Woot!! Zara is Reading & Writing Words

March 10, 2009 at 2:02 pm

Yesterday, while I was working (yes, it was a working weekend for me), Zara was hanging around in the study. She started pointing to objects, and said, “Per-per-per Eh-Eh NNN.. PEN!” “Ker-ker Ah-Ah Per Per.. CUP.” “Der-Orrr… DOOR.”

I have been trying to teach her to put phonic sounds together to make words, but she had not grasped it, so I was surprised she’s doing it herself just overnight.

In the night, when it was reading time, I took out a book I’d been keeping away from the girls which is meant for phonic readers, a book Zara has not read before. I got Zara to read it. Shorts stories like, A bug. A rug. A bug in a rug. As snug as a bug in a rug. or Tom’s dog has lots of spots. Tom and Bog have not got spots. Splot! Now Tom and Bob have lots of spots. And Tom’s dog has not.

She was able to put individual sounds together in a word, and read the sentences; with occasional help on words she has not learnt the sounds yet (i.e. Now). Slowly but surely, she finished reading the few short stories in the book.

You can imagine how happy both Daddy and I were! We cheered and carried her around the room. I told her, “Now that you know how to read, very soon you’ll be writing as well. Writing is just putting sounds in a word on paper.” All motivated, she said she wanted to try.

She wrote these. Can you make them out? (Some alphabets were written in mirror image. I don’t correct her when she’s writing words, so that it doesn’t stop her flow of thoughts, but only correct her when she’s writing alphabets)
Zara's writing 1CUP, DOG, MUM, DAD, SIS, SAM and then she turned the page and wrote more, BOOK, CAT.

Zara's writing 2These are pretty obvious.

And then she said, “I want to write (the word) calculator. Can you help me?”
o.O” (I didn’t help, as it was already 11pm, and she hasn’t learnt the sound ‘oo’ ‘ay’ or ‘er’ yet. I’ll keep that for next time).

I used to work in an English centre for pre-schoolers where phonics were taught, that’s were I picked up my phonics, and understand the importance of phonics for young kids to learn reading and writing. I made sure the school I sent the girls to emphasise on phonics, and I spent time to help Zara with phonics; so I’m really proud that Zara has finally understand how to piece sounds to make words (for reading), and how to break the words into sounds (for writing). We’re really happy with her development at 4yrs 3months.

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