The Love Of Blonde

July 11, 2012 at 12:36 pm

To train the girls to clean up their plates during meal times, like all Chinese, I tell them that leaving rice grains or pieces of meat behind will make their husbands/boyfriends have scars, pimples, pork mark on their faces.

Every time when I say this to Zaria, she’ll reply, “But I’m not getting married.”
And I’ll ask, “What if your boy friend got it then?”
She’ll reply, “I’m not going to have a boy friend too. Remember, I told you I don’t want to get married and I don’t want to have boy friend?”

So this becomes our standard meal time conversation.


Then one day, Zara watched Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend on Youtube, and Zaria joined in.

That night, the dinner conversation changed. It started with the same thing with me telling her to clean her plate or her husband or boy friend will be porky face. Then the below conversation took place :
Zaria : But I’m not getting married, and I’m not having a boy friend, remember?
But she still cleaned her plate, and added : What if my boy friend or husband is Justin Bieber?”
Me : o.O”
Zaria : (giggled) Yah… hee hee hee.. He’s blonde and he’s so handsome.
Me : o.O” So, actually you want to have boy friend and you want to get married. But you want your husband or boy friend to be a handsome blonde?
Zaria : (giggled) Yah… hee hee hee.. And you know.. even in Harry Potter show, I like Malfoy.
Me : (just to tease her) Oh, What about Dumbledore?
Zaria : Dumbledore is not blonde, he’s grey! (so smart this one)
Me : Ohh….
Zaria : Actually I like blonde. And I also like Australian. You know like the men in High5 shows? They have light brown hair, and handsome.
Me : Ohh….

o.O” So she likes kwai-lou or kwai-zai larrrrr…

(and she just told me, “Justin Bieber sounds like somebody is pinching his hand when he sings Boyfriend right, mummy?”) o.O”

My Age and When She Becomes A Mom

June 27, 2012 at 9:04 pm

We had this conversation the other day when Zaria asked me how old I was.
Zaria : How old are you mummy?
Me : Me? 15.
Zaria : (suspicious) The number is so little.
Me : Ya. Because I’m not that old really.
Zaria : (a little convinced) Oh…
….. then she thought for a while.
Zaria : (a bit worried) So when you are 18, you are going to leave us and go to college?
Zara : Mommy is just pulling your legs. How can she be so young!
Awww.. when they are older, they become less gullible.

Over dinner on Sunday.
Zaria : I don’t like fried bee hoon. BUEK.. so horrible… BUEK.(always exaggerating)
Me : If you don’t like fried bee hoon, you can have a dumpling. Your choice.
Zaria : I don’t like dumpling too! I don’t want to eat dinner. I want to drink milo.
Me : (not giving in) If you don’t finish your beehoon, nobody is allowed to make you milo or give you milk, and you cannot have any snacks after that. Anybody give you snacks or make you a drink, I’m going to cane that person! And if you got so hungry in the night and start shivering, I won’t give you anything to eat as well, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow breakfast! So your choice. Eat your dinner or go hungry for the rest of the day.
Zaria : (started eating reluctantly) Next time if I was (were) a mummy, I’m going to let my children eat anything they want. I won’t say (change her voice to higher pitch) YOU MUST EAT THIS… YOU MUST EAT THAT…..
So lets see what she will do next time when she becomes a mom.
And she did ‘force’ herself to finish her dinner and then went on and had all the other snacks she wanted.

When Did You Last Kiss Your Parents?

June 11, 2012 at 10:10 pm

Out of the blue, Zaria asked, “How come you don’t kiss your parents anymore?”

Can you remember last kissing your parents? I don’t think I’d ever done it? My dad although a little better than my in-laws who totally don’t do physical contact, would limit his affection to holding hands, patting the girls head, putting his arms around the girls when they share a joke or secret.

So I explained our parents come from an older time, where showing affection through kissing is not common. “Long long time ago, parents kissing children in Chinese family is not common. That’s why we don’t kiss our parents, and show our love in different ways.”

Zara asked cheekily, “So you were from prehistoric time?”

Zaria added on, “So it was Mommy and Daddy B.C.?” o.O”

I asked, “Do you know what is B.C.?”

Zaria replied, “That means one hundred million years ago!” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So, can you remember the last time you kiss your parents?

