Oral Hygiene

August 2, 2005 at 4:37 pm

The Pigeon Trainer Toothbrush set is a really good buy, with 3 brushes for different stages. We got Zara a set, and she’s currently using the Step 1 brush, it comes with a safety shield which prevents choking.

When we first introduced the tooth brush to her, she bit on it like a teething toy. She didn’t mind us moving the brush around for her, and sometimes she’ll hold it herself.

I’d been carrying her while I brush my teeth lately, and now when we give her her tooth brush, she’ll put it in her mouth, and move the ‘brush’ around, probably trying to imitate my brushing.

She’s ‘brushing’ her gums most of the time, and I have to help her with her 4 pearly whites (she’s corporative all the time, allowing me to move the brush around her teeth).

I also rub Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel on her teeth once in the morning and once just before she goes to bed.

Not sure if it’s the daily brushing and the gel, or babies are just like that, but Zara has no morning breath at all. She always smells good in the morning!

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