Coping with New environment

August 1, 2005 at 3:22 pm

Tuyam is going back to Indonesia for a month starting next week.

Zara instead of going to Jenny Ah Kim’s house, will go to Karen Yee Yee’s house, since Karen has 2 maids who can help to look after her.

We started bringing her over today. She was having a tough time trying to adjust to the new environment and Elizabeth (my sister’s Filipino maid). Tuyam told me Zara didn’t want Elizabeth to handle her at all, sticking closely to Tuyam all the time. Tuyam couldn’t leave Zara(with Elizabeth) to take her shower or to cook, because Zara would cry on top of her voice, and had tears rolling down. A pitiful sight. She refused to let Elizabeth carry her, and turned to face the other side when Elizabeth reached out for her.

In the evening, when she saw me walking into the house, she squealed happily, and grinned, and started to crawl towards me. What else could please me more than this sight after a hard day’s work? I picked her up and gave her a big hug, as she deserves one!

It is going to be tough for her these few days, but she’ll have to cope. I’ll work from Karen’s place the next few weeks until she settles in or Tuyam comes back (whichever is earlier).

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