All About Milk

February 8, 2006 at 7:08 pm

1) In the midst of Weaning
She started taking 1 bottle of formula each day. She’s no longer complaining. Happily takes it, even if I was the one offering compared to the previous months.
Not sure when she’s going to be completely weaned off breast feeding, but it is definitely in progress (I guess it’s more of mummy not willing to stop than her).

2) Bottle or Breast
She has a choice now, especially during the days when I’m around.
When she asked for Milk Milk (she no longer said “HUH, HUH” like she used to), I would ask her, “Zara want breast or bottle?”
In most cases, she’ll say, “Best” (breast), and points to my breast

3) Frustrated
One day I had a block duct on my left breast. Since I wanted her to help me clear the blockage, during her feed, I kept only offering that breast (for those who’s not familiar with breast feeding, normally you swap breast mid feed so the baby gets to have a fuller feed) which was my weaker breast (less milk).
She sucked, then stopped. Looked at me, “milk milk!”.
The duct didn’t clear yet, so I told her, “yeah, Zara suck suck then” and stuffed the breast back to her mouth.
She sucked, then stopped and said “milk, milk!” again.
The duct didn’t clear, so I guess she was getting very little milk.
She did this one more time. Finally, she stopped and looked at me, “Bottle!”
She was frustrated, all the sucking and no milk. Ha, she opted for the bottle instead!

4) Habis (Malay: Finished)
I fed her a bottle of formula on Sunday. After taking half the bottle, she sat up, took the cap of the bottle, cap back the bottle and said, “habis!”
Guess where she picks up that word from.

5) Excited over the breast
Since it’s CNY, we eat out a lot (some how some one would be buying dinner or it was our turn to buy). At about 10pm, Zara would want her milk fix.
She would then suck her thumb, lay her head on my chest, and said, “milk milk”
If I can’t find a place to feed her, she would then grope my breast, follow by a louder, “milk milk”.
If I still don’t feed her, she would try to reach her hand into my blouse to get to my breast.
All these in public.
My solution, hand her to daddy. 😛

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