What’s My Breakfast Today?

October 10, 2007 at 11:57 pm

I always wonder, what do people eat for their breakfast, or lunch, or even dinner. Do they eat unhealthily like me? Do they eat the same thing everyday like Daddy (bread/cereal for breakfast; rice & fish for lunch and dinner)? Do they eat differently in Italy,?in the US? Do busy mothers have time to eat?

I need variety in my meals, and I prefer savoury stuff when I’m hungry. However, from this month onwards, I’d been trying to eat healthier (bye bye lomaikais, nasi lemak, roti canai.. for now), and today (or most of the days), this is my breakfast.

1) 2 scoops of organic soy powder + 1 tsp of organic wheat grass + 1 tsp of organic barley grass?mixed in a glass of water?- I get my energy health drink. It actually makes me feel less lethargic in the day (see, I’m still blogging at 12am!)

Health drink

Tastes nicer than it looks.

2) 7 spirulina pills – my morning supplement

Hate the smell! Blech

3) a cup of English tea – no photos, but you can imagine how it looks like.

4) 2 half boiled free range chicken eggs
2 Half Boil Eggs

My all time favourite

Healthy hor?

What about the 2?girls?

Zaria had her organic multi-grain (brown rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa) porridge with organic carrots and organic potatoes, sprinkled with organic sea weed (it’s organic all the way for her whenever I can).
Zaria's Porridge

She loves it!

Zara seems to have the least healthy breakfast. Jacob and cheese, with a cup of milo. She is like Daddy, she can have this every day!
Zara's Breakfast

Zara’s breakfast served in her tray

I’m turning this?to a?tag, lets see what people eat for breakfast.? For a start, I’m interested to see what these people eat for breakfast on a normal day :
Nadia – I know it’s Ramadhan, but I’m curious what do people eat before Fajr (is this what the first prayer is called?)?
Chanel – Half boiled eggs like me?
Simple America, May – Starbucks?
LB – Lohmaikai.. not?
eHon – Do you have time for breakfast?
Michelle – Eat with hubby?
Misha’s mum – Restaurant everyday?
Winn – What do pretty people eat?

Thoughts aside..

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