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October 8, 2007 at 9:22 am

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After 2 nights in Berjaya, we moved to our luxurious room in The Datai on our last day. Yes, that was how I compromised, 2 nights in Berjaya, 1 night in Datai.

I have to say, it’s no wonder Datai is ranked as the no. 2 hotel in Tripadvisor (at this time of writing). The minute we stepped in, they knew who I was (from our entourage I guess); we were escorted to the bar for our welcome drink (luxurious juice and not those run down cordial), and were given cold towels to freshen ourselves; my forms were brought to me for signing.

From the number of people I recorded in my booking, the room was prepared to cater for us. I asked for a cot in my booking, but they did more! One of the day bed has been converted to a bed, and extra bath robes and towels were provided without me requesting. They really look into the details.

The room was very spacious and comfortable; we even got our own Lavazza coffee machine in the room (freshly brewed coffee as and when we wanted!), the service impeccable, and the resort just blends in beautifully with the surrounding rainforest.

Chilling At The Resort

Girls chilling (1st top left pix was from Berjaya, the rest fr Datai)

Unlike popular believe, Datai does welcome young guests. It’s just that the main pool is restricted to adults and the young guests have to use the pool at the Beach Club (where the beach is), which is a nice stroll away through the rainforest.

At the Beach Club, beach towels are brought to you, you get ice water served, and also cold face towels delivered. After we moved to Datai, we didn’t go out any more for meals, we just wanted to fully enjoy the service and facilities.

The beach is nicer and cleaner, with softer sand. It doesn’t have the shallow pools like the ones in Berjaya though, but still, the kids have fun.
Zaria at the Datai beach

Love the beach

They don’t have a shallow wading pool or a baby pool, but Zara with her floats on, could be left alone playing in the pool, we just kept an eye on her from a far. As for Zaria, she refused to put on her neck float, and preferred to sit at the steps of the pool just splashing water.
My Water Girls

I also have my birthday eve dinner at the Beach Club. Zara was dining for free, but the chefs actually took the trouble to prepare something not in their buffet menu for her. The following day’s lunch, when I was undecided on what to order for Zara, the waitress asked what type of food Zara likes, and the waitress got the kitchen to made her fried rice with ikan bilis (Malay : white baits) which wasn’t on the menu! What can I say about the service?

When we asked for a late check out because our flight was close to 6pm, I was thinking even 1hr later would be nice. The front desk requested for our flight details, and then told us we can have the room till 3pm! What a delight! Snob hotels like Equatorial should really learn from them.

I so regret we didn’t stay there for 2 nights as Daddy had suggested, especially since they are running the Rainforest Promo where the rate is almost half of the published rate. I was just trying to be nice to Daddy’s pocket. *Sigh* By the way, price for local meals in Datai is almost the same as what Bon Ton charges,  I just think Bon Ton is overcharging!

Overall, it was quite a nice trip, except Daddy and I have no time for ourselves, and we seemed to need double of the time to do everything. More time needed for everybody to shower and get ready, more time needed to finish a meal, so, we have less time to go around or visit other parts of the island.

Walking Back

We have to plan for another trip before year end and I wonder if we should bring one of the maids this time.

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