Girls’ Favourite

April 2, 2010 at 1:59 pm

A few of the girls’ latest favourite.

Their favourite drink, TEA.
Pokka Green Tea, and after the Singapore trip, they are ordering Teh-C everywhere they go (even at home!).
Both Daddy and I are tea drinker, I guess we kind of influenced them.

Their favourite food, pan-mee or any doughy noodle (lamien, farfalle). They could hardly finish half bowl of rice, but give them lamien, they can finish a full bowl, no problem.
And Zaria recently just loves corn.
Zaria munching on a corn

Nail art is something they have discovered, and love.
Zara's nail

And of course, they love drawing and painting.
Girls doing painting

Zara's little zoo

Zaria's butterflies

Heartshape butterflies.
Zara's heartshape butterflies

And sometimes drawing things they do, like Zaria’s hand with nail art, spot that?
Zaria's best

This is their current phase.

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