even when Zaria is naughty, you cannot put her outside of the house. What if bad people catch her?”
I pushed past her and got Zaria to stand outside.
Zara was standing at the door, watching and guarding over Zaria, and kept turning to glare at us. She got so upset and angry, she didn’t want to talk to us for a while after that.

When Zara is the naughty one, Zaria would somehow behaved really well, and then tell us something like jiejie is so naughty, but she’s so good girl. o.O”
When we punished Zara, and Zara started crying, Zaria will be fetching tissues to wipe Zara’s tears, and then will be hugging Zara.

This is the way they show their sisterly love.

Girls’ Chitter Chatter Jan 2011

January 26, 2011 at 5:41 pm

One day, on our way home from school, Zara was exceptionally quiet while her car pool friends were shouting chatting away.
I asked her if everything was alright or if anything happened in school.
She sighed a big sigh, “I’m so bored in being me.”
I asked her why did she say that? Why is she feeling bored.
She replied, “Just because every day I have to repeat everything I do.”
I have to explain to her life is full of routines, just like us, we have to wake up daily to work, pick the children up from school, etc.
She continued to keep quiet. Then after a few moments she told me, “But.. I’m best at being me. So, I’ll continue to be me.” And the smiles and chatter box returned. o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zaria was dancing ballet in the house. I had to warn her that she cannot try to walk with her toe pointed (Zara used to do that when she ‘danced’ the ballet).
Zaria replied, “Ya, only in cartoon you can do that right? Because in cartoon you can do anything.”
o.O” Well said.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zara attended a friend’s birthday party, and she wanted to wear her nicest dress, with lace, ribbons and sewn on sequins.
When she was there, she was playing and doing all kinds of funny stunts. She didn’t ruin the dress, but she was drenched in sweat at the end of the party. I told her in the car she shouldn’t have worn the beautiful dress, because she was playing like a troll crazy in the party.
She replied, “In a party, you are supposed to have fun and play right? Not sit around and do nothing!”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was writing this blog post, and reading aloud the content.
Zaria asked, “Are you telling your invisible friend about me?”
Indeed, my blog readers are my invisible friends.

School And Others

January 19, 2011 at 10:14 pm

It’s the 3rd week of school, so far, everybody is doing fine.

Lucky for me, there is another child, who lives nearby attending the same kindergarten as Zaria, so we have arranged to carpool, taking turns to either send or pick up the children.

And there are 2 other children across the street attending the same primary school as Zara, so again, we arranged to carpool.

I only have to make a trip to the kindergarten daily, and 3 trips a week to the primary school.

I’d also signed Zara up for extra curicular activities in school. Her Saturdays will be full. Starting the day at 8:30am to 4pm, Arts & Craft, Han Yu Pin Yin, Gymrama and Maths one after another. I only insisted she took Han Yu Pin Yin, the rest, it was her choice. And because the fee is cheap, I told her she can just join in, and if any time she found it stressing, she can drop off.

Last Saturday was the first time she went through a jam packed day, and when I asked her if things were ok at the end of the day, she said it was, and all the classes were fun. Which is a good sign. I think the mommy couldn’t take the stress from driving as much as she did. I was going to the school 3 times that day, to bring her to the next class and pay fee for that class etc. TIRED!

Just more than 2 weeks in school, she seems to have improved in Chinese. At least now, I can give her full instructinos in Chinese, and she can ‘translate’ the instruction back to me in English (I made her do it just to gauge her understanding). But she herself admitted she couldn’t do it the other way (translate English instructions to Chinese), not yet anyway.

As for Zaria, she’s doing fine in kindergarten without her jiejie, and she’s rather proud to be in 5 year old class now, holding her big homework pouch to school, and then back home. She’s started having homework, and so far, she only threw tantrum once, preferring to spend time on iPad instead of getting her homework done. One threat that I will send her back to 4yr old class, and she quickly picked up the pen, and did her homework (albeit sobbing).

I’d also started her on Yamaha JMC. She’s enjoying her class very much, she thinks her teacher is better than Zara’s (she follows me to Zara’s class sometimes), and always boasts about it. If you have children attending JMC, you’ll realise the first song they teach the children is the Happy Fingers song, and the children are supposed to stick each of their fingers out, thumb, pointer, middle, index and pinky. Here is what Zaria said about finger number 4 (ring man), “Finger number 4 is so stupid and stubborn, don’t know how to stand up.”

Zaria helping Finger number 4 'stand'

These girls, they keep me busy, they keep me entertained.


January 3, 2011 at 11:27 pm

It’s back to school.. after a month’s off.
Zara to Standard One in a Chinese school and Zaria back to her kindergarten alone.

Her big bag and the books for 1 day (following time table)

Papparazzi parents

RM1 Canteen food

We went to school for orientation last Friday, to pay for her fees, collect her text books (from government) as well as to buy her work books.
The headmaster then had a communication session with the parents, while the kids got familiarised with the teachers.
The school is not too huge in size, there are 320 children in Standard One, out of which 80 are Malays (and our goverment is still in denial, not building enough Chinese schools).
She’s in a class with 38 others.
The amount of books she has is A LOT, so we had to get her a huge trolley bag (those of you with Trunkie, you can consider using that too. :P).
After orientation, I asked her, “So how? Are you ready for Standard 1?”
Zara replied, “I don’t think I’m ready yet.”
I asked her again, “Then how?”
She replied, “Well, I don’t think I can go back to kindergarten, so I’ll just have to handle.”
Big girl in deed.
(And no, her school doesn’t have the horrendous toilet mentioned here, they have squatting toilets which are pretty clean)
She doesn’t know anyone in her class, although some close friends of hers are in other classes (Standard 1 and 2); but this girl is sociable and she makes friends easily. I’m more worried about her Chinese than her ability to mix around.
1st day of school, she’s fine, even started swapping snacks with a friend she just got to know during recess. 🙂

Seing how much there is to Standard 1 (the big bag, the books, the coaching that Daddy is giving Zara on her BM), she said, “I don’t want to go to Standard 1, I want to be four years old forever!” o.O”

Asked if she wanted to go back to school, she said, “Go to school go to school, how many times more do I have to go to school? I like holidays more!” o.O”

But no fuss for her when she went to school, happy to meet her BFFs.

He only realised on the day of the orientation that there is no more English maths nor science, and Zara will be doing both subjects in Chinese.
How is Zara going to know the English terminologies? When all Chinese in China are trying to learn English, here we are sending our kids to learn Chinese.
These are his comments.
Do we have any alternatives? Malay school? Private school? But still these subjects are taught in Malay.
International school? Can we afford it?

Tired and Worried.
I have 1 attending school in morning, and another in the afternoon.
And a lot of people think working from home means you have all the time in the world to do all these chauffering, or homework coaching etc etc. As if.
Anyway, I’m doing some car pooling with neighbours.
I’m not trying to be kiasu, but the pressure is there; and because Chinese is not a language she’s comfortable with, am worried if she’s going to be held back due to the language.

Anyway, we shall see.

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