I Love The Way …

June 7, 2009 at 4:47 pm

Cheeky Zaria

I love the way Zaria uses words she’s familiar with to pronunce new words. I love :

The way she says milipede as Lilly-pede. (Lilly is a name Zara gave to her toy tortoise).

The way she says matchmaker (from Mulan show) as Fat maker (since the matchmaker is, well, FAT).
Matchmaker from Mulan

Credit : Picture taken from iCandi.

The way she says rambutan as Rumple-utan. (from her story book Rumplestiltskin & another story about Orang Utan)

The way she says accidentally as Accident gently.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cheeky Zara

I like the way Zara talk back to Daddy (but not when she talks back to me).

Once Daddy kept correcting her Grammar, and she got fed up, “Don’t be such a show off, dad.”

Another time Zara wanted Daddy to bring her to my sis’ place so she can play with her cousins, and Daddy replied, “Why do we want to go there? So boring, nothing to do.”
Zara very quickly answered, “Oh, when you go to your mother’s place you happy la, got things to do la. When I ask you to go to my cousin’s place, you say boring la?

I like the way she prayed on some nights.
“I pray that my Daddy will not dilly dally when we want to go out.”
“I pray that my Daddy will not fall asleep when he’s jaga-ing (Malay : looking after) us.”

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