Weekend mishap – luckily a small one

July 31, 2005 at 12:17 pm

Daddy made a cup of tea on Saturday night with hot boiling water. Zara as usual got excited when she saw him with the purple glazed mug.

I’d already told him many times not to go near Zara when he’s drinking hot tea, but he’s too distracted by her excitement to take note.

Zara wanted to touch the mug, and he allowed it. Letting her touch the mug, and teaching her the sensation is HOT. “Daddy’s tea is HOT HOT, Zara”. Zara just got more excited. “Zara cannot drink tea yet, but Zara can smell it”, he put the cup near Zara’s nose for a sniff. Zara opened her mouth, and wanted to take a sip.

I have to interupt at this point and carried her away, and told daddy to drink his tea some where else. Once the mug was out of sight, Zara forgot about it, and started looking for other things to play with.

The following morning, when I was dressing Zara up, I spotted she had a blister on her index finger, clearly caused by a burnt. I couldn’t think where else she could have burnt herself besides from the very hot tea mug. There was also red blotch on her nose, I suspected it’s from the steam from the tea.

I showed daddy and he agreed it must have been from the tea mug. In another day and time, I would have kicked up a fuss, but because he seemed sorry and Zara is ok and not complaining, I just told him he should not do this again. I just can’t imagine what would happen if the whole mug of hot tea was spilled on her, especially she has such quick hands nowadays.

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