Sekinchan – Padi Fields, Fishing Village, Redang Beach

December 7, 2012 at 1:04 am

Our regular fish monger is from Sungai Besar, and we’d been asking him if the rice in the padi fields of Sekinchan is ready for harvesting, as that would be the best time to visit the padi fields. When he told us early November that the padi fields were turning golden, we planned for a trip there.

We went on November 15th, leaving the house around 10am. Stopped over for early lunch at Ijok, and then headed towards Sekinchan which is after Kuala Selangor and Tanjung Karang. Next trip there, we’ll leave later and head right to Sekinchan for late lunch/tea instead as Sekinchan has more to offer.

Girls were excited to see the padi fields when we arrived. Green fields with sheaves of golden grains.
Sekinchan Padi Fields

There were some White Egrets among the fields and Kingfisher resting on power lines.
White Egret at Sekinchan Padi Fields(Daddy was complaining that he could only take shots like this as he didn’t have a telefocus lens)

The excitement didn’t last for long in the midday heat. I was the first to get into the car and blast the aircon. We went to an air-conditioned cafe, Mamawe, in Sekinchan to shield from the heat. Surprisingly, the food and drinks in Mamawe was quite good!

About 4:30pm, we went to the fishing village in Sekinchan, as around this time fishermen would return with their catch.

Boats were arriving, and there were lots of activities in the fishing village.
Sekinchan fishing village

Loads of fish being transported to sorting area.
Sekinchan fishing village

Fishermen sorting out fish according to size.
Sekinchan fishing village

Fishermen gutting yellow sea eels for fish maws.
Sekinchan fishing village

Gigantic skate.
Sekinchan fishing village

Girls called this fisherman The Death Angel (of the fishes).
Sekinchan fishing village

Baskets of sorted fish.
Sekinchan fishing village

The girls now know where the fish served on the dinner table came from.

Daddy wanted to go back to the padi fields before sunset, as this was the best time for photography. So we went back to the padi fields which was just about 10mins drive from the fishing village. In deed, it was more pleasant to walk around in the evening than midday.

Sekinchan padi field

Sekinchan padi field

We spotted some wedding photography being taken place. Wedding shot couples actually need to get their shoes dirty to get nice shots among the fields.
Sekinchan padi field wedding photo

The photographer found a good spot with beautiful clouds… I’m sure the shots he took would turn out great.
Sekinchan padi field wedding photo

The photographer told us they would be heading to the beach for more photo taking, he told us to head there to view the sunset as well. The name of the beach? Redang Beach! And how to get there? Just head towards Sekin Resort following their sign boards.

We drove passed by the fishing village again.
Sekinchan fishing village

Redang Beach, Sekinchan, is just a small beach, with rough white sand, but many families were there to enjoy the sea breeze.
Sekinchan Redang Beach

The attraction besides the beach is two tree houses probably built by locals, with hammocks made out of fishing nets installed. I took a nap lying in one hammock, while Daddy watched over the girls play.
Sekinchan Redang Beach

We had a nice dinner at Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant which served home style seafood dishes. No photos but the food was quite good and for four of us, we paid ~RM40 for 2 slices of fried red mullet (Hongzhou).

It was a good day trip, and we managed to show the girls the sources of their food. I’m sure we’ll return again.. if not for the padi fields, we’ll be back for the food.

Note :
Do bring along an ice-box to purchase some fresh catch from the fishing village. Ice is provided by some vendors.
Here is a good website of Sekinchan, which you can check out for restaurants.
And you can download a map from here showing you where the Sekinchan restaurants are located.

Kids Say The Darndest Things – Zaria’s & Zaria’s October Chitter Chatter

November 27, 2012 at 1:39 am

Just capturing the girls’ October’s conversation (which I posted on FB), although it’s already end of November now.

