Kids Say The Darndest Things – Zara’s and Zaria’s Chitter Chatter

May 11, 2012 at 9:18 pm

I love re-reading some of my old posts about the things the girls, recently however, instead of putting in a blog post, I put it on Facebook instead.

Just so I don’t miss some of their witty conversation, I’d better jot them down here too. These were some of their witty remarks earlier this year (I remember because I either put it on paper or update Facebook), some taken from Facebook status.

In Jan
She gave me the paper doll she created in her art class.
Zaria : Since I give you my dolly, you have to give me something.
Me : I give you my love.
Zaria : I don’t want any part of your body.
Me : I’m giving you my love. Not my body.
Zaria : Your love is from your body right? I don’t want any part of your body. o.O”

Caught Zaria watching Xmen2.
Me : I thought I told you no more Xmen show?
Zaria : But I remember in this show they didn’t say “kiss that, bitch” so I can watch right? o.O

If you’d been to the busy shops in SS15, you’ll notice near Mc Donald’s, there’s a dodgy place called Momo Hime Japanese Lounge. We passed by one night, and Zara said she wanted to check out the place.
Me : No, you can’t go there, because it’s a place for people and do hanky panky things
Zara : What’s hanky panky?
Me : When a man wants to go and date another woman who’s not his wife
Zara : You mean they go there to mate? o.O”
Possibly.. but I don’t know.

Zaria is very good with giving threats earlier this year. i.e.
If you don’t buy me the crown, I won’t let you take photo of me.
If you don’t XYZ, I won’t talk to you for 13yrs. o.O”
If you don’t …., I won’t ….. etc etc etc

Zaria asked over dinner one day. “How come in adult shows, they don’t just kiss one time, they go muak muak muak muak muak (pouting her lips she tilted her head left, then right, then left)”…. o.O”

In Mar during our holidays in Singapore;
Zaria saw so many Zara shops there, so she complained, “So not fair, every where there’s jiejie’s shop!”
Then she thought of an idea, “I want to change my name. I want my name to be Unique. So I’ll have lots of shops as well.”
(Their sirname is Low…. so Unique+Low = Uniqlo.) o.O

In Mar when I was maidless for a month.
Asked Zaria to peel garlic and onion for me.
Me : Zaria, can you please help me to peeeeeeel…………. (3s and the word is still not out)
Zaria : Onion is it?
Me : Yes. Make sure you peel them on top of tttthhhhe ………… (3s passed)
Zaria : Newspaper. Mummy, why are you loosing your words? Are you going crazy
Yes.. almost. Luckily it was only for a month.

One day, Zara kept interrupting me at work to help her with her homework. On the way to school..
Me : Next time you have to do whatever you know how to do first, then whatever you don’t, ask me at one go. I need to work you know. I cannot be interrupted so many times.
Zara : You have the whole day to do your work.
Me : It’s not a matter of whole day or not. If my boss wants something in the morning, I have to give it to him in the morning.
Zara : At least your boss don’t cane you. o.O”

Loosing Their Kiddish English/Thoughts

July 13, 2010 at 11:13 am

The girls are growing up so fast, and loosing their Kiddish English or Thoughts.

Although we conciously try to correct them (especially Zaria) when they mispronounced words or made gramatical mistakes, so that they get a good start in the language, none-the-less, I like to reminisce the little mistakes or the innocent thoughts they have.

Here is to capture a few of them.

Over dinner, Zaria was holding a princess book of stickers (Thanks to Rachel), then she asked me, “Maa, which one you think is mosest pretty?”
(mosest = most)

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

In the car, the girls wanted to see who can count the fastest.
Zaria gave the command to start the race, Alamak… get set, go!!”
(alamak = on your mark)

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

Zaria always pronounce Maggie Mee as Mega Mee, so I asked her, “Why you always call maggie mee as mega me?”
She replied, “No, I never say mega mee wut, I say meh-ger mee.”

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

One day, Zara was standing behind me watching my computer display.
She asked, “Maaa, what are you doing?”
I told her, “You know how to read right? So you read this (pointing to the top left of the display), and tell me what I’m doing.”
She slowly read (phonetically), “Feh-Keh-dook.”

If you don’t get it,
Fa == Feh
ce == Keh
book == dook (she always mixed up d and b)

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

We were seated right at the back in the church attending my grand father’s 100th day mass, making it difficult for the kids to see what’s happening at the alter (and although I’m Catholic, the girls don’t go to church. o.O”).
During the eucharistic prayer, when the server rang the bell, Zaria tip toed, tried to see what’s happening in front and asked, “Is that Santa Clause??”

