♥I Love Japan♥

February 6, 2008 at 1:56 am

Back from my trip of 8 days in Japan, it was super! This is my fifth trip to Japan, but the 1st four was spending a night in Narita town while in transit to US.

I have always loved Japanese food and Japanese snack; so being there in Japan, was like being in ♥gastronomic heaven!♥!

I stayed 5 days in Hachioji (八王子) which is 1hr train ride from Tokyo downtown. We worked hard everyday, so there was no time to sight see. And then when we moved to Ueno (上野), which is in Tokyo downtown for an additional 2 days, we spent most of our time shopping. So most photos taken were food shot!

Breakfast is near the hotel or the office (walking distant from each other).

Breakfast menu : Green tea latte that beats any other latte; Mos burger; fruits (the dried one is persimmon, which is abolutely devine!); Noodles and Rice from Donut King

Lunch is always some where near the office, which normally comes in a set, about RM21 to RM30.
Standard lunch

I have mainly fish or tempura. Delicious!

We have more time for dinner so we’ll walk further. Japan really have fantastic fish and seafood menu! One day, we had Sashimi, and even though the fish was sliced up with its head still in tact, its mouth was moving and its eyes were clear and silvery staring at us. It was difficult, but I still stomached one slice of that sashimi. Blech. I also discovered Sawa (サワー), Japanese cocktail. Love it, especially the one with melon syrup!

Try spotting the fish with its silver eyes, staring back at you.

The best meal we had was the king crab meal. It was expensive (but not as expensive as my crab meal in Shanghai); we took 2 sets and shared it among the four of us.
The best meal

Boiled crab, crab roe (so delicious!), crab sashimi, BBQ crab (at your table). Delicious! 美味しい! Oishi!

The cheapest meal we had was a ‘fast food’ restaurant, where food is ordered through a coupon vending machine, coupon is then passed to the chef, and your selected meal will be served to you in a minute or two. No seats! Stand while you eat. But, quite Delicious! And then there was the RM30 green tea crème brûlée that I have which was oh-so-heavenly.
The Cheap and The Expensive

My RM12 Tenzaru soba; the coupon vending machine; the box that held my RM30 green tea crème brûlée; the box came with 2 small pack of ice to keep the crème brûlée fresh.

On our last day, while walking to lunch and realised there was actually a temple and a shrine just at the back of the office.
Around The Office

Some nice scenary around the office

We stayed in Hotel Park Side in Ueno (上野) on our last 2 nights. It was near to Ameyokocho, a shopping street for snacks, seafood and apparels.
Ameyokocho - food market

Seafood in Ameyokocho, the last picture are Bonito pieces. You shave it, and you get bonito flakes!

♥Japanese culture
People are so polite there. They took the time to explain the menu to us with their limited English; they offered us help when we looked lost; they queue up in train station and wait for their turns; they seem to always have time for us when they are so busy! This is so different from the Shanghainese.

Our Japanese colleagues threw us a dinner party, and forked out their own money to pay for the party. We told them we were on expense and they should let us settle the bill, but we were told this is their way they show their hospitality.

In almost every toilet in Japan, you get this toilet seat with gadget! To be discreet, you can play a ‘flushing sound’ for 10seconds while you do your business. Your seat is warmed, and you get bidet, and a spray. One of the toilet we went to, even have blower to dry the royal a** after you are done! My bottom never remain so clean before!!
Toilet gadget

Toilet seat control panel

And just before I left, I got this!

Snow In TokyoAnd everything went white!
Snow In Tokyo

Snow covered Tokyo! (and imagine dragging a heavy suitcase, notebook bag, handbag, 2 other hand luggages with all the shopping 1Km in this weather to the station!)

Japan, I really love it there!

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

♥Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrates! 新年快乐!♥

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