While planning what to bake for Zara’s school carnival recently.
Me : Mei, what should I be baking today. For jiejie’s carnival?
Zaria : Chocolate chip cookies? (which I normally make with peacan)
Me : Yeah. Should I?
Zaria : Nope! What if somebody is allergic to nuts.. and chocolate?
(pretty right, but I didn’t think she would give me advice like this)

Before going to bed..
Zaria : Hmm.. I’m thinking about having kaya toast tomorrow for breakfast (she loves my kaya, just like Zara loves my pesto).
Me : You love my kaya right?
Zaria : Yeah.
Me : (just to tease her) What if mommy died and then who’s going to make kaya for you?
Zaria : I’ll hire Teacher Siew Pin’s (her kindy teacher) mother to make kaya for me.
o.O” (the other day she said she wanted a dog and she will hire a kakak to take care of the dog..)
Me : Zara, what about you? If mommy died already then who’s going to make pesto for you?
Zara : I’m going to use the iPad and google… hmm.. maybe not.. what if I don’t have an iPad… I’ll ask someone who knows how to make it to teach me.
Me : Why do you think you won’t have an iPad?
Zara : What if I don’t have money?
One always worry.. the other always optimistic.

Trying to shop on the net. Showed a couple of things I was interested in and asked Zaria if they were nice.
She took a glance at my shopping cart and said, “I’m not keen on stuff that are plain.” And then walked away.

While we were talking about birthdays..
Zaria : This year my birthday, I just want to invite jiejie (her only guest every year).
Me : Don’t you want to invite your BFFs?
Zaria : No. So I don’t have to waste time chi-chatting, and just spend all the time playing. o.O”
Zaria : And then nobody needs to sing Happy Birthday to me!
(but in November, she changed her mind, she even wanted to invite her teachers to her birthday celebration!)

For homework, Zaria had to colour a quarter of a cake, 3 quarter of a cake etc. As it was getting late (10pm), I told her to just colour them with one single colour.
Her reply? Slowly and smiling, “It’s my choice. You are not in my body. You are not my spirit.”.. and she continued to pick her colours, have her icing, the decorations, the flowers coloured in different colours for the quarters and of course carefully.

We were planning to buy mattresses and we shortlisted 2. 1 probably made in China, the other made in Malaysia. Zara chipped in, “Buy the one made in Malaysia. Barang Malaysia bermutu tinggi.” (Malaysian made products are of high quality)
I asked her how did she know that?
She added, “They taught us that in school.” o.O”

Over dinner Zaria just asked Daddy, “Daddy, why is your Chinese so bad, when your mother is Chinese?”

Malaysia Agriculture Park Shah Alam

November 22, 2012 at 10:02 pm

There were a couple of holidays the last few weeks, and we took the opportunity to visit different places, and one of them is the Malaysia Agriculture Park (Taman Pertanian Malaysia in Malay) in Shah Alam (sometimes also called Bukit Cahaya Agriculture Park or Bukit Cerakah).

We planned to cycle in the park and to visit the Four Seasons Temperate House which the girls went in 2010 during the ‘winter season’.

We brought along Zaria’s bike since she still needs her training wheels, and rented the 3 other bikes for us. As there were a long queue for the cheaper adult bikes, we took the more expensive ones, which cost about RM10 per hour (while the cheaper one is a Ringgit or two per hour).

The girls did well, riding on the hilly path, when the slopes got too steep, we all pushed our bikes up hill. When it’s a down hill ride, they all went zooming down. We had many rest and snack stops along the way. When the going got a bit tough and when it got too hot, Zaria would complain and nagged at us, “Whose bright idea is it to come here?”

Flower in Malaysia Agriculture Park

Cycling in Malaysia Agriculture Park

Cycling in Malaysia Agriculture Park

We cycled all the way to SkyTrex Adventure Park, and then the little one got too tired and grouchy so we took the shuttle bus back to the visitor centre. Shuttle bus is provided for free, and it goes between the Visitor Centre and SkyTrex Adventure Park. They allowed bicycles to be loaded onto the bus which is a plus point.

We returned our bikes and parked Zaria’s bike at the bicycle rental place; and then went to have lunch at the small eatery at the visitor centre.

It was a super hot day, but they girls still wanted to visit the Four Seasons Temperate House which is on another path different from SkyTrex. We decided to walk there.

Walking in Malaysia Agriculture Park Shah Alam

Walking in Malaysia Agriculture Park Shah Alam

We found some ‘propeller seed’ along the walking path.
Propeller seed

Propeller seed

We were told the Four Seasons Temperate House was closed on that day, because they were working on the change of season there. Just our luck!