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

Daddy brought the girls out to do grocery shopping, and normally after shopping, he always gives the girls an ice cream treat. However, on this particular day, as both the girls had the flu, Daddy said no ice cream for the day.
Zaria begged Daddy, “Give me a chance dad…”
Daddy gave her a chance by buying her smarties instead.

~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~

Girls were fighting just before I finished work.
So when I got downstairs, I took the cane and asked them who started the fight first, and what they each did.
Zara kicked Zaria down from the sofa; her punishment, 1 cane stroke.
Zaria kicked Zara numorous times because she wanted space on the sofa; her punishment, 1 cane stroke too.
While caning Zaria, her skirt actually prevented the cane from touching the buttocks, so I lifted her skirt and smack again.
She cried and looked at me with pitiful eyes, and through her sobs, she asked, “Maa, *sob sob*, you *sob sob* want to give me *sob sob* a cane mark?? *sob sob*”

Reaching for Stars!

July 8, 2010 at 6:36 pm

Zara could read, phonatically. However, she takes time to read simple sight words like their, my, we etc. I do not know what reading level children her age should be at, but I’d seen her friends in the same age group (from school, from her music calss) reading phrases with difficult words effortlessly. If I used that as a bench mark, then we’re in trouble.

I thought I’ll do something about it.

Normally in the evening, I try to spend about 30minutes with Zara, helping her with her keyboard pieces, her Chinese, her maths, and English writing or reading. Most of the time she’ll protest having to do more work (on top of her school homework).

So since last week, I thought I’ll start a reward system. Every day, if she’s done well with her extra homework from me, she gets a star. And each star is RM1. She can cash out the money at any time to buy anything she wanted. When this was first introduced, she already had things in mind that she wanted to buy. A pair of sun glasses (30 stars) and a helium balloon (30 stars).

Since the introduction of the reward system, daily, before we read her her bed time story, she’ll proactively ask me to choose the book for her to read; she’ll try to read phonetically, and I’ll help her with the difficult words. For passages which she struggled to read, I will ask her to re-read them the following day to familiarise herself with the words she found difficult.

After slightly more than a week of doing this, I could see her reading has improved a lot! She’s more familiar with the sight words, and getting better with her phonics.

These are the books I used for her reading.
Books Zara Read

Zaria seeing her sister getting stickers and all, wanted to participate too. She’ll ask me to pick a book for her to read too. Being younger, I’ll do most of the reading, but I’ll ask her to read words that are 3 or 4 letters which are spelled phonetically.

Some days, I got her to spell out the words she has read too, and she could. This was one of her ‘spelling’. She got the D written wrongly in AND, so she wrote again; and she tried a few times before she got the tricky S in STOP right.
Zaria's writing

I gave them each a ‘sticker passport’ (just A4 paper folded into 4), and their rewards are pasted on the ‘passport’. Rewards come from reading mainly, but I also give them a star if they are able to spell, do some sums, or behave extremely well.
Sticker Passport

Each day, after getting their stickers, they will count the total, and Zara woud do a count down, “20 more stickers and I can get my sunglasses.”

And Zaria told me yesterday after getting her 11th stickers, “I’m going to the shop to find something with 11 (dollars) on the label.” 🙂

My Not So Big Entertainer

January 6, 2010 at 6:22 pm

Zara since a toddler has been amusing us with the way she speaks, now barely 5, we’re still at aw at the things she said and her astounding vocabulary. Now I don’t really speak that well, so the credit is not mine. I think she picks up a lot from TV and books and also Daddy who tries to introduce new words to her frequently. What amazed us is she knows when to apply those words, and uses them so effortlessly.

We were talking about safety. Like when we cross a road, the girls have to hold on to our hands and not just dash across, or they cannot play with sharp things or fire at home etc.
Zara said, “If you do any of these, then it’s safety violation right?
o.O” I don’t use such big words at home.

