Lombok Part 4 – Jeeva Klui and Around Sengigi Area

January 15, 2013 at 10:52 pm

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♥November 28th♥

Jeeva Klui entrance

Jeeva Klui, is a small boutique hotel with 35 rooms located on Klui Beach, 5km away from Senggigi, the main Lombok tourist area. The place is beautiful : the rooms spacious and functional, the grounds immaculately kept and nicely landscaped. Every thing is very stylish yet rustic.

Our room was a partial ocean room, located on the top floor of a two-story bangalow.

This was the view from our verandah.Jeeva Klui - view from room

Our room key.Jeeva Klui key

The bangalow with our room on the top floor.Jeeva Klui - Partial Ocean View Room

The girls were so happy there was a pool, like me, they prefer to swim in fresh water instead of sea water. We took a table at the restaurant which was close to the pool for breakfast to keep an eye on the girls while they swam.

Watching over the girls over breakfastJeeva Klui restaurant and pool

My healthy breakfastJeeva Klui healthy breakfast

Lounging by the pool.Jeeva Klui pool lounge

It was hard to get the girl out of the pool, but we wanted to go to Senggigi for lunch and a walk about, and when they were told they could buy something from the art market, they agreed to shower and get dressed.

We took a bemo (small covered pick-up truck with narrow padded seating benches in the rear) to Senggigi, which we flagged outside of Jeeve Klui, and it cost about USD1 for 4 of us for the trip (an aircon taxi would probably be about ~USD2).

Senggigi is the main tourism centre on Lombok. Not as large or busy as its Bali counterparts, it’s more laid-back, with a small art market for shopping, a couple of mini-marts (we were looking for supermarket, but we only saw those 24 hours mini marts), a few spas. There were many cafes and restaurants that line the beach and along the main road, some local warungs, and lots of tour and dive/snorkeling centres.

We had lunch at Yessy Cafe (nice fried fish, simple hut like setting, nothing to shout about), and then did a walk about in Senggigi.

A sign board for a tour centre at the beach.Tourist Sign at Senggigi Beach

A painting on the wall of a restaurantRestaurant Painting at Senggigi Beach

Lots of boats docking at the beachBoat At Senggigi Beach

A local warung at the beach.Warung At Senggigi Beach

Snorkeling and dive centre drying the equipment.Snorkeling and Dive Centre At Senggigi Beach

I don’t know where these baby turtles come from and why they are kept in the small tank, I hope they would be released out to the sea and not ended up on someone’s dining table.Turtle At Senggigi Beach Snorkeling and Dive Centre

A BBQ Warung we wanted to try, but only served beef mainly.A BBQ Warung At Senggigi

Late afternoon, I had a massage, the girls have their pedicure manicure done in a spa (all came out to be about RM60), while Daddy had a beer (or two?) at a bar waiting for us. Everyone had an hour doing what they like best.

Locals in Lombok are friendly, and we chatted with a few. Nobody seems to be in a rush, and they look like life is good to them.

Friendly local with ukuleleLocals At Senggigi

The son of the Bemo driver we took back to the hotel.Boy in a Bemo

We went back to Jeeva Klui in the evening to catch the sunset, and the girls went back to the pool.

All around Jeeve Klui, sandstone statues like these can be seen.Statue in Jeeva Klui

Jeeva Klui restaurant in the eveningJeeva Klui Restaurant in the evening

Jeeva Klui restaurant outdoor sitting in the eveningJeeva Klui Restaurant at sunset

The sunset wasn’t that spectacular as it was a cloudy day. If it was a good and clear day, you can actually the sunset with Bali’s Mt Agung (yes, you can actually see Mount Agung from Jeeva Klui) on the horizon.
Sunset at Jeeva Klui

It was very nice though to have a sunset drink by the pool while watching over the girls enjoying themselves in the pool.
Sunset drink at Jeeva Klui

I love the turn down service in Jeeva Klui. It’s always interesting to see how they’d placed Fifi in the room.
Fifi In Jeeva Klui

For dinner, instead of dining in Jeeva Klui like the day before, we decided to take a cab to go to Mataram (the capital of the Province of Nusa Tenggara Barat, the province Lombok belongs to).

Daddy found this restaurant, Warung Menega online, and wanted to try out. It’s a Seafood BBQ restaurant by the sea. The fish and prawns (Lombok sure have the best prawn I’d ever tasted) were fantastic!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel, hang about in the reception area, and game room, and then off to bed.

Jeeva Klui reception in the nightReception at Jeeva Klui

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