Going To School & Dragon I

August 6, 2007 at 6:04 pm

We’d started sending Zara to play school once a week since 2 weeks ago. It’s a 1.5hr per week pre-kindergarten program which includes lots of play time (sand/water play and gym), with a bit of singing, reading, and phonics teaching.

Unlike Julia Gabriel Edu Drama class (which we eventually didn’t sign her up), I cannot be with her during lesson.

She cried the 1st lesson when I had to leave her (adviced by school to let them handle her even if she cried); separated by 2 doors, we could still hear her loud wailing. She stopped 20mins later, when they started doing sand and water play as well as painting.

Yesterday, she shed a drop or two of tears when I left her. Telling me with trembling lips, “Mummy I want to go home.” I just said my goodbyes and told her I would wait for her outside. She was ok throughout, but kept coming out when she had a chance to tell me, “”Mummy, I finish already. Can go home now?” The teacher told me she was ok in class, but every now and then, she would ask the teacher if she could leave to go to Lake Gardens to see the brachiosaurus (the teacher actually asked how Zara knows such words). o.O”

After lesson, we heard her saying to herself, “House is for mouse. Mouse lives in a house.” (they were probably doing the ‘ouse’ sound in class) and also singing some unknown songs. Looks like she’s already picking things up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On Saturday, we went to Lake Gardens. After which, we thought of having dinner in Hakka Restaurant.
Daddy : “Zara, we go to Hakka Restaurant for dinner ok?”
Zara : “No No. I want to go Dragon I. I want to eat the noodles there. Because the noodles there is so nice.”
Daddy : “But Hakka Restaurant is also nice.”
Zara : “No. The restaurant is too loud (even though she may not know where Hakka is, she always use this excuse to get us out of a restaurant). I want to go Dragon I. I want to eat the juicy pow. The juicy pow and the noodle very yummy one.”
Daddy to me : “Er, where is the nearest Dragon I?”
Me : “Mid Valley.”
Daddy to Zara : “Ok. Daddy bring you to Dragon I.”
(See, if I asked Daddy to bring me to Midvalley on a weekend, he’ll say I’m crazy. Whatever the daugther wants, he’ll just oblidge.)

Zara ate 1/3 bowl of plain la-mien (Chinese : Noodle) with a serving of 4 juicy pow xiao long bao (Chinese : pork dumplings). At least she ate what she said she wanted, and that made Daddy happy.

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