Haze and Fretful Baby

August 12, 2005 at 10:51 pm

The whole of Klang Valley was hit with the bad haze (caused by burning of plantation in Sumatra), a layer of smoke enveloping the whole city, visibility was down to 500meters. Every breath taken outdoor caused a choke, and you can feel your lungs working extra hard. This situation caused lots of people with respiratory related illnesses prolong their suffering. Zara was one of the victim. Although she has recovered from her fever, she still has a quite a bad cough and a bit of runny nose.

When we’re in Karen’s place, she is so fretful, and wants to be near me all the time. I guess with me working from home didn’t help much, as the more she knows I’m around, the more she will ‘look’ for me.

Her usual excitement during bath time, had also turned into some kind of torture. The minute she’s taken to the bath room by Elizebeth, her shouting and screaming bout starts. Nothing can consol her. We have to resort to topping and tailing her most of the time.

When we’re back home (we lived in one of the worst hit area), we spent most of our time in our own room, with the aircon (with in-built air filtration and ioniser) on, and if we needed to be in the living room, we have the ironiser turned on full blown, and all the windows shut tight.

It seems the haze is going to be with us for a while until the wind changed directions or the monsoon arrives. We will have to endure more of this till then.

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