Instead we went to the Observation Tower, and spent some time there.
Observation Tower

The girls with their bountiful energy can still ‘exercise’ at the Exercise Park.
Exercise Park

Me? I took a nap beneath the Observation Tower.
Taking a nap beneath the Observation Tower

Although it was a hot day, and we worked out the whole day with all the cycling and walking, the girls still had lots of energy to take photos of their surrounding.
Taking photo in Malaysia Agriculture Park Shah AlamI’m always amazed at the energy they have!

The park is actually a very good place to spend a day at, however, like all Malaysia public facilities, the toilet there is horrendous! The one that we visited had not been washed for ages, there were fossil like poop found in all the toilet bowls! BUEK!

We’ll still go back again though, just try to avoid using the toilet. We want to bring the girls to SkyTrex and the Four Seasons Temperate House next round.

Note :
Entrance fee to the Park is
RM3.00 for adult and children 12 years and above
RM1.00 for children 4 to 11 years old

Zaria’s Writing – Her Love for Her Sister

November 19, 2012 at 8:50 pm

I was away during the weekend accompanying my dad to do his chemo in Singapore. When I got back, I saw this piece of writing by Zaria about Zaria.
Zaria's writing about her sister

Bad spelling, and bad punctuation aside, it shows that she adores her sister.

She’s always amaze at Zara’s ability, especially Zara’s ability to ‘swish’ her hips on the hula hoop.


And here are the girls on the hula hoops. Zara is a pro.
Zara on the Hula-hoop

While Zaria is still learning.
Zaria on the Hula-hoop

Kids Say the Darndest Things – Girls Oct Chitter Chatter

November 2, 2012 at 9:35 pm

Over dinner, Zara picked up a stray rice grain.
Zara : Do you know it looks like maggot?
Me : Every rice grain came from the sweat of the farmer, you know.
Zaria (put down her spoon) : What? I’m eating farmer’s sweat?
Me : It’s a figure of speech Mei. The farmer has to work very hard and under hot sun to plant rice.
Zara : So, farmers use a lot of sun block?
Me : I don’t think they want to spend money on sun block, because they are not so rich.
Zara : Maybe you should go and donate some sun block to the farmers.

Hubs had asked Zaria not to eat one of the jelly stick that Zara brought back from her school party, telling her all the artificial colouring/sweetener that it contained etc… She didn’t listen and had it anyway.
Zaria : Mummy, I think I’m going to die?
Me : Why?
Zaria : Because I ate the jelly stick.
Me : You ate it? I thought your daddy already told you not to eat it? Why didn’t you listen to him?
Zaria : Because I don’t want jiejie to be angry with me. After she came back and said, “why you didn’t eat the jelly I gave you? I don’t want to friend you anymore” (blame her sister some more o.O )
Me : Your jiejie won’t be angry.
Zaria : Now tell me, what am I supposed to do?
Me : Take some vegetable will help.
Zaria : It won’t help. I need a chemical stronger than that. If I die, who’s going to make you cards? Who’s going to make you laugh? I’m the joker in the house, who will do tricks which you’d never seen before?. … I want to live. If I die, I won’t be able to do the choral speaking in the school on Monday. My school will be very quiet I’m a chatter box in school. What I take to get rid of the poison?
….. she went on and on…..
And then she drew this.

Zaria's writing

And you would think she would not eat any more of the jelly? The following day, she told me, “I think eating a little will not make me die” Before I could say anything, I saw her taking a small bite from another stick of Jelly, and then thew the remainder in the bin. o.O”

Zaria’s Writing – Easy Way Out

October 29, 2012 at 11:10 pm

As a rule in the house, the girls have to either do a page of writing (on any topic) or do some worksheet to earn themselves time on the iPad.

Most of the time, Zaria chooses to write, and after a while, she knows how to take the easy way out. Check out her writing below.

Listing her family members’ names.
My Family's Name

Listing our birthdays.
My Family's Birthday

Listing our birthstones.
My Family's birthstone

And improved further on the same topic.
My Family's birthstone

And the latest, writing about our characters.
My Family's Character

When I told her, “How can you always write about my family this, my family that?”
Her reply, “What do you want me to write? Five hundred lines is it?”


A Bad Fall – Girls’ writing

September 12, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Zaria had a bad fall 2 days ago. Instead of me writing about what happened, let me have Zara write about it.

