My Not So Big Entertainer

January 6, 2010 at 6:22 pm

Zara since a toddler has been amusing us with the way she speaks, now barely 5, we’re still at aw at the things she said and her astounding vocabulary. Now I don’t really speak that well, so the credit is not mine. I think she picks up a lot from TV and books and also Daddy who tries to introduce new words to her frequently. What amazed us is she knows when to apply those words, and uses them so effortlessly.

We were talking about safety. Like when we cross a road, the girls have to hold on to our hands and not just dash across, or they cannot play with sharp things or fire at home etc.
Zara said, “If you do any of these, then it’s safety violation right?
o.O” I don’t use such big words at home.

♥Why I got married to Daddy♥
Daddy was away, and we were chatting in bed. Zara was telling me some of the ‘safety violation’ things the Daddy did.
“You know, one time when he picked us up from school, he left us in the car and went to buy char-siew-rice. And the car was parked near some shops not opened yet (it was actually a row of new shops), I can see a lot of construction workers walking around.” (OMG! I gave Daddy a good one after that, but he kept saying it’s safer to leave them in the car than to bring them down to the busy restaurant. Grrr!)
Fired by what Zara just told me, I added, “Your dad ah, when it comes to safety he’s really bad. You see, when meimei didn’t want to be belt up in the car, he just left her alone and didn’t insist she should belt up. When the car breaks suddenly what will happen?”
“Mei mei will fly to the front of the car.”
After a moment of silent, Zara sat up on the bed, looked at me angrily, turned her palms up and said, “Then why did you get married to him? You shouldn’t have married him in the first place!” (she thought I should marry someone who observes safety rules and then she’ll have a dad who doesn’t leave her in the car).

♥That’s not talking♥
We went to a friend’s house and the girls got to play with my friend’s almost 3yrs old son who speaks ok for his age but probably not as well as Zaria. On our way home, I asked Zara, “Did you enjoy playing with J?”
Zaria said no, because J was very rough (It’s a boy thing, I know). Zara said no, because he doesn’t talk.
I added, “Who said he doesn’t talk. He was talking.”
Zara said, “No. That’s not talking, that’s muttering.”

The girls went back to school, and during dinner, we asked them how things were at school. They were telling us their teachers’ names, and which classroom they were at etc.
Zara added, “You know now the library is not upstairs anymore? They dynamite the walls at the library and made it into a classroom. Now the library is downstairs.”
o.O” (Dynamite!)

♥Daddy stay home♥
Daddy was talking about a trip he was making to Germany. The girls were strongly against that. Zaria said, “I don’t want you to go to Germany.”
Zara said, “If you go to Germany, mummy had to send us to school and pick us up. Mummy will be exhausted!”
o.O” I didn’t think she would use such an excuse, and I would have used the word ‘tired’ in my conversation.

♥Am I a Mum?♥
Upon reaching the mall, I got the girls to do their pee-wee, then I brought them to MPH while Daddy went for his haircut. Barely 20mins later, Zara wanted to go to the toilet again.
I was annoyed, so while walking to the toilet with the two of them, I said, Why 1st time you didn’t she-she properly, now want to go again?, and then I added, “After this you want to she-she again I won’t bring you any more.. you can sheshe in your pants.” (I know i’m bad)
Zara just said, “Mum.. you know.. if you are a mother right.. you won’t say such things. Why are you saying such things?”
o.O” Piak, it hit me right in the face.

I don’t just have 1 entertainer, I have 2. Don’t you envy me?

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