Zara vs Zaria – Worry Wart vs Optimist

June 8, 2012 at 12:09 pm

What is the opposite of a worry wart? In Chinese we say ‘bochap’, in Malay we say ‘tidak apa’, is an optimist the same in English?

Anyway, this is how the girls are. One a worry wart, another isn’t bothered with anything, here is an example.

We were packing for our recent holidays, and I got the girls to pick out their clothes for me to put in the luggage. I told them we’ll be away for 5days/4nights, we need a set of clothes each day, 2 panties for every day, and then 2 set of pajamas.

Zaria finished hers real quickly. Picking up 2 sets of clothing, 2 panties.
Me : We are going for 5 days, you need 5 set of clothing! This is not enough.
Zaria : I can wear them again wut. o.O”
Me : *rolled eyes* Ya.. you’ll wear your panties again and again until you can throw it on the wall and it’ll stick there.

Zara picked what? 12 panties, 8 sets of clothing.
Me : Aiyo, we’re going for 5days and 4nights, you don’t need so many panties and clothes.
Zara : I need to bring extra, what if I dirty them, or spill something on my clothes, then I have extra to change to. o.O”

This is how they are… one the worry wart.. the other the opposite.

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