♥Why I got married to Daddy♥
Daddy was away, and we were chatting in bed. Zara was telling me some of the ‘safety violation’ things the Daddy did.
“You know, one time when he picked us up from school, he left us in the car and went to buy char-siew-rice. And the car was parked near some shops not opened yet (it was actually a row of new shops), I can see a lot of construction workers walking around.” (OMG! I gave Daddy a good one after that, but he kept saying it’s safer to leave them in the car than to bring them down to the busy restaurant. Grrr!)
Fired by what Zara just told me, I added, “Your dad ah, when it comes to safety he’s really bad. You see, when meimei didn’t want to be belt up in the car, he just left her alone and didn’t insist she should belt up. When the car breaks suddenly what will happen?”
“Mei mei will fly to the front of the car.”
After a moment of silent, Zara sat up on the bed, looked at me angrily, turned her palms up and said, “Then why did you get married to him? You shouldn’t have married him in the first place!” (she thought I should marry someone who observes safety rules and then she’ll have a dad who doesn’t leave her in the car).

♥That’s not talking♥
We went to a friend’s house and the girls got to play with my friend’s almost 3yrs old son who speaks ok for his age but probably not as well as Zaria. On our way home, I asked Zara, “Did you enjoy playing with J?”
Zaria said no, because J was very rough (It’s a boy thing, I know). Zara said no, because he doesn’t talk.
I added, “Who said he doesn’t talk. He was talking.”
Zara said, “No. That’s not talking, that’s muttering.”

The girls went back to school, and during dinner, we asked them how things were at school. They were telling us their teachers’ names, and which classroom they were at etc.
Zara added, “You know now the library is not upstairs anymore? They dynamite the walls at the library and made it into a classroom. Now the library is downstairs.”
o.O” (Dynamite!)

♥Daddy stay home♥
Daddy was talking about a trip he was making to Germany. The girls were strongly against that. Zaria said, “I don’t want you to go to Germany.”
Zara said, “If you go to Germany, mummy had to send us to school and pick us up. Mummy will be exhausted!”
o.O” I didn’t think she would use such an excuse, and I would have used the word ‘tired’ in my conversation.

♥Am I a Mum?♥
Upon reaching the mall, I got the girls to do their pee-wee, then I brought them to MPH while Daddy went for his haircut. Barely 20mins later, Zara wanted to go to the toilet again.
I was annoyed, so while walking to the toilet with the two of them, I said, Why 1st time you didn’t she-she properly, now want to go again?, and then I added, “After this you want to she-she again I won’t bring you any more.. you can sheshe in your pants.” (I know i’m bad)
Zara just said, “Mum.. you know.. if you are a mother right.. you won’t say such things. Why are you saying such things?”
o.O” Piak, it hit me right in the face.

I don’t just have 1 entertainer, I have 2. Don’t you envy me?

My Little Entertainer

January 4, 2010 at 11:37 pm

I have a little machine at home. She switched to different machines according to her mood.
Some day she says she’s a toaster, and she says, “So I want to eat chemical bread*.” or when it’s bath time, “Toaster no need to take bath.”

Sometimes she’s just a machine. And when it’s time to brush teeth, she says, “I’m a machine. You must touch the right button, then my mouth will open.”
We have to pretend to touch something on her face/head, “Dee-Deet. I touch the open mouth button already. Can you open your mouth now?”
If the game ended here, she would open her mouth, if not, she’ll close her mouth even tighter then says, “You touched the wrong button, so now you must touch the righ one, after that I open my mouth.”

♥Mispronuncing words♥
Love the way she mispronounced certain words. I.e. Olivia, she said Oli-dia (she has seen then corrected herself).
Vanilla, she said Va-lilla.

She calls Maggie mee Mega Mee (just because she has been going to Mega Mall), and then she told me one day our High school musical chair (i.e CD) wasn’t working, it took me a few seconds to realise what she was talking about.

After the incident which caused a bump on Zara’s head. I told her I will only let her wear her click clock shoes when she turned 23.

On the day she turned 3, and after all of us wished her Happy Birthday. She proudly said, “I’m 3 years old now. Now can I wear my click clock shoes? Now I understand you already, because I’m big girl.”
When I asked her what she understood, she said, “Cannot throw click clock shoes at jiejie. See, I understand already.”
So the click clock shoe ban was lifted.

When I repeatedly asked her in a public toilet if she wanted to she-she (Chinese : urinate) since we were already there, she said, “You understand or not? Why I tell (told) you so many times I don’t want to she-she, you still asking me?”

When she had a fall, and I told her that’s because she was clumsy, she told me, “You understand or not? The door pushed my head (actually she knocked her head on the door and fell), that’s why I fall down.”

She’s extremely irritated when we don’t ‘understand’ her

Irritated Zaria

When Zara keeps disturbing her, she tells Zara off. “Jie, stop irritating me.”

