Zara’s Progress on The Keyboard

November 1, 2010 at 6:16 pm

Zara has been attending the Yamaha JMC class since last July. She has just started her Book 4 in October.

It was quite a struggle initially to get her to practice, and pay attention, but now, she seems to enjoy playing those musical pieces, and is quite motivated to practice.

She’s doing quite well in her keyboard playing, and she memorises all the musical pieces instead of reading the notes from the book when she plays. She’s still rather weak in note reading, and I hope she’ll pick up.

Occasionally, she even creates her own musical pieces; or adding the left hand chords herself when the teacher has only taught in class how to play the piece with one hand. Too bad her notes reading/writing is not very good, or I can ask her to start writing those notes down as she composed.

Here is a video playing The Little Red Shoe in her book 4, recorded 2 weeks back.

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