Stand Up!

July 30, 2005 at 4:18 pm

On Friday evening, after dinner, we had some grapes in the living room. She was standing supported by her hands leaning against the coffee table, when the grape was served, and she spotted the plate of grapes.

I sat her down on the floor next to the coffee table, so that it’ll be easier for me to feed her small pieces of the skinned grape. She was, however, very eager to reach for the grapes. While sitting down, she reached for the corner of the table, and tried to pull herself up.

My heart skipped a few beats as she failed and fell. A few times she landed on her bottom, once or twice, she almost lost her balance and nearly landed with her head knocking on some thing or the floor. She wasn’t deterred by any of these falling.

After I helped her sit back up, she tried to pull herself up again . She was able to lift herself up high enough for her to see the grapes. More temptation, more determinations!

Then she tried to get more help, she used her hands to pull herself, and at the same time use her 4 little teeth biting on the corner of the table to further propel herself. I of course told her NO, NO BITING, and pushed her head away from the table.

She still didn’t give up hope, and continued pulling, falling, pulling, falling. Having a glimpse of the grape when her head was high enough to spot it.

Then in finally happened! She managed to pull herself up standing!! Hip Hip hooray! I carried her and shouted. She had a big grinned, kicked her legs a few times, indicating she’s also very happy with herself. Samantha che-che clapped for her, Ah kim clapped for her. Her grinned widened, her kicking more furious. She was making happy noises, and coughed out some small pieces of grapes in the process.

She achieve another milestone today. She was very pleased with herself, I was happy, and daddy was very proud of her (although he didn’t see it and learnt of it later in the night).

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