Is your baby a girl or boy?

July 27, 2005 at 3:20 pm

We always get this question. Even when we dressed Zara up as feminine as we possibly could. There were two occasions which I find the ones asking the questions too blind to see the ‘details’.

One was when she was dressed up in her spaghetti strap body suit (on the left), and another when we dressed her up in pink with accompanying pink head band (below).

We were out on both occasions, and there were people (men actually who have kids with them), who asked “is your baby a girl or a boy?” Well, I know she doesn’t quite have the feminine feature yet, and her hair is so little, that people may actually think she’s a boy; but come on, she has this feminine looking outfit on. Argh!

Are these people too blind to notice it or these people actually dressed up their sons in spaghetti strap dresses and let them wear pink hairbands?

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