Zara's version

They were together when it happened. One minute they were chasing each other, the next Zaria walking to me crying with a bloody nose with Zara following closely behind.

Here is Zaria sharing her experience.
Zaria's version

How bad was the fall?

This was taken yesterday.
Zaria's fall

This was taken today.
Zaria's fall

Scratches are drying up.. Now it’s to make sure she doesn’t scratch off the scabs.

Zara vs Zaria – Food

September 5, 2012 at 2:06 pm

When it comes to food, Zara likes to call herself a half vegetarian, she doesn’t take much meat besides fish; and Zaria loves her meat.

Zara is a connoisseur, she is very fussy with food, and only enjoys good food. She takes the trouble to add flavour to her food, i.e. sprinkle this on her spoon of rice, add that to her cracker; and lay them out on her plate neatly so that it’s pleasing to the eyes etc etc.

Zaria on the other hand, does not bother much with flavour or presentation. She loves meat. Full stop.

This was our Monday lunch. Chicken burger & sausage with homemade bread.

This is how Zara wants her lunch to look like.
Zara's burger lunch
She wanted her burger drizzled with homemade pesto, and topped with slice parmesan cheese, and a basil leave. Just like how a gourmet burger shop would serve their burger.

As for Zaria, I asked if she wanted me to serve her burger just like how I did with Zara’s, she said, “No.” Went on to cut her sausage and burger while chewing on her bread. “Because I want to have a meat buffet!”, she said. o.O”
Zara's burger lunchAnd this is her meat buffet lunch. o.O”

Little High Heel Shoes Lover

August 23, 2012 at 11:15 pm

We saw a pair of lovely high heel shoes with metal heels in Jiufen, Taiwan. Zaria wanted us to buy for her, but I didn’t want to because the heels were pretty high for her age.

Since then, every time when we asked where she would like to go for holiday, she would reply, “Taiwan.” Why? “Because I want to go and buy the high heel shoes with the metal heel.”

We asked her back then, “Why do you like high heel shoes so much?”
Her reply, “Because high heel shoes is my destiny o.O”

Zaria loves high heel shoes. I’m not her influence, because I can’t wear heels. I have clumsy feet which will get twisted if I walk in a pair of heels.

My SIL recently went to Accessories warehouse sales and got Zaria shoes with High Heels + Glitter = Perfect High Heel Shoes.

See the happy face?

Perfect Heels

A bit too big but.. so what?

Perfect HeelsPerfect Heels

Since the 1st pair was a bit too big, my SIL went back and got her another pair.

Perfect Heels

Fits her perfectly, and make her look like a teenager.

Perfect Heels

How much does she like the shoes?

She wore them when she watched TV

Perfect Heels

She wore them to do her homework

Perfect Heels

She wore them when she used the iPad

Perfect Heels

And for someone who doesn’t bother tidying up after herself (you should have a look her pencil case and her bag), she laid them next to her neatly when she took her nap.
Perfect Heels

That’s how much she loves her high heel shoes.

And of course, she’s still not really satisfied, she still wants to go back to Taiwan, to get the pair that she didn’t buy.

Homeschooling Zaria?

July 30, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Conversation in the car yesterday when we talked about confirming Zaria’s placing in Zara’s school.

Me : So mei, next year you are going to jiejie’s school, ok?
Zaria : No. I don’t want to go to jiejie’s school. Because there’s bees and rotan (Malay : Cane) in her school. I want to go to English school (Zara spotted bees in her school and told Zaria about it)
Me : We cannot afford English school. So you either go Chinese school or Malay school. So which one do you want? Chinese or Malay?
Zaria : English
Me : You can only choose Malay or Chinese?
Zaria : English
Me : But we don’t have money to send you to English school. So how? You want to stop going to school?
Zaria : No. Then I want to be in home school.
Me : Who’s going to teach you?
Zaria : You.
Me : But I’m so fierce. You want me to teach you?
Zaria : Daddy.. Daddy then.
Dad : But daddy sometimes not around.
Zaria : Daddy teach(es) me when Daddy is home. When he’s not home, mummy teach(es) me.
(she has it all planned out).

Later I asked her.
Me : Do you know what is home school?
Zaria : A house that gives you homework.

Not sure if this one will reject Chinese school next year. Sigh.

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