What Happens If….. (Continues)

October 4, 2012 at 9:12 am

Half a year ago, I wrote about Zara going into an internal turmoil or worry state where she kept thinking of the worst of things and kept asking what happens if….. While things at school has improved, she’s still a worry wart.

One day before bed time, she found a mosquito in the room. She asked Daddy to swat and kill it. It wasn’t easy to spot the mosquito, so after a while, Daddy gave up. Zara got worried.
Zara : What happens if the mosquito sting me?
Me : It’s ok, you’ll just get an itch.
Zara : NOOOO. What happens if it has plasmasodium?
Me : o.O Plas-WHAT?
Zara : Plasmasodium, the parasite that caused dengue.
(It’s actually Plasmodium. I googled later then found out.)
Me : o.O …..

And another day, she put a pencil in her mouth (don’t know why she did that).
Zara : Dad, I put a pencil in my mouth. And I think I accidentally ate some of the lead. What will happen to me?
Daddy : Nothing will happen to you.
Zara : I remember you told me lead is poisonous. What happens if I got poisoned?
Daddy : The pencils now are made with safe lead. It’s not poisonous any more.
(thought it was over)
Zara : Dad, how long ago was pencil lead still poisonous?
Daddy : Maybe 30 years ago?
Zara : When did you get that pencil? (referring to the pencil she put in her mouth)
Daddy : Don’t know. Maybe last year.
Zara : What happens if the pencil was 30yrs old?
Daddy : It cannot be.
Zara : What happens if you forgot but the pencil was actually something you have for 30yrs?
o.O” Oh.. she can go on.

Other things she worries :
Such as when Daddy cuts her fruits, she’ll ask him, “Did you wash your hands?

Or when Daddy offers her a piece of Tamagoyaki from his sashimi plate, she’ll tell him off, “You took that from the same plate as the raw fish and you want me to eat? I don’t want to get salmonella, ok?.”

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