9 month old

August 22, 2005 at 6:13 pm

Zara has turned 9mth old yesterday. A summary of her development at this stage:

She weighs 7.33Kg
She’s 72cm tall
She has 4 teeth (2 upper and 2 lower)

Mobility :
Sitting – she sits well, and able to pull herself to a sitting position from crawling or while lying down.
Crawling – she’s able to crawl, preferring the tummy on the floor method than tummy lifted off the floor.
Cruising – She’s able to bring herself up to a standing position while grabbing on to something, cruise around furniture confidently, sit herself down from standing position (still need some fine tuning, as now she’s just plonking herself down)

Language :
Understanding – simple phrases/words like sit down, NO NO, STOP, stand up, clap your hands, say(wave) bye bye, stamp your feet, kick, come (to mummy or daddy), biscuit, mum-mum, drink water, give me five.
She likes people to read to her, and follow our finger when we point out the words to her while reading.
She also enjoys listening to songs sung to her, if it’s a recording of songs, she prefers children doing the singing.

Speaking – She babbles in more than 1 syllable and sound, but no mama or dada or mummum yet. Most frequent sound she makes is “Ek!” (for calling some one), or Ah-ta (don’t know what this means), “Aaaaa” (probably singing).

Communication (w/out words) – she tells me she’s hungry by leaning on me and sucking her thumb. She rubs her eyes when she’s sleepy. She likes to copy people’s facial expression, like pouting her lips for kissing, sticking out her tongue, opening and closing her mouth like she’s eating.

Hands coordination :
She can clap her hands, wave bye bye, open and close her hands (doing twinkle twinkle little star, nowadays, her bye bye seems to be done in this manner too) pick up small pieces of bread or biscuit to put in her mouth (still perfecting her pincher grip).

Feeding :
She’s on 2 solid meals (probably eating about 2 to 3 table spoons of food), 5 feeds of breast milk, and snack on some biscuits a day.

Preferences :
She’s started having preferences on who she wants to be with, where she wants to be, what to eat (if we give her something she doesn’t like, she’ll just purse her lips and if we forced feed her, she’ll make the Urk vomit sound).

Emotions :
She has very developed tear glands, when she cries, big droplet of tears roll down the cheek, a very pitiful sight.
She knows how to complain by making noises or whining. Sometimes stiffening her legs in protest.
When she’s happy, she makes happy noises, “Aaagh!”
She smiles a lot when she’s in a good mood.
She is a thumb sucker, and normally can pacify herself or get herself to sleep sucking her thumb.

Overall, she’s a happy and healthy baby.

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