Zara vs Zaria – Worry Wart vs Optimist

June 8, 2012 at 12:09 pm

What is the opposite of a worry wart? In Chinese we say ‘bochap’, in Malay we say ‘tidak apa’, is an optimist the same in English?

Anyway, this is how the girls are. One a worry wart, another isn’t bothered with anything, here is an example.

We were packing for our recent holidays, and I got the girls to pick out their clothes for me to put in the luggage. I told them we’ll be away for 5days/4nights, we need a set of clothes each day, 2 panties for every day, and then 2 set of pajamas.

Zaria finished hers real quickly. Picking up 2 sets of clothing, 2 panties.
Me : We are going for 5 days, you need 5 set of clothing! This is not enough.
Zaria : I can wear them again wut. o.O”
Me : *rolled eyes* Ya.. you’ll wear your panties again and again until you can throw it on the wall and it’ll stick there.

Zara picked what? 12 panties, 8 sets of clothing.
Me : Aiyo, we’re going for 5days and 4nights, you don’t need so many panties and clothes.
Zara : I need to bring extra, what if I dirty them, or spill something on my clothes, then I have extra to change to. o.O”

This is how they are… one the worry wart.. the other the opposite.

Kids Say The Darndest Things – Zaria May’s Chitter Chatter

May 31, 2012 at 11:26 pm

These are the things she said in May that raised my eye brow, or put a smile to my face (although I have to pretend I’m not amused).

Zaria made a mother’s day card for me but she can’t recall where she’s placed it.
Asked her to search.
She said can’t find (without moving her butt).
Me : Go help mommy find please.
Zaria : *moved her butt reluctantly* Find until I become an old lady is it?

About cars and money.
Zaria : I like your car more than Ah-Gu’s car (BMW)
Me : Why?
Zaria : B’cos your car is a bit more simple than Ah Gu, and you can save money.
Me : Save money for what?
Zaria : For your wedding dress.
Me : *laughed* But I’m already married.
Zaria : Then maybe save money for Zaria’s shop then. (she’s always very jealous of Zara having so many shops named after her, and found in all big shopping malls).

Zaria : Why is Ah Gu so rich?
Me : You ask him next time you see him
Zaria : Maybe he studied very hard when he was young
Me : Maybe
Zaria : And he work very hard when he’s older
Me : What about mummy? Mummy doesn’t work hard? How come I’m not rich?
Zaria : You.. you spend time playing with Bug Village (iPad game which I checked 4 times daily) only.

Zaria : Next time when I’m older.. I’ll buy a BMW.
Me : Oh.. will you give me a ride in your BMW?
Zaria : By then, you are dead already. o.O”
Me : I won’t be dead so early.
Zaria :Then you’ll be an old nenek (granny)? Yah.. I can drive you.. o.O”

On a day where her Yamaha class was cancelled.
Zaria : Why is my class cancelled.
Me : Ms Tan has to take a day of holiday
Zaria : Why does she want to take a holiday?
Me : (simply pick a reason) Maybe her daughter is having exams, so she needs to do revision with her?
Zaria : Oh.. you mean now she’s at home shouting at her daughter?
(revision == mom shouting at daughter… now you know how it’s like during Zara’s revision) o.O”

Zaria : I love you mum
Me : I love you too Zaria
Zaria : If you love me, why you scold me, pinch me, smack me and give me chili to eat then? Huh?

On the way home from school.
Me : Zaria, what songs did you sing in Parent’s Day last year?
Zaria : I cannot remember.
Me : I cannot remember too.
Zaria : I know, you can go to google, and then type Zaria, and then you’ll get the answer…. Wait, not Zaria. Because if you type Zaria, then all the things about other Zaria will come out. You have to type Zaria Low, then you’ll find the answer about me.

Zaria before playing the iPad (she likes watching those MTV with skimpily dressed dancers/singers)
Zaria : No sexy shows right?
Me : Yes.
Zaria : Then why did God create Lady Gaga? o.O”

The diarrhea bout I had early this month has made me lost some weight, so I could squeeze into the dress that I wore as my friend’s bride’s maid.
Me : Do I look nice? I wore this as Auntie Ping Ping’s bride’s maid.
Zara : You looked puffed up now. o.O”
Zaria : You mean you were Auntie Ping Ping’s maid? Her kakak? Cleaning all the mess after her wedding? (maid to her is domestic helper) o.O”

Kids Say The Darndest Things – Zara’s and Zaria’s Chitter Chatter

May 11, 2012 at 9:18 pm

I love re-reading some of my old posts about the things the girls, recently however, instead of putting in a blog post, I put it on Facebook instead.