She put a fork in her mouth, and started climbing from chair to chair. Daddy told her she can’t do that, she might accidentally swallow the fork and then we’ll need to bring her to the hospital to remove the fork from her throat, possibly having to cut her open her if the fork stuck too far deep. “You cannot cut open my stomach. After that my blood splatter on your face then you know.”

My, I’m so entertained by the things she says.

*I told the girls Gardenia and High5 breads are ‘chemical bread’, since I wanted the girls to eat homemade bread; and if you read the label, those bread do contain lots of chemical

The Possessive Zaria

June 19, 2009 at 10:54 pm

Sweet Zaria

Zaria has become very possessive recently.

When Daddy reads to Zara, and Zara sits on his lap, Zaria will quickly try to squeeze herself on Daddy’s lap too. Sometimes pushing Zara away in the process.

When Zara lies close to me on the bed, she would try to squeeze herself in between us (even though there are lots of space on my other side). Failing to do so, she would complain “Mummy, jiejie don’t take turns.”

When I carry other babies or toddlers in the park, she will quickly leave whatever she is doing and come over and tug on my t-shirt, “Mummy, cannot carry XXXX.” (XXXX the name of the toddler or baby).
When I reply, “It’s ok, mummy carry XXXX for a while.”
She will then say something like, “I want to go home now. It’s getting dark. Put XXXX down.”

The latest incident further proved her possessiveness.

Normally I would carry her on my back after our daily park visit.
Two days ago, on our way home, Zara fell and scratched both her knees. She complained she couldn’t walk, and asked me to carry her. So I asked Zaria to walk and then I piggy-backed Zara.
Zaria : *screaming* “Mummy, I want you to carry me!!”
Me : “Jiejie fell down, she cannot walk, mummy need to carry her.
Next thing I knew, she plonked herself on the road, siting ther and telling me, “See, I fall down already. Now you carry me.” o.O”

I didn’t fall for her trick, even though she cried all the way home, I got her to walk.

I Love The Way …

June 7, 2009 at 4:47 pm

Cheeky Zaria

I love the way Zaria uses words she’s familiar with to pronunce new words. I love :

The way she says milipede as Lilly-pede. (Lilly is a name Zara gave to her toy tortoise).

The way she says matchmaker (from Mulan show) as Fat maker (since the matchmaker is, well, FAT).
Matchmaker from Mulan

Credit : Picture taken from iCandi.

The way she says rambutan as Rumple-utan. (from her story book Rumplestiltskin & another story about Orang Utan)

The way she says accidentally as Accident gently.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cheeky Zara

I like the way Zara talk back to Daddy (but not when she talks back to me).

Once Daddy kept correcting her Grammar, and she got fed up, “Don’t be such a show off, dad.”

Another time Zara wanted Daddy to bring her to my sis’ place so she can play with her cousins, and Daddy replied, “Why do we want to go there? So boring, nothing to do.”
Zara very quickly answered, “Oh, when you go to your mother’s place you happy la, got things to do la. When I ask you to go to my cousin’s place, you say boring la?

I like the way she prayed on some nights.
“I pray that my Daddy will not dilly dally when we want to go out.”
“I pray that my Daddy will not fall asleep when he’s jaga-ing (Malay : looking after) us.”


May 14, 2009 at 11:00 am

“Ohh KAY” That’s how Zaria says her ok, she emphasises the KAY, and say it with a lot of authority.

We went passed a barber, and Daddy jokingly said, “Come, I bring you go in to cut your hair botak.”
Zaria’s reply, “I don’t want to cut botak, I want to cut bootiful, Ohh KAY?”

We had dinner with the in-laws, after dinner Zaria wanted Daddy to carry her. Daddy pretended, “Daddy very tired, can Yeh-yeh or Mah-mah carry you?”
Zaria’s reply, “They carry, I (will) vomit, OUURK *vomit sound*, Ohh KAY?”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lately, don’t know why she’s becoming a tyrant, especially to children around her age or those younger than her.

When we met our neighbour with her 1 year + daughter, Abby, I asked her to go play with Abby, and her reply, “I (will) beat her.” o.O”

Yesterday when Leena came with Shern to collect the cot I was selling, I asked Zaria to say hi to Shern, she replied, “I (will) kick the boy.” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She recently calls me by my name, adding Mummy in front, “Mummy Ehk-nes.” Especially when she didn’t get a response from me when she just calls me “Mummy.”
I.e. “Mummy…” ….. (no reply) “MumMY Ehk-nes!! MumMY Ehk-nes!!” until I reply.

