Look Who’s Playing Together

October 13, 2008 at 6:18 pm

One of our colleagues came from Sydney to Malaysia for a holiday, so Mom2Ashley and I met up to have dinner with him. We brought our kids along.

Ha, we didn’t plan this, but both Ashley and Zara wore the same outfit which we bought for them from US. Not to mention, I too wore the same outfit, because Zara insisted that I wear the same top as her.

When the 2 first met, Zara being the brave one, went over to shake hands with Ashley. Ashley was a bit shy, and she just stared at all of us smile-less.

Zara and Ashley - Getting to know each other

At the restaurant, we put both of them seated together.
Zara initiated, “Can I borrow your car.”
Ashley said, “Yes”
They both played with a car separately.
After a while, when we said we wanted to take a photo with the 2 of them, Zara sat over at Ashley’s seat and put her arms around Ashley (See Ashley in the photo, still hardly warmed up yet).

Next moment, spark flew. They started playing like old friends, chasing each other around, laughing at each other’s jokes. When Ashley needed to go to the toilet, Zara followed too, holding each other’s hands. We can see both of them were enjoying each other’s company.

When it was time to leave, Zara asked me, “Why we go home so early? I was having fun with Ashley.” o.O”

Zara and Ashley - Best of Friends

That’s no way I can have as much fun with Zara as she could with her own group of friends. Just like the last time we went to Jazzmint‘s place, she too had lots of fun with Faythe. So we’ll need to organise some kind of play group for them in the near future.

Oh what about Zaria? That girl was too busy exploring, no time to make friends, if she could just sit down quietly like Aidan half the time, that’ll make us less tiring.

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