Just so I don’t miss some of their witty conversation, I’d better jot them down here too. These were some of their witty remarks earlier this year (I remember because I either put it on paper or update Facebook), some taken from Facebook status.

In Jan
She gave me the paper doll she created in her art class.
Zaria : Since I give you my dolly, you have to give me something.
Me : I give you my love.
Zaria : I don’t want any part of your body.
Me : I’m giving you my love. Not my body.
Zaria : Your love is from your body right? I don’t want any part of your body. o.O”

Caught Zaria watching Xmen2.
Me : I thought I told you no more Xmen show?
Zaria : But I remember in this show they didn’t say “kiss that, bitch” so I can watch right? o.O

If you’d been to the busy shops in SS15, you’ll notice near Mc Donald’s, there’s a dodgy place called Momo Hime Japanese Lounge. We passed by one night, and Zara said she wanted to check out the place.
Me : No, you can’t go there, because it’s a place for people and do hanky panky things
Zara : What’s hanky panky?
Me : When a man wants to go and date another woman who’s not his wife
Zara : You mean they go there to mate? o.O”
Possibly.. but I don’t know.

Zaria is very good with giving threats earlier this year. i.e.
If you don’t buy me the crown, I won’t let you take photo of me.
If you don’t XYZ, I won’t talk to you for 13yrs. o.O”
If you don’t …., I won’t ….. etc etc etc

Zaria asked over dinner one day. “How come in adult shows, they don’t just kiss one time, they go muak muak muak muak muak (pouting her lips she tilted her head left, then right, then left)”…. o.O”

In Mar during our holidays in Singapore;
Zaria saw so many Zara shops there, so she complained, “So not fair, every where there’s jiejie’s shop!”
Then she thought of an idea, “I want to change my name. I want my name to be Unique. So I’ll have lots of shops as well.”
(Their sirname is Low…. so Unique+Low = Uniqlo.) o.O

In Mar when I was maidless for a month.
Asked Zaria to peel garlic and onion for me.
Me : Zaria, can you please help me to peeeeeeel…………. (3s and the word is still not out)
Zaria : Onion is it?
Me : Yes. Make sure you peel them on top of tttthhhhe ………… (3s passed)
Zaria : Newspaper. Mummy, why are you loosing your words? Are you going crazy
Yes.. almost. Luckily it was only for a month.

One day, Zara kept interrupting me at work to help her with her homework. On the way to school..
Me : Next time you have to do whatever you know how to do first, then whatever you don’t, ask me at one go. I need to work you know. I cannot be interrupted so many times.
Zara : You have the whole day to do your work.
Me : It’s not a matter of whole day or not. If my boss wants something in the morning, I have to give it to him in the morning.
Zara : At least your boss don’t cane you. o.O”

Kids and Their Changing Interest

April 20, 2012 at 3:25 am

Like the season, Zaria changes her interest frequently.

At one point, she was crazy over puzzles. She would sit down and do puzzle after puzzle.

Then it was bubbles. She would sit in a corner of the house, and blew bubbles after bubbles.

Next came badminton. Every evening, she would ask Minerva, our helper, to play badminton with her in the garage.

This week, it’s cycling. Still fond of her tricycle, she would be cycling at the garage with Minerva watching over her.

I wonder what’s her following week’s interest.

Little Mozart – 5 years 4 months

April 16, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Zaria, now nick named Little Mozart at home, has progressed a lot since she’s started Yamaha JMC class. I talked about her progress about a year back, and now doing JMC Book 3, she loves playing the keyboard even more.

Besides playing the pieces taught in class, she tries to play the solfege pieces teacher got them to sing in class. Normally, the teacher will play the tune in class, and the children will sing the solfege; recently, she started playing these pieces on her own, even including the chords.

Here is a solfege piece she played.

