Fifi – The Latest Addition

March 27, 2008 at 11:46 pm

We were in Ikea last Sunday, and I just grabbed one of the soft toy, a dog, available from the kids section and placed it in the pram for Zaria to play with. When Zaria fell asleep, Zara took over the dog and started cuddling it, talking to it, stroking it.

At the check out counter, I said we’ll return the dog back to Ikea. Zara went, “Maah-meeEEEE. I really like it.” So I got it for her. RM39, not to expensive, ok la.

She immediately named the dog Fifi, claiming Fifi to be her ‘child’.


Now, she watches TV with Fifi, sleeps cuddling Fifi, she reminds me to bring Fifi along when I go pick her up from school. Zaria tails Zara calling after Fifi, “Fee Feet” but only gets to cuddle Fifi when Zara is at school and not watching when Zara is feeling generous.

The other day, Zara said in the car cuddling Fifi, “You know, mummy, I’m the luckiest person. Only I have Fifi. Nobody else have.”

Remember Mr Blue? He has been cast aside to make way for Fifi. “Mr Blue’s skin is so rough now.” That’s her excuse. She still lets Mr Blue sleeps with her on the bed, but only Fifi is in her arms.

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