July 26, 2005 at 12:52 pm

3 weeks ago, she was contented sitting. Then she wanted to stand, and enjoyed holding on to our bed frame or hanging on to the wooden chest for support. Soon after that she found out it was fun to ‘walk walk’ around the house with her hands holding on to ours.

Weekends cause bad back aches, lowering ourselves to accommodate her height, allowing her to hang on to our hands walking around the house, chasing after Russ, our cat.

Yesterday, she started crawling (she used to crawl a bit, but with not much enthusiasm, yesterday, she seemed to have mastered it, and enjoy her new found mobility, even though her crawl is still with her tummy not lifted off the ground).

Tuyam, our domestic helper, told us while she was preparing Zara’s bath water in the bathroom, she left Zara in the room with some toys. A moment later, our little one had helped herself to the bathroom, eager to take her bath.

We saw the same mobility and eagerness to explore in our home early this morning. She wanted to know what her daddy was doing, so she crawled to the bathroom to check out. Greeting him with a cheeky grin when he peeked at her from behind the shower screen.

I told her it’s time for us to leave the house, and she needs to put on her pajamas pants again (I left only her diaper on earlier, so that she can crawl around easier on the paquet floor), and she came to me without assistance. Hip Hip Hooray! I cheered for her.

In the car, on our way to Ah Kim’s and Ah Ku’s house, she seemed to be so pleased with her achievement, she didn’t take her normal nap, even when we were stuck in a really bad jam, and took longer than usual to arrive.

Her mobility excites us and at the same time worries us. It’s time to seriously look into child proofing the house.

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