She likes fiddling at the keyboard, playing her pieces using sounds from different instrument. She can spend 30mins to 1hr at the keyboard a day.
When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does when she goes downstairs, is to play the keyboard.
When she comes back from school, the first thing she does is again to play the keyboard.
She watches closely when Zara is practicing her Grade One piece, sometimes asking Zara to teach her. Being a very impatient person, even with Zara shouting at her when she made mistake, she persevered (which showed, she has a lot of interest in piano), and one day, she showed us she could play the Andante, mainly by watching Zara played and some some guidance from Zara.

She likes to be called Little Mozart, more so after she watched Amadeus with us, knowing how talented Mozart is.

And this cute piece was what she drew after her Yamaha class last week, the musical notes of a solfege piece her teacher has gone through in class.

Zaria's solfege notes

My happy Mozart. Daddy said Zaria has actually toned down a lot after she started being very into music. Just hope her interest will continue.

Teacher Florence

January 20, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Teacher Florence is not my teacher, but the girls’.

I was planning to send the girls for art & craft class, and after seeing a couple of places and not quite happy with what they were offering, I thought of Florence, my ex classmate whom I’d not met for 20years; she was very good at art during school days, and currently teaches art class at the Japanese Cultural Centre. After several SMSes and phone calls later, Florence agreed to teach the girls at her place.

The girls enjoy her class because besides doing art and craft, Teacher Florence jokes with them and plays with them. And while the girls are working (on their pieces), Florence and I catch up, there’s 20yrs events to fill up, considering we were very close in school (don’t ask me why we didn’t bother to meet up all these years, I guess we always thought a meeting could wait).

It’s been 2 months since they started with Teacher Florence. Recently, I was considering switching them to a centre near by (As Teacher Florence is 30mins drive away from my place). Zara said, “Nope. I want to attend Teacher Florence’ class only.” When I asked her to give me a reason. She said, “Teacher Florence is your friend. Sometimes we say funny things or do funny things with her. We offered her milk shake with sequin the other day, and she laughed at our jokes. If you go to a centre and the teacher is not your friend then what will happen? She will say we’re crazy or ask us to just sit down!” o.O”

So Teacher Florence it is. They can enjoy their class and jokes, while I can continue to catch up and exchange recipes with her.

And these are the things they created in Teacher Florence’ class.


Haloween trick or treat bags

Haloween trick or treat bags

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

After a few classes, we could see a trend in the girls. Zara prefer something simple, while Zaria likes all the blink blink, sparkles and fancy stuff.

Zara’s no-nonsence paper doll and her clothes.Paper Doll

Zaria’s gypsy girl paper doll and her clothes.Paper Doll

Check out the make up on the doll!Paper Doll

And this was done last week, which I like very much!

Chinese New Year deco

Chinese New Year deco

In line with the last 2 drawings… here is to wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year!

If I Quit Working

September 29, 2011 at 11:13 am

I have a long day yesterday and I wasn’t happy with some of the expectation my boss has of me, especially when I’d worked so hard. I told the girls when we came back from the park, and here is the gist of our conversation.

Me : Mummy got scolded by mummy’s boss, mummy want to stop working already
Zara : It’s ok. You can do something you are good at. Like baking. You can sell your cakes and pastries.
Me : Oh, but baking doesn’t give mummy as much money. We’ll have less money to spend. Maybe we need to sell our house now and move to a smaller house.
Zara : *eyes turned wide* Move to a smaller house?…. And then…. (calculating) you have to get a smaller car as well…..? And there’ll be less food….?
Me : Ya, I think so.
Zaria : *eyes turned wide now* And go to a school with no aircon?
Me : Yup. You have to go to a kindergarten with no aircon.
Zara & Zaria : I don’t want.
Zara : You should continue working. When your boss scold you, treat it like it’s not important, and just do your work.
Me : But it’s difficult.
Zara : You told me not to quit piano when it gets difficult. So you should not quit also.
Me : *Moan*
Zara : (imagination run wild) I don’t want to move to a shed in the jungle. I don’t like scorpions, and mosquitos…….Sigh.. Sometimes I wish I just turned to something that cannot move and think.
Me : You want to be a statue?
Zara : Ya.. then I don’t have to worry about all these. o.O”

These girls are so worried about having to change their lifestyle if I quit working.

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