Road To Being Toilet Trained

January 21, 2008 at 2:43 pm

Just before she turned 1, there were occasions where Zaria would do a poo, and she would stand still in a frozen state and utter, “Poo Poo”.
3 weeks ago, when I checked with Jelly on Zaria’s bowel movement, Jelly told me Zaria has been doing her business in the toilet bowl. “She said poo poo mum (that’s the Filipino pronunciation for Maam), I put her in the toilet bowl, she poo poo mum.”

I didn’t believe Jelly, as well as Zaria’s ability.
It was the same story Jelly gave me for the next 2 weeks, although there will be occasions where Jelly said Zaria did it on the diaper. Still, it’s hard to believe what Zaria could do.

Yesterday, while I was taking care of Zaria, she suddenly froze, and said, “Poo Poo” and held out her hand (to indicate she wanted to be held to walk).
I quickly asked, “Meimei want to poo poo is it?”
Still with hand outstretched, she repeated, “Poo Poo”. and then had the expression that she’s pushing something out.
I did a quick check of her diaper, and saw a stool just being pushed out. Yikes.
In an urgent voice I told her, “Meimei wait, mummy bring you to the toilet.”. In a dash, I removed her diaper and sat her on the toilet bowl. “Meimei can poo poo now. Mmmm Mmmm.. Mmm Mmm.” (urging her).
She sat still and really did it! She did 2 more big poops, and then wanted to get down. Probably an indication she’s done!

I didn’t believe what Jelly told me, but when I saw it myself, I was really amazed. Even Daddy think this girl is unbelievable. And there was no concious effort to toilet trained Zaria. Not when she’s still so young though.

Zara was able to tell us she’d done a poo only after the fact at 18 months. Zaria hasn’t reached 13 month yet, and she is able to tell us before she actually does it! I find this really amazing.

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