Zaria’s Chatters – 2

February 12, 2009 at 7:48 pm

Zaria is asking a lot of Why nowadays. Her sentences most of the time starts with Why. She also likes to add, “You know.” in her speech; e.g. “Jiejie also want you know.”. Another favourite phrases she likes to use is “or not?” e.g. “Can or not?” and “You know or not?” .

Here are some of her recent chatters:

She was getting ready for school (by Jelly), and I was still lying on the bed.
She asked Jelly, “Why mummy so lazy?” o.O

She came back from school with a party pack, and asked me, “Why mummy got monster?” I didn’t get it until she showed me the Mamee noodle pack in her party pack.
Mamee Noodle

She cried when her teacher helped carry her to the car. I asked her later when we got home, “You don’t like teacher Doreen?
Zaria replied, “I like wut.” (The ‘wut’ is another word she likes to use)
I asked again, “Then why you cried when she carried you today?”
She replied, “Becaussssssssssse (as though thinking of the right answer), only mummy can carry me”

Zaria was with me, when I was flipping the newspaper. I showed her a Bridal House advertisement.
Me : See.. uncle and auntie getting married
Zaria : Why they get married?
Me : Because they love each other, so they get married. Mummy love you too you know?
Zaria : You getting married with me?
Me : Mummy not boy, cannot get married with you.
Zaria : Daddy married me? o.O”

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