And she likes to interupt participate when we’re talking.
“Mummy, sooosh..” “Soosh, don’t talk.” “Mummy Ehk-nes, don’t talk, ohh KAY?”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That day, Zara did something wrong, and I asked her to say sorry to me.
Zara said it irritably, “Sorry Mummy.”
Zaria corrected her, “When say sorry, must say nicely, like this (in a small sweet voice) Sorry mummy. ohh KAY cheh?” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We saw a lady who was wearing a black burqa in the clinic, and Zaria immediately pointed at the lady and shouted, “Mummy, why the auntie wearing mask?” Loud enough for the whole clinic to hear. o.O”

Woot!! Zara is Reading & Writing Words

March 10, 2009 at 2:02 pm

Yesterday, while I was working (yes, it was a working weekend for me), Zara was hanging around in the study. She started pointing to objects, and said, “Per-per-per Eh-Eh NNN.. PEN!” “Ker-ker Ah-Ah Per Per.. CUP.” “Der-Orrr… DOOR.”

I have been trying to teach her to put phonic sounds together to make words, but she had not grasped it, so I was surprised she’s doing it herself just overnight.

In the night, when it was reading time, I took out a book I’d been keeping away from the girls which is meant for phonic readers, a book Zara has not read before. I got Zara to read it. Shorts stories like, A bug. A rug. A bug in a rug. As snug as a bug in a rug. or Tom’s dog has lots of spots. Tom and Bog have not got spots. Splot! Now Tom and Bob have lots of spots. And Tom’s dog has not.

She was able to put individual sounds together in a word, and read the sentences; with occasional help on words she has not learnt the sounds yet (i.e. Now). Slowly but surely, she finished reading the few short stories in the book.

You can imagine how happy both Daddy and I were! We cheered and carried her around the room. I told her, “Now that you know how to read, very soon you’ll be writing as well. Writing is just putting sounds in a word on paper.” All motivated, she said she wanted to try.

She wrote these. Can you make them out? (Some alphabets were written in mirror image. I don’t correct her when she’s writing words, so that it doesn’t stop her flow of thoughts, but only correct her when she’s writing alphabets)
Zara's writing 1CUP, DOG, MUM, DAD, SIS, SAM and then she turned the page and wrote more, BOOK, CAT.

Zara's writing 2These are pretty obvious.

And then she said, “I want to write (the word) calculator. Can you help me?”
o.O” (I didn’t help, as it was already 11pm, and she hasn’t learnt the sound ‘oo’ ‘ay’ or ‘er’ yet. I’ll keep that for next time).

I used to work in an English centre for pre-schoolers where phonics were taught, that’s were I picked up my phonics, and understand the importance of phonics for young kids to learn reading and writing. I made sure the school I sent the girls to emphasise on phonics, and I spent time to help Zara with phonics; so I’m really proud that Zara has finally understand how to piece sounds to make words (for reading), and how to break the words into sounds (for writing). We’re really happy with her development at 4yrs 3months.

Zaria’s Chatters – 2

February 12, 2009 at 7:48 pm

Zaria is asking a lot of Why nowadays. Her sentences most of the time starts with Why. She also likes to add, “You know.” in her speech; e.g. “Jiejie also want you know.”. Another favourite phrases she likes to use is “or not?” e.g. “Can or not?” and “You know or not?” .

Here are some of her recent chatters:

She was getting ready for school (by Jelly), and I was still lying on the bed.
She asked Jelly, “Why mummy so lazy?” o.O

She came back from school with a party pack, and asked me, “Why mummy got monster?” I didn’t get it until she showed me the Mamee noodle pack in her party pack.
Mamee Noodle

She cried when her teacher helped carry her to the car. I asked her later when we got home, “You don’t like teacher Doreen?
Zaria replied, “I like wut.” (The ‘wut’ is another word she likes to use)
I asked again, “Then why you cried when she carried you today?”
She replied, “Becaussssssssssse (as though thinking of the right answer), only mummy can carry me”

Zaria was with me, when I was flipping the newspaper. I showed her a Bridal House advertisement.
Me : See.. uncle and auntie getting married
Zaria : Why they get married?
Me : Because they love each other, so they get married. Mummy love you too you know?
Zaria : You getting married with me?
Me : Mummy not boy, cannot get married with you.
Zaria : Daddy married me? o.O”

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