Ball Kicking

July 27, 2005 at 1:26 pm

The ball is singular, so it has nothing to do with the male anatomy.

It happens to be something Zara showed us she’s able to do yesterday.

We were home, and she wanted to do her round of ‘walk walk’ in the living room. Then she spotted the ball, and stopped. She started kicking (or stamping her feet , since she was standing); “Ugh”, she said, and grinned at me. She wanted the ball, I interpreted it.

I told her she needed to sit down, so we could play, and she sat (it means she really wanted to play with the ball).

At first she was happy sitting down, with me passing the ball to her, and she kicked it back to me or wherever the ball may end up. Then she started raising her hands, and bounced up and down trying to stand up.

I pulled her up, and she held my hands trying to walk towards the ball.

The momont we reached the ball, she raised her little foot, and nudged the ball with it. We moved towards the ball again, and she did the same thing. I started cheering at her, ‘Zara, kick the ball ball!’, ‘kick the ball ball!’, and we chased the ball around with her nudging or kicking it. She was very pleased with herself, and wanted to do more ball kicking.

Daddy saw what she did from the dining table, and got excited too. So he joined us, and his turn to walk her around chasing after the ball, and kicking it. The more we cheered for her, the more she wanted to show off her new skill.

We both thought she’s quite amazing, despite her wobbly legs, she could kick a ball! Daddy even claimed he saw her dribbling the ball on a few occasions.

Well, as parents, we are entitled to feel amazed with our baby’s achievement, and pleased with our ability to produce such good genes (even when probably majority of the babies can do the same thing at her age). It’s just normal for parents to feel proud even over the baby’s minutest feat.

That night, she slept really well. Probably tired by the ball kicking.

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