Zaria The Horrible

December 15, 2009 at 6:20 pm

See this girl.. so angelic looking right?

Angel Looking Zaria

When she’s angry, she is fierce. Girls were playing together, and Zara took away a pebble from Zaria. Without warning, Zaria took off one side of the click clock shoes she was wearing, and tossed it at Zara in a fit of rage. It hit Zara on the forehead, and created a big bump on her head, not to mention a bruise.

See the bruise? That’s 3 days later.
Zara and her bruise

Zaria got lots of lecturing from both Daddy and I, and also spanking from me. And now, her beautiful click clock shoes will be locked up. No more wearing click clock shoes for her.
Beautiful Click Clock Shoes

This wasn’t the first click clock shoes incident. A couple of months ago, she was wearing them in the bed room, and something triggered (which I can’t recall what it was now), and made her really angry. She tossed one side of the shoes at our wardrobe, no damage to the cupboard doors, but see the chip on her shoe?

Chipped Click Clock Shoes

Do you think it’s her age? Or more her character? I just hope she’ll be able to manage her anger better when she gets older.

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