The Possessive Zaria

June 19, 2009 at 10:54 pm

Sweet Zaria

Zaria has become very possessive recently.

When Daddy reads to Zara, and Zara sits on his lap, Zaria will quickly try to squeeze herself on Daddy’s lap too. Sometimes pushing Zara away in the process.

When Zara lies close to me on the bed, she would try to squeeze herself in between us (even though there are lots of space on my other side). Failing to do so, she would complain “Mummy, jiejie don’t take turns.”

When I carry other babies or toddlers in the park, she will quickly leave whatever she is doing and come over and tug on my t-shirt, “Mummy, cannot carry XXXX.” (XXXX the name of the toddler or baby).
When I reply, “It’s ok, mummy carry XXXX for a while.”
She will then say something like, “I want to go home now. It’s getting dark. Put XXXX down.”

The latest incident further proved her possessiveness.

Normally I would carry her on my back after our daily park visit.
Two days ago, on our way home, Zara fell and scratched both her knees. She complained she couldn’t walk, and asked me to carry her. So I asked Zaria to walk and then I piggy-backed Zara.
Zaria : *screaming* “Mummy, I want you to carry me!!”
Me : “Jiejie fell down, she cannot walk, mummy need to carry her.
Next thing I knew, she plonked herself on the road, siting ther and telling me, “See, I fall down already. Now you carry me.” o.O”

I didn’t fall for her trick, even though she cried all the way home, I got her to walk.

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